Rare, threatened or otherwise notable sightings in date order

Rare bird Date Location Observer Remark
Red-backed Button-quail 16/07/2011 Mt Coot-tha Forest Rod Browm One female
Radjah Shelduck 14/07/2011 Hyatt Regency Coolum, Sunshine Coast Pair of Burdekin ducks seen between golf course lake and guest rooms.  
Musk Lorikeet 07/07/2011 Sheep Station Creek EP, Upper Caboolture R.Lamb & M.Dam About 6 birds in eucalypt blossom
Painted Button-quail 07/07/2011 Sheep Station Creek EP, Upper Caboolture R. Lamb Single bird
Cotton Pygmy-goose 03/07/2011 Lake Clarendon Tom Tarrant, Joris & Crystal Elst Female
Square-tailed Kite 01/07/2011 Mt Crosby Rd Tivoli, Ipswich M Cameron 1 immature bird low over houses
Golden-headed Cisticola 25/06/2011 Ethabuka Reserve, south-west Queensland Julian Reid 1-4 birds in 7 locations, mainly in spinifex grassland. Well outside customary range, and in atypical habitat.
Letter-winged Kite 25/06/2011 Ethabuka Reserve, south-west Queensland Julian Reid Two single birds and a pair (3 locations). Long-haired Rats plaguing.
Plum-headed Finch 25/06/2011 Ethabuka Reserve, south-west Queensland Julian Reid 8 birds, adults and juveniles, in spinifex grasslands and gidgee swale. West of customary range.
Powerful Owl 23/06/2011 Kholo Botanic Gardens, Muirlea (Ipswich) John Hadley Half a Flying fox in its talons
Grey Falcon 21/06/2011 Bladensberg NP. Skull hole location Neil Strode et. al A pair perched on top of tree, one flew on approach. Good views on the other which was an immature bird.
Australian Bustard 20/06/2011 Winjunga (Sth of Ayr) R &A Stogdale Two on vegetation in mudflats
Radjah Shelduck 20/06/2011 Pond beside hwy Sth of Proserpine R &A Stogdale One bird
Grey Falcon 19/06/2011 Bough Shed camp Bladensberg N.P. Neil Strode et. al One immature bird perched top of tree, near camp. Good views for about 15 mins.
New Zealand Storm-Petrel 18/06/2011 30nm east of Southport Jon Norling et. al, Southport pelagic, Paul Walbridge (organiser) Single bird. Unconfirmed 1st record for Queensland and 3rd for Australia. SIGHTING REFERRED TO BIRDS AUSTRALIA RARITIES COMMITTEE FOR ADVICE
Grey Falcon 17/06/2011 Red Sands Dunes 12 kms west of Windorah Neil Strode et. al Many Raptors circulating above the sand hills. G/Falcon joined them about 30 feet above our heads. good views
Pacific Baza 15/06/2011 O'Reilly's Green Mountains, Canungra SEQ Mark Culleton  
Sooty Owl 14/06/2011 Lamington National Park Road 33Km from Canungra Duncan Fowler 2 Sooty Owls seen from main road
Beach Stone-curlew 13/06/2011 Oak Beach Port Douglas FNQ Tim Wilson Pair seen on Oak Beach.
Powerful Owl 13/06/2011 Palm Grove, Australian Plant Communities section, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. Rae Clark and Margaret Francis-Cairns We were attracted by a group of Noisy Miners creating a fuss and saw the owl perched in a tall palm tree.
Grey Falcon 12/06/2011 Bowra Station Richard Fuller Two adult grey falcons perched in tree 200m south of shearers' quarters at Bowra - thanks to Tamworth birders for locating the birds!
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/06/2011 Mount Cainbable-near a small lake, Lamington National Park Road, Canungra SEQld Duncan Fowler, Carmen Ludcke See regularly in this location over the past month, dozens of Scarlet Honeyeaters also feeding on flowering gums
Grey Goshawk 10/05/2011 Cintra street, Eastern heights Margaret Cameron  
Pacific Baza 08/05/2011 Brisbane Forest Park, Bunya I. Jones Group of 10 birds in a thermal, calling, displaying and mock-fighting
Rose Robin 08/05/2011 Boscombe Rd, Brookfield Chris Read Female, in creek side vegetation
Square-tailed Kite 08/05/2011 Twine Place, Bellbowrie, Queensland, Australia Krishan Kara A pair of Square-tailed Kites, very low (20m above me), photographed
Spotless Crake 07/05/2011 Sherwood Arboretum Hugh Possingham One, east side of middle island, chased by a Buff-banded Rail
Pacific Baza 03/05/2011 Carindale E.Berthelsen Not sighted in this location for several years
Square-tailed Kite 03/05/2011 Teewah Beach Pete Jones  
Australian Hobby 01/05/2011 Lake Baroon Pete Jones  
Oriental Cuckoo 28/04/2011 Beechmont, SEQ Barry Davies In my backyard. My first sighting in this area.
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 26/04/2011 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham Three
Little Shrike-thrush 25/04/2011 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham One in mixed flock, second record for OCC
Peregrine Falcon 25/04/2011 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham Terrorising white-faced herons, but did not strike
Square-tailed Kite 23/04/2011 Sherwood Arboretum Hugh Possingham One
Grey Goshawk 20/04/2011 Brookfield l van Kalken Caught it attacking one of my chooks.
Radjah Shelduck 20/04/2011 Bird hide at Wynnumn North - next to Port of Brisbane rd. See from hide - ducks on shallow water/reed area next to road. Chloe Bailey  
Squatter Pigeon 17/04/2011 Near Mt Usher Road, Bouldercombe, Rockhampton. Margaret MacNevin 2 birds
Powerful Owl 16/04/2011 Bergin Creek, Bunya I. Jones Calling at about 8pm known to be in area but has not been heard here for 5+ years
Pacific Baza 15/04/2011 Mt. Coot-tha Forest, Chapel Hill Rod Brown A pair. The male (presumably) displaying and continually calling.
Pacific Baza 15/04/2011 Private property ransome Amanda Johnston Four
Painted Button-quail 14/04/2011 Bowra Sanctuary Jean Wallace New bird for this area
Grey Goshawk 10/04/2011 Sparkes Hill, Stafford, Brisbane E. Townsend One bird; grey morph
Painted Button-quail 10/04/2011 Private property ransome Amanda Johnston One bird calling for 3 days.Flushed out of the garden
Grey Goshawk 09/04/2011 Jolly's Lookout Brisbane Forest Park Pete Jones  
Powerful Owl 08/04/2011 Mt. Coot-tha Forest, Chapel Hill Rod Brown Calling at night throughout March and April
Southern Cassowary 07/04/2011 On Bruce Highway 6 Km North of Rollingstone, 56 Km North of Townsville K Minehan sub-adult
Powerful Owl 04/04/2011 Private property ransome Amanda Johnston Calling for four days
Red-backed Button-quail 02/04/2011 O'Reilly's Guesthouse area, Morans Valley Duncan Fowler Found in morning at Day Spa Building, appeared 'stunned' after hitting windows possibly attracted to lights during night, several photos, recovered & subsequently released
Black-necked Stork 31/03/2011 Eagleby road. Eagleby Allan Vogler Wendy Dunn Male and female feeding beside lagoon. Opposite a building site and undisturbed by the noise of nail guns.
Red-backed Button-quail 29/03/2011 Camp Bornhoffen, Numinbah Valley Matthew Davies In the carpark at night.
Powerful Owl 24/03/2011 Riverbank end of Blackheath Road, Corinda, 4075. Hazel & John Lahey At 7.30pm tonight we heard a Powerful Owl calling. The sound came from the direction of the riverbank at the end of Blackheath Road, Corinda. John says he also heard it about a week ago.
