image - Scaly-breasted  Lorikeet
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
© A. Parmiter

Birds Queensland produces a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland. This page provides a broad guide on the content in the following section pages as linked from this page.

  • Places to see birds in Queensland details birding locations around Brisbane in our special brochure. One list covers the south-east of Queensland, another the other sites in Queensland. Specific publications of bird trails at various cities and sites are detailed.
  • Identifying birds describes the range of reference books, bird identification courses, illustrated brochures, internet web sites and specialised identification tables that can assist.
  • Bird lists are provided to assist in recording individual sightings in a systematic and standard way.

  • Waders gives a broad introduction about our migratory shorebirds, the importance of protecting their habitats, and describes our special interest group, the Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG), together with associated organisation and news and events.
  • Birds in gardens gives details on ways to attract birds, by growing suitable plants, provision of clean water, avoidance of feeding human foods, and the use of nest hollows and nest boxes.
  • Field guides details a wide choice of guides on Australian birds together with some quick indexes on popular guides and other authoritative references.
  • Binoculars and scopes gives useful information on the choice and use of binoculars and the choice of telescopes.
  • Birds being a nuisance describes how certain native bird species and introduced birds have become a nuisance. Some advice is given on how to mitigate their effect.
  • Bird hunting references the relevant legislation and associated subjects; Albatross Abatement Plan boundary, the ban on recreational shooting of ducks and quails, and use of certain government permits under particular circumstances.