Bird sightings

Sightings over the last 12 months, ordered by date
Sightings over the last 12 months, ordered by bird species
All sightings, ordered by date
All sightings, ordered by bird species
Rare bird sightings, ordered by date
image - Glossy Ibis
Glossy Ibis © J. Norling

The set of heading links above will initiate a shift to the particular web page showing the indicated sortings of bird sightings recorded by members of Birds Queensland.

This information comes:

  • from the sightings book which is passed around at the monthly meeting,
  • via e-mails to the , the online form, or delivered by postal mail to Birds Queensland, or
  • from sightings reported on the Eremaea/Birdline.

The recommended way to report bird sightings is via the online form. Such records are always posted on the web site.

To summarise, sightings can be viewed:

  • as all species, ordered by date or by species, over the last 12 months or over the entire recording period, or
  • as only the Rare bird species, ordered by date, over the entire period,

as accessible above in the "Sightings" heading menu.

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