Cat and Wildlife Safety

As far as researchers are able to measure, it is likely that cats in Australia kill around 1 million birds per day. Of these, around one sixth are taken by domestic pets[1]. Disturbed by these numbers, Birds Queensland, together with Birdlife Southern Queensland and the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, has produced a brochure promoting ways to keep wildlife safe while at the same time improving the welfare of domestic cats.

You can download the brochure in a PDF form (PDF file, 531 KB). Read the information and spread the news.

The brochure has also been produced as printed leaflets. If you know of an occasion where they could be usefully distributed then you can collect some at a meeting or you may obtain some by contacting .

[1] Woinarski, et al. (2017). How many birds are killed by cats in Australia?. Biological Conservation. 214. 76-87. 10.1016/j.biocon.2017.08.006.

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