Sooty Owl 22/03/2011 North Maleny R.Lamb Heard calling around 8pm
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 20/03/2011 Crown Hotel, Dayboro Tom Tarrant, Bob Dawson 3-4 birds in fruiting fig tree in front of hotel, also large numbers of Figbirds and White-headed Pigeons.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 19/03/2011 Lake Clarendon R. Yong, J. Rowland, J. Ringma, T. Crispin Two birds seen in marsh under dam wall. Also seen back in Oct, hence appears to be regular site for them.
Azure Kingfisher 18/03/2011 Kedron Brook, Stafford, Brisbane E. Townsend One bird
Varied Triller 13/03/2011 Lagoon area on the south side of Cabbage Tree Creek at Aspley, Brisbane Anne & Bruce Rasmussen Female
Blue Bonnet 20/02/2011 Chinchilla A. Perlinski 1 Flying over
Grey Goshawk 19/02/2011 Bundamba Jane Vidler White all over and attacking our chokes. One choke missing!
Superb Parrot 13/02/2011 Cedar Creek, near Samford Neil Tindle Happy feeding with the King Parrots. Photos taken
Peregrine Falcon 12/02/2011 Indooroopilly Pete Jones At sunrise noticed flock of parakeets balling high across area. 5 mins later PG flew low past balcony carrying parakeet in talons. Flew south towards Chelmer w prey.
Sooty Oystercatcher 09/02/2011 Kings Beach Caloundra. A. Perlinski One on rocky outcrop.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 07/02/2011 Greenmount Rd, Samsonvale Tom Tarrant, Dick and Daphne Yates Two pairs
Oriental Cuckoo 04/02/2011 Adare (north of Gatton) John Hadley  
Grey Goshawk 29/01/2011 Elbow Valley Brearne Lyon White all over
Black-necked Stork 22/01/2011 Schmidt Rd Eagleby on shore of a lagoon about 1.3km from River Hills Rd intersection. Anne & Bruce Rasmussen Two adults and one immature
Cotton Pygmy-goose 20/01/2011 Forest Lake Boulevard. SEQ Kim Herbert 2 Male, 2 Female. One pair with 3 downy chicks. First known breeding on the Lake.
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 18/01/2011 Start of the Lower Bellbird track, Lamington NP (near Binna Burra) Barry Davies 1 adult feeding a juvenile. The first time I seen evidence of breeding here.
Sooty Oystercatcher 17/01/2011 Emu Park Regina MacNevin On the rocks on the beach
Peregrine Falcon 13/01/2011 Riverview Tce, Indooroopilly Pete Jones Landed on balcony of neighbours apartment. Have photographs.
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 08/01/2011 Gold Creek Road, Brookfield Rod Gardner One about 400 meters from the end of the road
Grey Goshawk 08/01/2011 Gold Creek Road, Brookfield Rod Gardner White morph, in same area as the Barred Cuckoo-shrike
Oriental Cuckoo 08/01/2011 Anstead Bush Reserve Rod Gardner Two birds: one at the quarry, the second along the sealed road from the smaller car park.
Square-tailed Kite 02/01/2011 Lake Samsonvale , near cemetery. Daniel & Alex Thomis  
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 30/12/2010 Gordonvale. Nth.Qld. Rena Adams Orphan nestling came into care after being found on ground at farm.
Beach Stone-curlew 29/12/2010 Moreton Island Pete Jones Bird seen approx 1 km south of WWII gun battery on east beach.
Powerful Owl 24/12/2010 Gold Creek Resevior Chris Read Two young disturbed along small creek in rain. Calling to others but didn't have time to find parents.
White-browed Crake 23/12/2010 Gununa Dam, Mornington Island Philip Venables My first record for the Island in over two years of surveying this sight. Three birds
Black-necked Stork 22/12/2010 At very full farm dam. 13K from Willowbank turn off. New England H/way. Kim Herbert 3 birds.
Powerful Owl 21/12/2010 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra Hills Mike Gilpin Heard calling at 2.00am
Blue-billed Duck 18/12/2010 Near Gatton B.Venables, C.Wills Male and female on a small lake.
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 18/12/2010 Near Lowood B.Venables, C.Wills A pair perched on a wire fence.
Powerful Owl 15/12/2010 Cania Gorge National Park Regina Migala Roosting above walking track to Gorge Lookout - mid morning
Black-necked Stork 12/12/2010 Wetlands on Cunningham Highway, northern side of Warrill View Township. Steve Dray 2 birds close to highway
Oriental Cuckoo 11/12/2010 Lametha Outstation, Mornington Island Philip Venables My first record for the Island in over two years of surveying this area. Two birds
Black-necked Stork 08/12/2010 Western side of gateway motorway just north of banyo servo Shelly Morcombe The first I have seen there in 16 years of going up and down the hwy.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 07/12/2010 Spoonbill Ave / Lyrebird Court Peregian Beach 4573 John Simmons 2 adults feeding in casuarinas, calling with one other nearby but not sighted
Black-necked Stork 05/12/2010 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham "One adult in a pond below the Rocklea markets recently sold by state government for ""development""
Grey Ternlet 04/12/2010 Eastern point, Lady Elliot Island Mat & Cathy Gilfedder 2 birds roosting on point after stormy weather. Photos taken. Seen on 4/12 am (1 bird), 4/12 pm (2 birds), 5/12 am (1 bird). SIGHTING HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE RECORDS APPRAISAL COMMITTEE CASE NUMBER 143.
Painted Button-quail 30/11/2010 40 Thompson Road, Bellmere Linda Cross 1 bird. Only third record for garden in 22 years.
Beach Stone-curlew 29/11/2010 Currumbin Estuary Beth Hall Very occasional sighting for Currumbin Estuary. No flags or rings sighted.
Peregrine Falcon 26/11/2010 Springbrook National Park C.Wills A pair. Both birds were eating on the wing, a cicada maybe.
Black-necked Stork 25/11/2010 Flying over David Low Way west to east in vicinity X 503934.565 Y 7054868.309 Brit Ballard Flying overhead, one bird only, heading east
Salvin's Albatross 25/11/2010 South Stradbroke Island eastern beach Todd Burrows Live beach-washed individual, identified as sub-adult. Currently recuperating at Sea World. Sighting has been accepted by RECORDS APPRAISAL COMMITTEE Case number 141.
Squatter Pigeon 14/11/2010 Mosquito Creek Rd near Lake Coolmunda I. Jones  
Black Falcon 11/11/2010 Lake Clarendon, Gatton Russell Yong & Jeremy Ringma One bird being mobbed by lapwing. First time seen at this location since previous sighting about this time last year.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 11/11/2010 Lake Clarendon, Gatton Russell Yong & Jeremy Ringma Four birds on swampy side of dam wall.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/11/2010 32 Currawong Crt, Tamborine. Sue & Wayne Dugdale Sitting in a she-oak tree eating the pods. We think its a family, mum, dad and junior.
Squatter Pigeon 09/11/2010 Currawinya National Park Russell Yong & Jeremy Ringma One seen on 4WD road leading to Lake Wyara. Appears to be right on boundary of expected distribution.
Pacific Baza 07/11/2010 Bellbird Grove Brisbane Forest Park A.Boardman  
Powerful Owl 07/11/2010 40 Thompson Road, Bellmere Linda Cross 2 birds. First garden record in 22 years.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/11/2010 Kroombit Tops National Park Roy Woodward Two birds near the Lookout
Great Crested Grebe 02/11/2010 Sherwood Arboretrum Tom Oliver Single adult bird at end of causeway near picnic area, adjacent to the wooden bridge that connects to the island. Photo taken.
White-eared Monarch 30/10/2010 Cedar Grove campsite Amamoor State Forest Sharyn Ryan Single bird bathing in the creek at dusk
Black-necked Stork 28/10/2010 In Boondall Wetlands, in saline flats and them moved in amongst mangroves Russel Denton Solitary bird
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 25/10/2010 Eagle Heights. Tamborine Mt. David Wistow 3 Glossy Blacks feeding in the afternoon.
Great Crested Grebe 24/10/2010 Sherwood Arboretum Mat Gilfedder and Hugh Possingham One on the ponds and still there 04/11; new species for the arboretum
Grey Goshawk 21/10/2010 Bli Bli Road, Nambour Jon Norling Single bird on powerline - grey morph. Fine profile, no barring and darker wings than usual - quite similar to Grey-headed.
