Tuesday 8 August 7:00 am - Anstead Bush Reserve
Sunday 27 August 7:00 am - Mookin-Bah Reserve, Ransome, Qld
Sunday 3 September 7:00am - Glider Forest
Tuesday 5 September 7:00am - Sandy Camp Road Wetlands, Wynnum West
Saturday 14 October 7.00am - Bribie Island outing

Outings elsewhere

General information

image - Little Friarbird
Rainbow Bee-eaters
A. Parmiter

Birds Queensland has two main outings each month, one on a weekend, and the other in mid-week. The Photogroup usually has an outing each month on the weekend, mostly in the morning, though the tide influences the timing if waders are the target. Details for these outings over the next few months are recorded on this page below.

In addition, there are Easy Start walks for new members, on the fourth Sunday of each month (except December). Interested persons should contact Dawn Muir by telephone 3870 8076 or by for details of locations and timing.

The Queensland Waders Study Group usually has a monthly outing (for Wader counts and other wader related activities), timed to suit the tide on a Sunday early in each month. Details are given on their web page.

Outings organized by the Noosa Parks Association are included here for those who would like to participate. Please contact the organizers if you intend to participate in these activities.

The details of some of the following outings listed may need to be confirmed, and additional outings may be added as the year progresses, so keep checking here at least each month. If the details of the meeting place, etc. given are insufficient, please call the nominated Leader for more precise directions. It is also important to notify the Leader to confirm your attendance. We encourage car-pooling wherever possible.

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image - Noisy Friarbird
Noisy Friarbird M. Gilpin

Tuesday 8 August 7:00 am - Anstead Bush Reserve

Leader: Rod Gardner Mobile: 0437 596 828

The reserve, which is adjacent to the Brisbane River, has mostly open forest with some riparian vegetation along the river. There is a network of paths through the reserve that are easy walking. The local bushcare group has been planting and weeding for quite a few years now, so that the state of the reserve is quite good. The site list is now 190 species, including 18 species of raptor and some regional rarities. In August, many of the wintering birds are beginning to move south, and some of the commoner species reach their peak numbers in this month. Ironbarks and River Red Gums are strongly in bud at the moment, and there is a good chance that many of them will still be in flower in August, in which case they should attract good numbers of nectarivores.

Directions: UBD Map195 P4

Travel west through Kenmore on Moggill Road and continue to the Mt Crosby Road (before Bellbowrie). Turn into Mt Crosby Road and continue to Hawkesbury Road. The Reserve is signposted - turn left into Hawkesbury Road and then right into the car park. Watch for Apostlebirds on the corner. There are picnic tables, shelter, toilets and water on site. Bring, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and morning tea.

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Sunday 27 August 7:00 am - Mookin-Bah Reserve, Ransome, Qld

Leader: Frank Burch Mobile: 0427 886 636 Email:

This lovely reserve intersected by the Lota Creek includes woodland, wetland and grassland areas and a very good variety of birds. Walking is easy on flat tracks, though some of the flat grassed area directly alongside the creek could be soft underfoot following heavy rain so appropriate footwear is advised.

Directions: UBD Reference - page 163 - M16.

From Rickertt Road turn north into Chelsea Road. This is a dead end section of Chelsea Road and the "signposted" entrance to the Mookin-Bah Reserve is on the left between private acreage properties approximately half way along this stretch of road. Parking is easy though please note that there are no toilet facilities at this location.

Last bird count at this site in August 2016 was 43 species seen and 8 heard.

We meet there at 7.00am and plan to bird for 3-4 hours before morning tea and birdcall. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, a chair and refreshments as required.

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Sunday 3 September 7:00am - Glider Forest

Leaders: Tim and Marg Roberts Phone: 3122 2835

Glider forest is part of the Flinders Karawatha Wildlife Corridor, a cooperative project of Logan, Brisbane and Ipswich Councils, and the Queensland Government.

Further information about this corridor can be found here: https:// www.ehp.qld.gov.au/management/planning-guidelines/flinders-karawatha/. "Glider" lies in between Dan Stiller Reserve and Parkinson Bushland on Johnson Road, and is not often visited. There is a glider/possum bridge linking Dan Stiller Reserve and Glider Forest, that can be seen crossing Paradise Road near the intersection with Johnson Road.

