Australian Brushturkey Survey

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Brushturkey Survey
Brushturkey Survey Form

Birds Queensland is undertaking a Citizen Science survey project to:

  • Collect information on the numbers of Australian Brushturkey observed in south-east Queensland; and
  • To discover how wide spread the birds are.

This survey will follow on from two earlier surveys, one in 1980-81 and the second in 2002-3.

The results of this survey will be compared with the results of the two earlier surveys to determine if the population has increased/decreased and whether the distribution has expanded/contracted.

Did you know

(Added 14 December 2018)

  • Brushturkeys love fruits and seeds from native plants which they feed on.
  • Insects are the Brushturkeys main food source.
  • Brushturkeys will often eat pet food which they take from bowls of cats and dogs that are fed outside. If you don’t want them around, don’t leave out bowls of pet food.
  • If you have a Brushturkey which visits your yard, be careful not to use an insecticide or chemicals that will contaminate insects they eat as it can make them very ill.

(Added 9 December 2018)

  • Male Brushturkeys build mounds in shady areas beneath trees.
  • They need a spot that is covered by 80-90% shade.
  • This helps them control the internal temperature of their mound by adding or removing leaf litter.
  • To discourage Brushturkeys from mound building, peg some chicken wire over your mulch pile, keep your compost in covered containers and use river gravel around the base of trees.
  • Plant low-growing dense ground cover and remove some overhanging branches so the garden area you want to protect from Brushturkeys gets more sunlight.

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  • Updates on the Brushturkey Survey project; and
  • Even more interesting facts about the Brushturkey.


Brushturkey Survey Form


Brushturkey Town Crier October 2018
Brushturkey Town Crier September 2018
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