Black-necked Stork 15/10/2010 Flying north alongside Gateway Motorway near Airport Drive overpass, Eagle Farm Paul Marty  
Pacific Baza 14/10/2010 Billai dhagun Track, Boondall Wetlands Janine Hibberd, Paul Taylor Two adults feeding in woodland north of Environment Centre
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 10/10/2010 Bowra Station/sanctuary Cunnamulla John and Sue Allison Nesting feeding young
Painted Honeyeater 10/10/2010 Bowra Station/sanctuary Cunnamulla John and Sue Allison Nesting pair sitting on nest. Other pairs seen also. Major breeding event happening
Beach Stone-curlew 08/10/2010 Mouth of Barron River, Cairns R.Lamb & M.Dam Single bird
Masked Owl 08/10/2010 The Esplanade, Cairns Jason Estep Photos taken. Seen perched high in a tree facing the ocean.
Great-billed Heron 06/10/2010 Daintree River, NQ R.Lamb & M.Dam Adult pair
Powerful Owl 04/10/2010 Fort Bushland Reserve, Corinda. Hazel and John Lahey It was roosting in the top of an Elaeocarpus obovatus tree, and it was clutching a dead brushtail possum. We got some not so good photos, but got a good look at its face with our binoculars.
Australian Spotted Crake 02/10/2010 Ekibin Park, Greenslopes Russell Yong Qi Yung One immature [id'd through dark colour, yellowish bill, apparent streaking on breast and back] in thick low growth bordering the creek. Appears to be out of normal habitat range but is in reasonable vicinity to swamps and mangroves up and downstream.
Powerful Owl 01/10/2010 57 benian rd The Palms Gympie Bruce Mcculloch A resident of this area since we fist resided in 2003 photos available.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 29/09/2010 Forest Lake lake Russell Yong Qi Yung & Taryn Crispin One male-female pair in quiet arm of lake at far side, easily seen from small wooden bridge
Little Kingfisher 29/09/2010 Trebonne Creek, near intersection of Orient and Kirkwoods Rd, S of Ingham R.Lamb & M Dam Single bird
Grey Goshawk 22/09/2010 Mt Crosby Rd., Mt Crosby Paul Grimshaw "White morph flying above vine scrub vegetation on Brisbane River bank near Moledina Crescent
Beach Stone-curlew 11/09/2010 Mouth of Noosa River Jane Cooksley Pair of birds on vegetated island
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/09/2010 Noosa National Park- Sunshine Beach Jane Cooksley 6 birds
White-eared Monarch 09/09/2010 Araucaria Circuit Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman  
Cotton Pygmy-goose 02/09/2010 Lake Mary NW of Yeppoon Paul Grimshaw Pair (male & female) observed feeding amongst aquatic plants on lake.
Radjah Shelduck 02/09/2010 Couti Uti Wetlands on way to Stannage Point. Paul & Leanne Grimshaw, Richard & Pam Gibbs 8 Radjah Shelducks observed together in shallow wetland close to road. Another 2 seen not far away in same location. (Photo taken of 8)
Squatter Pigeon 02/09/2010 Burri Burri Hut Swamp on way to Stannage Point Paul & Leanne Grimshaw, Richard & Pam Gibbs 3 Squatter Pigeons observed in short grass near swamp edge.
Squatter Pigeon 02/09/2010 Roadside beside Lake Mary NW of Yeppoon. Paul Grimshaw Pair observed from car on roadside. Stopped beside them, where they squatted down.
Pacific Baza 01/09/2010 New England Highway, Highfields Dave Fleming 1 bird seen at dusk in Eucalyptus saligna
Grey Goshawk 30/08/2010 Sunshine Mwy, btwn Maroochy River & David Low Way/Pacific Paradise turnoff Russell Yong Qi Yung Single bird on powerlines by motorway, flanked by canefields
Square-tailed Kite 30/08/2010 May Downs Waterhole.72 km NW of Marlborough. Paul & Leanne Grimshaw, Richard & Pam Gibbs Single bird observed for about 5 minutes circling above tree tops along river. Photo taken of bird from below showing profile
Cotton Pygmy-goose 29/08/2010 Black Duck Lagoon, Ogg Rd, Murrumba Downs, SEQ Ray Smith  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 29/08/2010 Elouera Drive Nanango C&R Fingland Regularly feeding in area
Square-tailed Kite 29/08/2010 Kobble Creek Marie Tarrant Building a nest, back and forth with nest material, rearranging and making soft clucky noises at nest. Refer previous sighting report below (19/6).
Beach Stone-curlew 28/08/2010 Digby Island, off Mackay Anthea Swann Sighted daily, for the five days we were at anchor in the little bay, on the stony shore, foraging in company with a pair of pied oyster catchers
Musk Lorikeet 27/08/2010 The Gap, Brisbane. David Redhead Single bird seen, others probably present.
Pacific Baza 27/08/2010 Armstrong Creek Rd, Dayboro. David Redhead 2 birds.
White-eared Monarch 27/08/2010 Apex Park, North Pine River, Dayboro David Redhead Adult
Grey Goshawk 26/08/2010 Caloundra turnoff of Bruce Highway Jon Norling Single bird on Bruce Highway lightpost
Varied Triller 22/08/2010 John Oxley Reserve Ogg Rd Murrumba Downs Anne & Bruce Rasmussen 2 or more males
Little Kingfisher 19/08/2010 Tyto Wetlands, main lagoon, Ingham, Nth Qld. Rebecca Ryan Single bird, perched on a reed, hovering in flight then returning. Great views.
Powerful Owl 19/08/2010 57 Benian Rd The Palms Gympie Bruce Mcculloch / Annete Bourke Owl was carrying a greater glider .
Beach Stone-curlew 18/08/2010 In Pancake Bay, below Bustard Head Lighthouse. Di Robinson & Geoff Cole Eating soldier crabs at low tide
Bourke's Parrot 18/08/2010 Currawinya NP near Hungerford Boardmans and Wellses  
Cotton Pygmy-goose 17/08/2010 Coral Cove, just south of Bargara Di Robinson and Geoff Cole 6 swimming on the colf club lagoons
Rose Robin 17/08/2010 Greenwood Lakes, Forestdale, SEQ Kim Herbert Female bird. One other heard.
Collared Sparrowhawk 16/08/2010 Sunshine Beach Bridie Cooksley Killed budgie in cage on verandah and has been back regularly- good photo on rail
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 15/08/2010 Inglewood road 80km. from Goondiwindi Boardmans and Wellses 2 birds near road
Musk Lorikeet 14/08/2010 Entrance to Chelsea Street Environ Park, Kippa Ring Sharyn Ryan Seen feeding with Rainbow Lorikeets early am
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 07/08/2010 Warrill View S. Dray 3 birds moving through township
Swift Parrot 07/08/2010 Private property in the Upper Lockyer Mike Atzeni SIGHTING Has been accapted by the Rarities Apprasial Committee, Case number 140
Musk Lorikeet 05/08/2010 Clewley St, Corinda SEQ David Niland Pair circling home for about 5 minutes
Hooded Plover 04/08/2010 Noosa Woods/Noosa Spit at the mouth of the Noosa River Magill Weber I'm a visiting birder from the USA, and located the long-staying mega Hooded Plover on the sand bars across from the Noosa Woods carpark where previously reported.
Pacific Baza 18/07/2010 Minnippi Parklands Scott Pascoe Immature baza being chased by noisy miners. Seen initially on Bulimba Creek Photograph taken on Tree near lagoon
Masked Owl 13/07/2010 Tumoulin Ravenshoe NQ E. Bultreys One pair seen beside the road. One was hunting and the other was perched low in a tall tree.
