Birds Queensland activities


image - Group on Easy Start activity
An Easy Start group watching kingfishers
on dam facilities at Gold Creek Resevoir
Photo: C. Ivin

Birds Queensland's activities include conservation and research-oriented projects, educational activities, and activities which provide opportunities to meet with other people interested in birds and birding and to share experiences.

Current conservation activities are described in detail elsewhere, and provide opportunities for people to be involved in various activities directed towards monitoring and conservation of birds and understanding their habitat and other needs.

Birds Queensland provides displays at a range of conservation and related events, and members have opportunities to discuss issues relating to birds with visitors, and to promote Birds Queensland's conservation aims.

Our outings and camps provide great social opportunities, as well as a chance to share some birding skills, knowledge and experiences, while the monthly meetings deliver papers on current research and other relevant topics, as well a chance to chat over supper.

Campouts and Day Walks are intended to be enjoyable occasions for all BQ members. Belonging to BQ is a voluntary leisure activity where participants can observe birds to whatever degree of expertise they wish, relax and interact with like-minded fellow birdwatchers. Thank you to our members for contributing positively to this ethos.

Activities include:

  • monthly meetings with guest speakers held in Brisbane and occasionally in other centres,
  • regular bird walks and outings held on weekends and mid-week, including Photogroup outings,
  • camps held in a variety of natural and rural settings, inland waterways and lakes, grasslands, forests, national parks and sea-side locations,
  • expeditions which may include trips to remote areas of the state to collect data on the presence or absence of bird species, surveys, and banding
  • conservation activities, including regular surveys and counts, and collation of data,
  • Easy Start, a beginner's introduction to birds and birding,
  • bird identification courses at introductory and advanced levels,
  • Twitches, a fun way to hone up your bird identification skills, and
  • promotional activities, including the staffing the Birds Queensland displays at various events.

Behind the scenes, our management targets provide challenges and successes for members involved within our committee and
sub-committees. There's plenty of room for new members to become involved in the necessary administrative and communication sections of Birds Queensland.

So come along to one, or many, of our activities and share your interest in and enjoyment of birds and birding with fellow enthusiasts.

BirdLife Southern Queensland

We have been invited to join BirdLife Southern Queensland for outings, surveys, campouts and displays. Information on BirdLife Southern Queensland activities is available on their calendar of events.

BirdLife Southern Queensland members are welcome to join us in any of our activities.

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