Queensland Political Environment

In the two-weeks in the lead up to the February 1915 State election, Birds Queensland highlighted the current threats and concerns regarding our 46 threatened and vulnerable birds, many of which are iconic to Queensland. In response to our concern that then Queensland government had severely underfunded climate change planning and threatened species recovery activities, Birds Queensland wrote to all registered political parties inviting them to provide information on how their policies would support bird conservation. To highlight our concerns, Birds Queensland dedicated a post a day to 15 of these threatened and vulnerable species, with many people and organisations responding with 'likes' and comments sharing their concerns.

We were somewhat disappointed to report that despite these efforts, only two political parties responded - Family First and The Greens. Here we provide a copy of the letter sent to all parties and the two responses received (Family First, The Greens), in full. For those readers interested in conducting further research into the various parties' environmental policies, the following links may be of assistance.

Revised February 2015