Grey Goshawk 11/07/2010 Long Road Mt Tamborine Jon Norling Single bird sighted early and late morning at same location
Black Falcon 07/07/2010 Mt Tyson RD. Southern Downs June Harris One bird perched
Red-browed Treecreeper 05/07/2010 Wivenhoe Outlook Tennison Woods Mountain Steve Priday Part of a mixed flock foraging in area of old-growth wet sclerophyll forest.
Varied Triller 04/07/2010 Thornlands K Byrne Pair of birds feeding in trees
Beach Stone-curlew 03/07/2010 Brampton Island, Whitsundays Chris Read Pair on small island in front of resort
Pictorella Mannikin 02/07/2010 Diamantina National Park R. & J. Wallace Approx 100 including young birds
Mulga Parrot 01/07/2010 Roma CQ Chris Johnson One male among flock of red-rumped parrots
Gibberbird 29/06/2010 Kilcowera Station via Hungerford on shores of Lake Wyara E. & M. Pegg Only two birds seen
Great Crested Grebe 29/06/2010 Cuttaburra Crossing - 68km south of R. & J. Wallace Ten birds including juvenile and chick
Pictorella Mannikin 29/06/2010 Cuttaburra Crossing - 68km south of R. & J. Wallace Pair. Well south of usual range
Striated Grasswren 29/06/2010 Opalton June Harris 2 families observed
Bourke's Parrot 27/06/2010 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ E. & M. Pegg Group feeding beside the track
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 27/06/2010 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ E. & M. Pegg Pairs or single birds seen daily
Blue-billed Duck 26/06/2010 Farm dam near the junction of Lake Clarendon Way and the Gatton-Esk Road I. Jones 3 birds 1 male 2 female
Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush 26/06/2010 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ E. & M. Pegg Seen several times moving quickly through low bushes
Chestnut-crowned Babbler 26/06/2010 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ E. & M. Pegg Close to accommodation near small dam
Pacific Baza 26/06/2010 In garden at Thornlands Kevin Byrne Pair resting in tall trees for two hours
Red-browed Treecreeper 26/06/2010 Bellthorpe NP R.Lamb & M.Dam 5 birds seen in small area
Rose Robin 26/06/2010 Oxley Creek Common Chris Martinez 1 female
Square-tailed Kite 26/06/2010 Rocky Gully Road (near Atkinson Dam) I. Jones  
Black-breasted Buzzard 25/06/2010 Between St George and Cunnamulla E. & M. Pegg Cruising high during the afternoon
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross 25/06/2010 South Stradbroke Island T. Dillon S. Maden J. Searle A. Cuttris Beach washed bird - fairly fresh.
Musk Lorikeet 24/06/2010 Indooroopilly Golf Course SEQ D.Niland T.Oliver O.Jones A group of about 6-10 in flowering eucalypt
Beach Stone-curlew 22/06/2010 Tallebudgera Ck. estuary Palm Beach Col.and Lyn Collins Two metal bands on left Tarsus and one metal band on right Tarsus.Where would have this been banded?
Black-necked Stork 21/06/2010 Cod Hole Maroochy River Maroochydore Robyn Howard Male fishing in shallow salt water
Musk Lorikeet 21/06/2010 Clewley St Corinda SEQ David Niland 10 birds flew over abt 1645h then a flock of 30-40 birds about 10 mins later all heading north
Beach Stone-curlew 19/06/2010 Noosa River mouth (north shore) R.Lamb & M.Dam Pair on edge of small lagoon
Sarus Crane 19/06/2010 Hasties Rd Atherton NQ E & L Bultreys Large flock of Sarus Crane with some Brogas as well.
Square-tailed Kite 19/06/2010 137 Watson Rd Kobble Creek Tom & Marie Tarrant Single quartering over trees near property. As seen fairly regularly in June may be nesting locally.
Grey Goshawk 18/06/2010 Bruce Highway just north of Nambour Chris Sanderson & Andrew Stafford Reported on Bird-O
Hooded Plover 16/06/2010 Noosa Estuary Clive Allen Reported on Bird-O.
Southern Giant-Petrel 16/06/2010 Eastern Beach South Stradbroke Island Todd Burrows One deceased immature bird. Beach washed midway along eastern shoreline.
Musk Lorikeet 15/06/2010 Cubberla Creek SEQ I.Venables Many all through June
Musk Lorikeet 15/06/2010 Kenmore SEQ I.Venables Many all through June
Musk Lorikeet 15/06/2010 Rafting Ground Reserve SEQ I.Venables Many all through June
Musk Lorikeet 12/06/2010 Anstead Bush Reserve Rod Gardner Several birds close to Brisbane River
Square-tailed Kite 12/06/2010 Anstead Bush Reserve Rod Gardner An immature on the east side of the reserve
Painted Honeyeater 11/06/2010 Currawinya NP. road to Ourimperee Waterhole C&J & G&S Greet. Fassifern Field Nats goup 4 feeding in mistletoe close to road.
Squatter Pigeon 10/06/2010 Currawinya NP. near Thargominda turn off on Hungerford road C&J & G&S Greet. Fassifern Field Nats goup Seen road side. Not on bird list for Currawinya NP. 1 bird
Musk Lorikeet 09/06/2010 Chelsea Road ER Kippa Ring R.Lamb & M.Dam Total of 7 birds in 2 habitats one group with Rainbow Little & Scaly-breasted Lorikeets
Musk Lorikeet 09/06/2010 Mt Coottha Chapel Hill SEQ Rod Brown Many feeding in eucalypts over past week
Musk Lorikeet 09/06/2010 Sheep Station Creek ER (Williamson Rd entrance) R.Lamb & M.Dam 30+ birds over 500m section in company with Rainbow & Little Lorikeet
Squatter Pigeon 09/06/2010 Currawinya NP Ourimperee waterhole. Fassifern Field nats club Bird seen coming down to the water to drink. Not on Currawinya bird list
Musk Lorikeet 07/06/2010 Clewley St Corinda SEQ David & Marie Niland About 4 birds landed in Kauri Pine for about 5 minutes
Musk Lorikeet 06/06/2010 Limosa Road Lowood Sandra Gallienne 2 birds seen feeding in flowering eucalyptus
Grey Goshawk (white morph) 31/05/2010 swamp Nth of Coolum SHS Jane & Bridie Cooksley Numerous sightings over past few weeks- bird on electric wires.
Musk Lorikeet 31/05/2010 Geebung Steve Priday Have been in same Ironbark every day since first reported two weeks ago. Numbers vary from a few to about 20.
Purple-crowned Fairy-wren 30/05/2010 Gregory Downs June Harris 2 families both feeding large cuckoos
Square-tailed Kite 28/05/2010 The Gap Brisbane David Redhead Single bird
Square-tailed Kite 27/05/2010 Atherton NQ E Bultreys 3 sighted at early afternoon - one was an immature.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 25/05/2010 Behind council site then to Kate Street Macleay Island Julie Sarna Cheryl Arnott Male feeding female flew down to drink at puddle in road then flew off to feed in Kate Street
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 25/05/2010 Kate Street Macleay Island Julie Sarna Cheryl Arnott Flyover of another pair
Musk Lorikeet 24/05/2010 Springwood Todd Burrows A group of approximately 30 birds flying overhead.
Black-necked Stork 23/05/2010 Southern bank of Coochin Creek Burney Starkey Single adult male seen while kayaking towards Pumicestone Passage
Square-tailed Kite 23/05/2010 Sherwood arboretum Hugh Possingham One flying south
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 22/05/2010 Woodward Rd Armstrong Creek Dayboro Tom Tarrant Mike & Linda Lewis Single male singing. Seen well (unseasonal sighting)
Musk Lorikeet 22/05/2010 Sheepstation Creek EP Caboolture Tom & Marie Tarrant Initially found by Gavin Goodyear many with Little Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in flowering Grey Box.
Musk Lorikeet 22/05/2010 Theodore Rd Whiteside Tom & Marie Tarrant With Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in flowering Grey Box
Sooty Owl 22/05/2010 Bunya Mountains Lee Mason In the hollow fig tree on the Dandabah walking track.
