Overseas birding clubs and organisations


The web sites of the following clubs and organisations may be linked via their headings.

American Birding Association provides leadership to birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, and contributes to bird and bird habitat conservation through varied programs.

Birdlife International is a global Partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity.

Birdforum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding.

Birds of Britain Web Magazine includes changing monthly features and a permanent guide to Britain's bird reserves and clubs.

British Ornithologists’ Union promotes ornithology within the scientific and birdwatching communities by encouraging the study of birds in Britain, Europe and throughout the world in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation.

Papua Bird Club supports and works closely with the local people around the region where members of BQ undertake their
eco-tourism trips and sustainable development programs.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds works for the conservation of wild birds and their habitats, based in the UK.

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