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This gallery contains a number of elements. Its focus is on bird behaviour and photo essays which describe it, rather than on presenting a collection of images of various bird species.

In time, the scope of the Gallery may be expanded to include other categories of images, depending on from users.

Each photographer retains ownership of his/her own images. Should you wish to obtain a larger copy of any of the images, or to use an image for any other purpose, please email the indicating the purpose for which you want the image and identifying details of the image. Please put the photographer’s name and the words "Image Request" in the subject line of your email. It will be forwarded to the photographer. Supply of images is entirely at the discretion of the individual photographers, who retain the copyright to their images. Charges for use of an image may apply.

All photographs are the work of Birds Queensland members, and are taken in the wild. All species are found in Queensland. Opinions expressed below are those of individual contributors, and are not necessarily those of Birds Queensland.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the for details of content and formatting. We welcome additions!

Click on the links below to see specific images or groups of images. You can use the zoom in your browser to view the pages a little larger if you prefer.

Please enjoy!

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