Musk Lorikeet 17/05/2010 Corinda David Niland A small flock heard passing over home.
Musk Lorikeet 16/05/2010 Geebung Steve Priday About a dozen in flowering Ironbark with Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets and resident Noisy Miner group.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 15/05/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne Single bird flying down the valley
Musk Lorikeet 15/05/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne Flock of 15 birds feeding in Eucalyptus tereticornis
Rose Robin 15/05/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne  
White-eared Monarch 15/05/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne  
White-winged Black Tern 14/05/2010 Jumpinpin South Stradbroke Island S Maden T Dillon T Burrows One bird in breeding plumage photographed. Roosting amongst large numbers of Crested Tern Common Tern Little Tern and Silver Gull.
Square-tailed Kite 12/05/2010 Chapel Hill Brisbane Rod Brown An adult circling over house
Square-tailed Kite 12/05/2010 Kenmore Ian Venables Seen several days after 12-5-10
Black-chinned Honeyeater 11/05/2010 Nindooinbah Dam Beaudesert Barry Davies  
Cotton Pygmy-goose 11/05/2010 Forest Lake SEQ Kim Herbert After a long absence there are 14 birds on the Lake. The largest number that I have seen here.
Barking Owl 08/05/2010 Mt. Louisa Townsville E. & M. Pegg Heard each night
Musk Lorikeet 07/05/2010 Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island Todd Burrows 20-30 birds photographed amongst Scaly-breasted and Rainbow Lorikeets. Feeding on flowering Swamp Mahogany and Broad-leaved Paperbark. First observation for the property.
Unidentified penguin 07/05/2010 500m off shore at Wurtulla on the Sunshine Coast QLD. Was in a school of fish where seagulls were also feeding. Rebecca Creedy Black back with white front. Jumped out of the water within a metre of my surf ski.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 05/05/2010 Kingaroy Julian & Fay Bielewicz 6 birds flying over town centre
Peregrine Falcon 03/05/2010 Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz  
Rose Robin 03/05/2010 Tarong Power Station Julian & Fay Bielewicz 1 male
Albert's Lyrebird 02/05/2010 Falcorostrum Loop Walk Bar Mountain Picnic Area Border Ranges National Park Jenni Garden Single male bird - foraging on Falcorostrum Loop Walk track near man-made rollover banks across track - also spent some time preening in low tree branch b! efore foraging again this time parallel to the walking track.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 01/05/2010 St. Lawrence Wetlands E. & M. Pegg Large numbers of water birds
Lewin's Rail 30/04/2010 Kedron Brook Wetlands near Nudgee G/C SEQ Roy Sonnenberg Walked along bike path flushed and flew back
White-eared Monarch 27/04/2010 Gold Creek Reservoir - west side. Chris Read Calling loudly high in tree amongst flowering mistletoe
Red-browed Treecreeper 26/04/2010 Binna Burra Lodge carpark Barry Davies First sighting at BBL by me in 25 years.
Pacific Baza 24/04/2010 Sherwood arboretum/Lone Pine Hugh Possingham 6 birds doing exactly same as reported by S Gallienne (cedar creek 08/04).
Diamond Firetail 21/04/2010 20 km west of Stanthorpe Peter Dawson, Ivan & Sandra Reynolds Late nesting. Seen in small eucalypt approx 2m above ground in sheep country.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/04/2010 Cormorant Bay Picnic Area Wivenhoe Dam Sandra Gallienne 1 bird seen feeding in sheoak
Black-necked Stork 18/04/2010 Lake Clarendon near Gatton Alan Boardman et.al  
Chestnut Rail 18/04/2010 Sandalwood Place River Mornington Island Phil Venables Seen or heard intermittently at this location and at the Dugong River over past year.
Lewin's Rail 18/04/2010 Apex Park Gatton Alan Boardman et.al  
Beach Stone-curlew 16/04/2010 Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts Pair feeding late afternoon
Royal Albatross 15/04/2010 Lynch’s Reef in the Great Barrier Reef (approximately 100km ENE off the coast from Townsville) Michelle Jonker First record for this species in Queensland as well as the record is a considerable distance from the species established distribution and well into tropical waters.
Little Shrike-thrush 12/04/2010 Araucaria Circuit Enoggera Dam Alan Boardman  
Rose Robin 12/04/2010 Araucaria Circuit Enoggera Dam Alan Boardman  
Ground Parrot 08/04/2010 Near Coolum Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts Two birds calling at dusk
Pacific Baza 08/04/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne 6 Pacific Baza seen about 0945 - flying overhead and calling whilst interacting together with acrobatic manoeuvres - in the area for about 30 minutes.
Grey Goshawk 05/04/2010 Nerang State Forest Callie McDonald Matthew Gilbert One individual seen perching approx. 2km along the track that begins Ann st.
Red-browed Treecreeper 04/04/2010 Private property 30 KM south of Qld/NSW border near Torrington NSW Paul Grimshaw Pair sighted and heard calling in old growth tall open forest on swamp margin.
White-winged Black Tern 02/04/2010 Gununa Township Mornington Island Phil Venables Hundreds of birds resting on sports field and on beach post cyclone Paul.
Sooty Oystercatcher 28/03/2010 Wynnum foreshore Kim Herbert One bird
Powerful Owl 23/03/2010 The Drive Bardon Brisbane Mike West Heard calling about 3-4am in suburbia
Oriental Cuckoo 19/03/2010 Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island Todd Burrows One adult bird observed flying along western shoreline.
Square-tailed Kite 11/03/2010 Bowman Parade Bardon Brisbane Tom Tarrant Single quartering over Bowman Park.
Black-necked Stork 08/03/2010 Kianawah Rd Wynnum West B. Light  
Peregrine Falcon 08/03/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne Single bird flew overhead and landed in dead tree.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 07/03/2010 Cedar Creek Road Cedar Creek Gold Coast Sandra Gallienne 4 birds seen flying overhead
Lewin's Rail 28/02/2010 Strong Rd (South) Dayboro Tom & Marie Tarrant Single heard near entrance to water-treatment plant.
Pacific Baza 25/02/2010 54 Scriven st Mount Crosby Trevor Street I have never seen these birds before at Mount Crosby, I saw a juvenile in the morning and at 2pm there were six of them gliding around, what a beautiful bird.
Black-necked Stork 23/02/2010 Port of Brisbane Alan Boardman Single adult on island at lake near visitor centre
Australian Hobby 22/02/2010 Jacobs well road Natalie McHugh About 6 sighted whilst driving. Adults and also 1st years
Pacific Baza 22/02/2010 Ewen Maddock Dam walking track E. & M. Pegg 3 birds 2 adults and 1 juvenile
Black-winged Petrel 20/02/2010 Off Southport Paul Walbridge  
White-necked Petrel 20/02/2010 Off Southport Paul Walbridge This is only the fourth submission to either BQ RAC or BARC for this species in Queensland.
Beach Stone-curlew 19/02/2010 Bribie Island between Buckley's Hole and the sea E. & M. Pegg Single bird disturbed when we walked through the mangroves
Marbled Frogmouth 31/01/2010 Lockhart River Iron Range E. & M. Pegg with John Young In rainforest. Located by strange call.
Rufous Owl 31/01/2010 Lockhart River Iron Range E. & M. Pegg with John Young One adult with partly coloured immature bird.
Eclectus Parrot 30/01/2010 Lockhart River Iron Range E. & M. Pegg with John Young One female and 4 males calling and flying near nest hollow.
Spotless Crake 29/01/2010 Sherwood Arboretum. On north island in SW corner - visible from west end of causeway Mat Gilfedder 2 birds
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 26/01/2010 Lockhart River Iron Range E. & M. Pegg with John Young Frequently seen in fig trees.
Grey Goshawk 26/01/2010 Sky Walk Mt Tambourine Chris Johnson Adult bird seen circlying just above forest canopy.
Palm Cockatoo 26/01/2010 Lockhart River Iron Range E. & M. Pegg with John Young 3 birds flying overhead about 6.30am. Later perched high in rainforest.
