Meetings are held in the Brunswick Room, Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm on the first Thursday of each month except January unless otherwise specified. Doors open at 7:15 pm and the meetings start at 7:30 pm with any notices or other business. A short talk is followed by the main address. Questions are invited following both talks. Supper is provided after the meeting and a $2 donation is requested to assist with the cost of refreshments and hire of the venue.

Meetings for 2019

7 February 2019

Short talk - Mike West: Twitching lifers in north-west Queensland. Mike and Lindy West followed up their successful trip to Iron Range in December 2017 with another lifer-twitch, this time to the northwest corner of Queensland. Mike will present highlights of their trip supported by photos taken by Marie Tarrant.

Long talk - Rob Clemens: Australian waterbirds: what we know and what we hope to learn. Come and listen to a good news story about waterbird ecology and the need for citizen science waterbird monitoring at Southern Queensland's wetlands. The restoration of a wetland near Yandina on the Sunshine Coast, demonstrates the kinds of actions we can take to help waterbirds in Australia. Recent studies provide insights into the remarkable ecology of Australia's waterbirds and their ability to track temporary resources across vast distances. National waterbird data show some sobering long-term declines of waterbird populations in the Murray-Darling Basin. However, for over 30 species of waterbirds, there are not enough data to tell how populations are tracking, or even to demonstrate the positive impact a place like Yandina can provide. Rob will tell us more about the simple steps we can take to help understand waterbird populations.

7 March 2019

4 April 2019

2 May 2019

6 June 2019

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3 October 2019

7 November 2019

5 December 2019 (AGM)

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