The Management Committee and other office bearers

Volunteers & Office Bearers 2016

We have a large team of people who keep Birds Queensland going. These people deserve recognition and our greatest support and help.

Management Committee 2016
President Rae Clark
Vice President Jon Coleman
Past President Jill Brown
Secretary Robert Bush
Treasurer Judith Giles
Committee Member Daniel Anderson
Committee Member William Feeney
Committee Member Micha Jackson
Committee Member Elizabeth Mackenzie
Committee Member Paul Marty
Committee Member David Niland
Other Office Bearers
Membership Officer Marion Hawkins
Assistant Membership Officer Rod Cox
Meetings - Audio-visual Dawn Muir and George Chapman
Librarian - Books & Audio-visual Marie Bermingham
Librarian - Periodical Judith Giles
Merchandise Vince Bugeja
Rarities Officer David Stewart
Research Committee Chairman Greg Anderson
Sightings Officer Greg Nye
Speaker Co-ordinator Margaret Cameron (to 30/11/2017)
Annette Foy (from 1/12/2017)
Sunbird Editor Peter Woodall
Sunbird Assistant Editor Merrian Kuerschner
Website Ian Brown
Conservation Officer Stephen Prowse
Campouts Coordinator Janette Thurley
Day Walks Coordinator Lynn Kelly
Newsletter Editor Chris Hendry
Newsletter Advertising Steve Baker
Email Editor Cameron Davidson
Photogroup Coordinator Jill Brown
Facebook Administrator Ofalia Ho
Glossy Black Conservancy Delegate Lyn Cole
Orientation Officer (Meetings) Vicki Campbell and Marion Roper
Bowra Co-ordinator Peter Crow

Please let the know of any errors or omissions.

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