Sooty Owl 26/01/2010 Border Ranges National Park Owen Prowse After unsuccessful playback found one perched on sign at loop junction
Black-necked Stork 23/01/2010 Oxley Creek Common SEQ Rae Clark One in Jabiru Lagoon
Sooty Owl 23/01/2010 Spicers Gap SEQ J. Rowland & N. Murray 2 owls seen calling to each other
Grey Goshawk 19/01/2010 Figtree Pocket Brisbane Natalie McHugh One adult hanging around Lone Pine Sanctuary for the past week. Watched the bird eating prey.
Eastern Grass Owl 17/01/2010 Brisbane Airport opp Toombul Rd Burney Starkey & Jillian Robinson Two birds at dusk 16 17 & 20
Grey Goshawk 17/01/2010 Sherwood arboretum Hugh Possingham One adult
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 13/01/2010 Lyrebird Crescent Peregian Beach John Simmons M & F adults and 1 juvenile cruising and feeding in backyard casuarinas over 3 day period
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 13/01/2010 Rockdale St. Georgtown NQ E. Bultreys 2 sighted on the ground - very striking black and white rear view in flight.
Black-breasted Button-quail 12/01/2010 Imbil Greg Roberts 4 birds
Pectoral Sandpiper 12/01/2010 Jahnkes Lagoon near Gatton. David Redhead Long staying bird still present on southern shore
Ground Parrot 11/01/2010 Near Noosa Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts Three birds seen including one on the ground
Spotless Crake 11/01/2010 Eagleby Wetlands Todd Burrows 1 adult bird with 2 young amongst reeds adjacent to Melaleuca Boardwalk
Pectoral Sandpiper 09/01/2010 Jahnke's Lagoon Gatton B.Starkey M.West & J.Robinson 1 bird with sharpies
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 07/01/2010 Redbank Creek west of Esk off Esk-Hampton Road Jason Richard Single bird present for past 3 weeks. Unmistakable call and bird sighted on several occasions.
Grey Goshawk 02/01/2010 Creek walk Tingalpa Creek Reserve Capalaba West Amanda Johnston One bird crow hassling in flight
Musk Lorikeet 29/12/2009 Federation Park Warwick David & Marie Niland Small groups feeding in flowering mistletoe
Blue-faced Parrot-Finch 27/12/2009 East of Mt Bartle Frere. E & L Bultreys 2 sighted flying from the tall grass beside the road into dense rainforest.
Grey Goshawk 27/12/2009 East of Mt Bartle Frere. E & L Bultreys 2 separate birds sighted by the road.
Great Crested Grebe 24/12/2009 Lake Barrine E & L Bultreys 3 sighted in the lake late in the afternoon.
Oriental Cuckoo 24/12/2009 Sparkes Hill Stafford Brisbane J. Harris and E. Townsend  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 23/12/2009 Byfield Rd Byfield CEQ S.Harding & D.Milton 3 birds in casuarina at 22.8527S 150.6559E
Little Curlew 20/12/2009 Garnett's Lagoon SEQ The Wests & Griffin Flock of 14
Ground Parrot 18/12/2009 Noosa North Shore Greg Roberts 1 bird flushed from heath
Square-tailed Kite 18/12/2009 Weyba Downs Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts 1 flying over motorway
Eastern Grass Owl 14/12/2009 Maroochy River Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts 1 female seen well at dusk
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 10/12/2009 Gold Creek Reservoir Brookfield Brisbane M. Clark & L&M Cooper One bird seen close to nursery
Eastern Grass Owl 07/12/2009 Bli Bli Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts A male bird seen well close to where I found a bird on 4/12/2009
Asian Dowitcher 06/12/2009 On the island in the Lagoon at the Port of Brisbane visitor centre Les & Mary Cooper Single bird with six Curlew Sandpipers
Blue-billed Duck 06/12/2009 Tarong Power Station: Meandu Creek Dam Julian & Fay Bielewicz 2 birds
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 06/12/2009 Allen Road Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz Up to five birds in area over the past week.
Little Eagle 06/12/2009 Tarong Power Station: Meandu Creek Dam Julian & Fay Bielewicz 1 bird circling close overhead for several minutes.
Beach Stone-curlew 02/12/2009 Lady Elliot Island K. Slater and E. Townsend One bird
Brush Bronzewing 01/12/2009 Cooloola Greg Roberts 1 flying across Rainbow Beach road
Grey Plover 01/12/2009 Inskip Point Greg Roberts 4 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 25/11/2009 Eumundi Greg Roberts 3 birds on a farm dam
Spotless Crake 25/11/2009 Cooroy Waste Treatment Facility Greg Roberts One bird first seen here on November 5. At least 9 others calling.
Eastern Yellow Wagtail 22/11/2009 Mornington Island Town dam overflow. Phil Venables 2 birds on recently exposed drying out mud pan.
Black-necked Stork 21/11/2009 Lake Clarendon K.McLennan & M.Roper Found at 6pm at back side of wall.
Grey Falcon 20/11/2009 Duchess- Mt. Isa Road approximately 40 km south of Mt. Isa. Dave Fleming 1 bird on nest in tall gum tree. Took flight after vehicle stopped.
White-fronted Honeyeater 19/11/2009 Chinaman Creek Dam Cloncurry Dave Fleming 1 bird in Melaleuca fringing dam. In association with several other honeyeater species.
Black Falcon 18/11/2009 Il-bogan Reserve Beaudesert Barry Davies A pair flying around between the reserve and racecourse.
Collared Sparrowhawk 17/11/2009 Minnippi Parklands Brisbane Chris Johnson Adult female being mobbed by noisy miners crows magpes and butcherbirds.
Eastern Grass Owl 15/11/2009 Nambour area John Malings Flushed male & female in daytime and confirmed on 16/11/2009 by John Noyce and Clive Allen
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 15/11/2009 Northern end of Markai Road just prior to the Tjunction at Haslington Road near Lake Atkinson. Ruth and Bill Kemp & NPAQ Bird Group A pair wandering in the bare paddock.
Square-tailed Kite 14/11/2009 Gold Creek Reservoir Hugh Possingham and Judit Szabo One
Square-tailed Kite 12/11/2009 Cornubia Forest Park SEQ C & C Fitzell Two chicks first seen in September now close to fledging
White-eared Monarch 11/11/2009 Tarcoola Track St Lucia Mat & Cathy Gilfedder Seen in canopy of mangroves about 8am - unusual sighting for this location.
Beach Stone-curlew 09/11/2009 South Stradbroke Island S Maden J Searle T dillon (GCCC) 5 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 06/11/2009 Woodford Dam Nr Cnr D'Aguilar Highway and Kilcoly/Beerwah rd Alex Ferguson 4 birds on Woodford Dam
King Quail 06/11/2009 Cruice Drive Woodford Alex Ferguson Party of six flushed in rank grass near dam
Lewin's Rail 06/11/2009 Cruice Drive Woodford Alex Ferguson One bird crossed Cruice drive near dam
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 01/11/2009 Darlington SEQ J. Stephens Up to 11 birds fly over every few evenings towards O'Reilleys
Painted Button-quail 28/10/2009 Dudley St Sherwood Hugh Possingham One female in back garden all afternoon
Painted Button-quail 26/10/2009 Steve Irwin Way Beerburrum SEQ R.Lamb M.Dam B & S Cook Single bird sitting on bitumen verge of road
Blue-billed Duck 25/10/2009 Lake Galletly UQ Campus Gatton Glenn McRae 2 males seen amongst large ammounts of Pink eared Ducks and Plumed Whistling Ducks
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 24/10/2009 Allen Road Nanango Fay & Julian Bielewicz 4 flying overhead calling.
Black Falcon 22/10/2009 Watson's Road Lockyer Valley David Redhead Pair
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 22/10/2009 Seven Mile Lagoon Lockyer Valley. David Redhead Two
Black-necked Stork 21/10/2009 """Spiddal"" at Yore Road Tamborine Village" I. & S. Reynolds + members of BrisBOCA 2 adults observed flying over-head and landing on dam.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 21/10/2009 """Spiddal"" at Yore Road Tamborine Village" I. & S. Reynolds + members of BrisBOCA 1 bird observed in open water on swampy lagoon below dam wall.