Glider Forest is mainly a dry sclerophyll forest with a semi permanent creek, and some permanent waterholes.

We will meet at 7.00am at UBD 239, J14 (Johnson Rd.), where there is a yellow gate. There are no toilet facilities in this reserve, but we will have morning tea at the park on Lincoln Green Drive, UBD 239, H16 where facilities are available.

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Tuesday 5 September 7:00am - Sandy Camp Road Wetlands, Wynnum West

Leader: Rod Cox Phone: 3398 8775 Mobile: 0411 475 355

Meet in the parking area on Sandy Camp Road, opposite Iona College grounds, at 7:00am, (UBD 142 Q16).

The mix of bushland and wetland provides a productive environment for a wide range of birds. The walking tracks are flat and provide easy walking. Over 180 species have been identifed for this site.

There are no facilities at the site and we can decide on the day where to have morning tea for those members wishing to stay on. Bring morning tea, a chair, water, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc.

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Saturday 14 October 7.00am - Bribie Island outing

Leader: Paul Marty Mobile: 0418 899 967

This will be BQ's 33rd outing to the island since 1970, and will be a full days outing visiting a number of areas on the island. The Island is a wonderful place to see a large variety of bird species and currently boasts an impressive list of around 336 species recorded there. Last year the outing produced 114 species seen, please come along to help us keep the >100 tally intact this year. The large number is due to the variety of habitats the island supports. We will re-visit the sites we have been to before, giving us a comparison for the database on species recorded from previous outings.

We will meet at Buckley's Hole and have a brief look at the waterbirds in the lagoon before we leave early (7.15 am) to walk along The Boulevarde and down Red Beach Road while the birds are still calling. We will return to the lagoon for an extended morning tea to allow time to check out the waterbirds. Other areas we will cover include the road approaching the sewerage works, Banksia Beach (where we will lunch), Wright's Creek, White Patch, the entrance to the National Park and the lagoons in Bellara (Bibimulya).

The whole outing is easy walking and suitable for all ages although it is a full day for those who stay to the end. Bring morning & afternoon tea, lunch, chair, scope if you have one, slip, slap, slop and insect repellent. Meet at 7am at the corner of McDonald St. and The Boulevarde (Gregory's map 63 E4)

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Outings Elsewhere

As part of a greater effort to connect with the various bird groups around Queensland, we are alerting you to other places and times where you will be welcome to join the local birders:

BirdLife Northern Rivers

Covering the Tweed valley to Byron Bay area in northern NSW, with outings on the second Sunday of each month. Contact Linda Brannian or view details on the website which is currently http://tweedbirdobservers.wordpress.com

BirdLife Gold Coast

A local outing every Thursday starting at 7.00 a.m. in summer and 7.30am in winter. Contact: Colin Collins on 07 5535 5499, Beth Hall on 07 5534 2049 or Jan Clogan on 07 5563 1754 for details on the next outing (where to start and places to be visited).

Toowoomba Bird Observers

A very active group with regular outings - Contact: Kay Williams at 4659 5475 or mob. 0429 465 954.

Noosa Parks Association - Bird Observers Group

Every second month an interpretive walk takes place before their Friday Forum with a guest speaker. Meet in the Environment Centre car park, Wallace Park, Eumundi Road, Noosaville, beside the library, at 8.30am. Contact Valda McLean 5476 2123 for details.

Bird Watchers of Hervey Bay

Another local group with regular weekly walks. Contact John Knight at 4125 2372 for details of the next outing.

Cairns Birding.

Holds regular walks each month- first Sunday at Centenary Lakes, third Sunday a field trip to various locations, and last Friday to the Crocodile Farm. Contact John Seale on 4052 1195 or check their website at www.cairnsbirding.blogspot.com.

Birdlife Southern Queensland

Use the following link to discover the outings and other activities offered by this group. http://www.birdlife.org.au/group-events/birdlife-southern-queensland/

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