Great Crested Grebe 21/10/2009 Lagoon at Fred Bucholz Park Tamborine Village I. & S. Reynolds + members of BrisBOCA 2 adult birds
Freckled Duck 16/10/2009 Beaudesert Racecourse Barry Davies and Ribble Bird Tours (UK) group  
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 11/10/2009 Kureelpa John Kooistra Male heard calling then seen approx. 5.30pm.
Painted Button-quail 10/10/2009 Burbank SEQ S. Harding One bird at 7am
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 09/10/2009 Redgate Rd, 6km SE of Murgon R.Lamb & M.Dam Pair
Square-tailed Kite 06/10/2009 Daisy Hill south of Brisbane David Redhead Breeding pair now feeding young.
Great Crested Grebe 03/10/2009 Tarong Power Station Fay & Julian Bielewicz Several birds
Red-browed Treecreeper 02/10/2009 Condamine River Rd c5km E of Killarney SEQ Rebecca Ryan P.Ryan S.Pick Breeding with 3 adults feeding cooperatively
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 30/09/2009 Kroombit Tops R & J Wallace 3 feeding just off walking track to bomber crash site
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 28/09/2009 Elouera Drive Nanango C & R Fingland 3 feeding here regularly
Painted Button-quail 28/09/2009 Tingalpa Creek Reserve creek walk Amanda Johnston Parents and 1 young
Square-tailed Kite 28/09/2009 Caloundra Conservation Park Bronson Light 2 flying over Bruce Highway
Peregrine Falcon 27/09/2009 Moreton Island Eric & Jackie Morgan Eggs laid on open shaded bare sand and defended by adults.
Azure Kingfisher 26/09/2009 Creek edge Capalaba Park Amanda Johnston Pair on mangrove tree
Cotton Pygmy-goose 19/09/2009 689 Cove Road Stanmore (near Woodford) SEQ R.Lamb & M.Dam 15 birds on wetland adjacent to road
Grey Goshawk 19/09/2009 Chadwell St Ransome Bronson Light Soaring over trees maybe hunting
Squatter Pigeon 19/09/2009 Roadside of Gatton Bypass (Warrego Hwy) about 5km from Gatton-Helidon Rd turnoff Dave Fleming One bird on gravel shoulder of highway
Grey Goshawk 15/09/2009 Pinjarra Hills, SEQ Mike Gilpin Circling over creek
Bourke's Parrot 10/09/2009 Eulo Bore E. & M. Pegg Single bird flying from lower dam
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 09/09/2009 55 km west of St George E. & M. Pegg Large numbers on trees beside the road. Solitary birds frequently seen beside the road.
Square-tailed Kite 09/09/2009 Cornubia Forest Park SEQ C. & C. Fitzell Pair of birds at nest one appears to be brooding eggs
Ground Parrot 06/09/2009 Noosa North Shore Greg Roberts On a private reserve in heath burned 2-3 years previously
Azure Kingfisher 05/09/2009 Howeston Golf Course Amanda Johnston Mangrove edge low tide
Great Crested Grebe 04/09/2009 Lake Samsonvale Golds Scrub Lane Julie Sarna 60+ birds
White-eared Monarch 01/09/2009 Kin Kin Greg Roberts Three seen and others heard in at least four patches of scrub
Blue-billed Duck 28/08/2009 Emerald Lakes Carrara Gold Coast Col.Collins with THe Gold Coast Bird Observers One male swimming with Hardheads
Musk Lorikeet 26/08/2009 Alexandra Hills Mick Thew I have heard their Sounds for weeks but i only sighted them this morning about 15 feeding on Grevilla Flowers.I have never seen this species in this area ( 30 years )
Black-chinned Honeyeater 23/08/2009 Sheep Station Creek reserve Morayfield Robert Dougherty Stuart Warren Colin Reid At least 1 pair of birds
Painted Button-quail 23/08/2009 Araucaria Track Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman 3 birds near track where quails often seen. Photo available can email if required.
Australian Bustard 22/08/2009 Mark's Lane Atherton E & L Bultreys 2 birds sighted in a plowed field on the north end of Mark\'s Lane near Atherton.
Peregrine Falcon 20/08/2009 Rathdowney Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observer One bird circling overhead
Black-necked Stork 18/08/2009 Lake MacDonald Sunshine Coast Greg Roberts  
Spotless Crake 18/08/2009 Cooroy Greg Roberts  
Musk Lorikeet 16/08/2009 Private property Ransome Amanda Johnston Musk lorikeet with rainbow lorikeets and noisy Frairbirds in flowering gums photo taken
Rose Robin 16/08/2009 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham Uncoloured bird
Square-tailed Kite 15/08/2009 Daisy Hill Forest Norma & Bob Hambling Pair at a nest
Pacific Baza 14/08/2009 Meiers Road Indooroopilly Jeremy Thompson  
Musk Lorikeet 11/08/2009 Cannon Hill Anglican College Corner Krupp Rd and Junction Rd Chris Johnson 4 birds in stand of flowering eucalyptus - good views
Olive Whistler 11/08/2009 Border track about 5.5km from O\'Reilly's in Lamington NP. On the QLD side of the border. Mat Gilfedder  
Black-eared Cuckoo 10/08/2009 Gibson State Forest near Yarraman Fay & Julian Bielewicz  
Sooty Oystercatcher 09/08/2009 Tallebudgera Creek Palm Beach Col.Collins Two birds feeding on Oysters
Australasian Bittern 07/08/2009 Lake Clarendon Rick Franks One seen in reeds near tower.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/08/2009 West Mt Cotton Rd proprety near Venman National Park Anthony Maloney per Bob Hambling one pair
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 03/08/2009 Sunshine Beach Greg Roberts 2 birds in casuarinas
Musk Lorikeet 03/08/2009 Darien St sports fields Bridgeman Downs Steve Priday At least a dozen in flowering ironbarks and redgums. Still in Geebung/Chermside area too.
Azure Kingfisher 02/08/2009 Pioneer Park, Nanango Fay & Julian Bielewicz Solitary specimen seen diving
Blue Bonnet 02/08/2009 Mosquito Creek Road near Inglewood Marc Gardner & Geoff Anderssen  
Diamond Firetail 02/08/2009 Durikai State Forest Marc Gardner & Geoff Anderssen Pair
Squatter Pigeon 02/08/2009 Cement Mills Road near Karara west of Warwick Marc Gardner & Geoff Anderssen 4 birds
Australasian Bittern 01/08/2009 Lake Clarendon near Gatton Marc Gardner Single bird sunning in reed bed
Grey Goshawk 30/07/2009 Nerang to Canungra Rd. Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observer Two birds sitting in a tree beside the road
Musk Lorikeet 29/07/2009 Buckleys Hole SEQ Alex Ferguson A pair preening
Musk Lorikeet 29/07/2009 Corner Waterworks Rd and Holmes St Brassall Louise Johnston  
Black-necked Stork 28/07/2009 On private property near Lake Kurwongbah Nerangba area. C and J Ivin Two adult birds observed at nest
Eungella Honeyeater 27/07/2009 Track at end of Chelmans Road Eungella Giles Daubeney 2 single sightings 10 minutes apart at 8.30am
Grey Goshawk 27/07/2009 Sparkes Hill, Stafford, Brisbane E. Townsend One bird
Australian Painted Snipe 25/07/2009 Ray Rd Mareeba E Bultreys 1 male sighted in a roadside drain 3 times over 3 days, last sighting I took a video of him for 5-10 minutes. the weather was sunny and still.
Musk Lorikeet 25/07/2009 Mountain St, Mt Gravatt Robert Dougherty, Stuart Warren, Colin Reid 2 in Rob's garden - to add to the seasonal records
Musk Lorikeet 25/07/2009 Whites Hill Bill Popple 20+ Feeding on flowering gums
Australasian Bittern 24/07/2009 Lake Clarendon SEQ Alex Ferguson  
Black-necked Stork 24/07/2009 Lake Clarendon SEQ D.Stewart & S.Gillman In swamp beyond the Aust. Bittern
Black-necked Stork 23/07/2009 Franklins park Mudgeeraba Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird sitting/standing on nest
Lewin's Rail 23/07/2009 Franklins park Mudgeeraba Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird moving amongst reeds in a swampy area
Beach Stone-curlew 19/07/2009 Eastern shore Moreton Island Merrian & Geoff Kuerschner Single bird on beach
Musk Lorikeet 19/07/2009 Geebung Steve Priday A pair foraging in the upper branches of the large Ironbark in our backyard in Geebung. Having listened to their calls, I think they may have been in the area for a week or so. Ironbark not in flower but they seemed to be doing some sort of gleaning.
Musk Lorikeet 19/07/2009 Park in Delaware Street, Chermside/Geebung, Brisbane E. Townsend Several dozen birds
Musk Lorikeet 19/07/2009 Wittonga Park. The Gap. Brisbane David Redhead 50 + Roosting at West end of Park
Australasian Bittern 18/07/2009 Lake Clarendon (on dam-wall near tower) Tom Tarrant & Gavin Goodyear  
Black Falcon 18/07/2009 Lake Clarendon (on dam-wall near tower) Tom Tarrant & Gavin Goodyear Single bird chasing corellas around a large Gum-tree
Black-necked Stork 18/07/2009 Carrara John Allsop Single bird in a dam with large numbers of Magpie Geese and White Ibis
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 18/07/2009 Mt Tamborine SEQ Fan Li A group of 3 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 16/07/2009 Allen Road Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz 2 birds chewing casuarina cones.
Fairy Tern 15/07/2009 Bacchi Cay, Swain Reef, Great Barrier Reef Andrew McDougall New Caledonian race, Sterna nereis exsu
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 14/07/2009 Karana Downs SEQ D.Stewart & S.Gillman One flew over our house calling
White-eared Monarch 11/07/2009 Sparkes Hill, Stafford, Brisbane E. Townsend One bird
Chestnut Rail 07/07/2009 Sandalwood Place River, Mornington Island Phil Venables One bird seen after sunset on mudflat adjacent to mangroves. To date have not heard the call in approx 20 trips to mangroves.
Black Falcon 05/07/2009 Lake Clarendon Lockyer Valley A Boardman and J Hadley  
Blue-billed Duck 05/07/2009 Lake Galately Gatton A Boardman and J Hadley 3 birds
Freckled Duck 05/07/2009 Lake Galately Gatton A Boardman and J Hadley 2or 3 birds
Rose Robin 05/07/2009 Mt Mee State Forest Gantry Sellens Road Peter Boyd Two in the picnic area
Square-tailed Kite 05/07/2009 Pullenvale Chris Read 3 kites hovering and gliding approx. 5 to 10m in air, on ridge above developed area in strong wind
Rose Robin 03/07/2009 Private property LFW area Ransome Amanda Johnston Photo taken
Freckled Duck 02/07/2009 Beaudesert Race Course Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird swimming with Plumed Whistling-ducks
White-eared Monarch 01/07/2009 McLean Rd Maleny SEQ R. Lamb Usually seen here in mid-summer
Musk Lorikeet 30/06/2009 Kenmore SEQ Ian Venables Flock of about 40 in late June and most of July
Grey Goshawk 29/06/2009 Newstead Park Weaber Rd Buccan Andrew Melyssa & Cameron Macready Seen in flight circling chicken pen then flew over pony club.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 27/06/2009 Allen Road Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz Pair flying west to east across northern end of property.
Peregrine Falcon 27/06/2009 Minnippi Parklands Belmont Stuart Warren & Colin Reid A pair in trees beside model plane airstrip
Square-tailed Kite 27/06/2009 Atherton NQ E & L Bultreys One was observed circling over then it landed in a palm tree briefly. It was a close range sighting.
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 26/06/2009 Elouera Drive Nanango C & R Fingland 3 here regularly
Beach Stone-curlew 25/06/2009 Curragee Inlet S Stradbroke Is S Maden J Searle T Dillon (GCCC) 3 Birds
Beach Stone-curlew 21/06/2009 On beach , SEQ Moreton Bay Research Station Dunwich Nth Stradebroke Island Rob Elvish a pair
Marbled Frogmouth 20/06/2009 Wattle Gully Retreat property Ansell Rd Witta (near Maleny) Chris Read In palm tree section of rainforest on waterfall walk.
White-fronted Honeyeater 19/06/2009 46 km SW of Charleville P.L. Harris  
Red-browed Treecreeper 18/06/2009 Duck creek rd. Lamington NP. 200m from rainforest edge Rob Elvish Wim Wisse Wilfried Mahu a pair
Freckled Duck 17/06/2009 Beaudesert race course lagoon Rob Elvish Wim Wisse Wilfried Mahu 1 male
Pacific Baza 17/06/2009 Oxley Creek Common Kevin & Gwenda White One bird in Hoop Pine 'Forest'
Australian Bustard 15/06/2009 St Laurence CQ A & R Stogdale 3 seen on wetlands
Powerful Owl 15/06/2009 Brentwood Redbank Plains SEQ Jesse Rowland Roosting in eucalypt with a Grey-headed Flying Fox
Rose Robin 14/06/2009 Benarkin State Forest Fay & JulianBielewicz Good view of one female; others flitting a little further behind foliage.
Blue-billed Duck 13/06/2009 Lake Galetty Gatton Uni Robert Dougherty Stuart Warren Colin Reid As previously reported still in residence - now 4 birds.
Square-tailed Kite 13/06/2009 Old College Rd Gatton Robert Dougherty Stuart Warren Colin Reid Circling low over trees in residential street perched in conifer.
Australasian Bittern 12/06/2009 Lake Clarendon John Hadley  
Musk Lorikeet 12/06/2009 Intersection Caboolture River Road & Beacon St. Power Road, Sippy Downs, Buderim Peter Odekerken Have never observed Musks this far north before and saw them at Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast on 7/5/09. Also many Scaly-breasted feeding around Buderim at present.
Pacific Baza 11/06/2009 Chandler near koala bushland. SEQ Natalie McHugh One bird being mobbed by Torresian crow
Square-tailed Kite 11/06/2009 Kunda Park Maroochydore Tim Siggs Seen flying over main road
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/06/2009 Springbrook Rd Neranwood SEQ Mike & Lindy West 3 birds flying beside us at about 4pm
Square-tailed Kite 06/06/2009 Adare Road, Gatton John Hadley  
Musk Lorikeet 04/06/2009 Sparkes Hill Stafford Brisbane E. Townsend One bird feeding separately from a large flock of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 02/06/2009 Opposite DinDin Forest Old Yarraman Road Nanango C.Fingland L.Pinwill & C.Kratzmann 3x eating on ground in paddock
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 31/05/2009 Allen Road South Nanango Fay Bielewicz Passing through
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 30/05/2009 Allen Road South Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz 1 adult with 1 juvenile
Square-tailed Kite 29/05/2009 Mount Cotton SEQ N. McHugh Single bird has been in area for the past 3wks. Soaring on upraised wings, square tail with a sub-terminal band.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 27/05/2009 Allen Road South Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz Heard flying overhead
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 27/05/2009 St. Andrew's College Peregian Springs Jane Cooksley 5 birds in paperbarks at 4pm. Were seen here at same time last week beside permanent water source.
Musk Lorikeet 26/05/2009 Thornlands Kevin Byrne Flock have been sighted daily feeding on blossom in neighbour's giant scribbly gums (over the last three weeks).
Great Crested Grebe 23/05/2009 Tarong Power Station Nanango Julian & Fay Bielewicz 1 bird at main Cooling Dam a further three at the Meandu Creek Dam
Albert's Lyrebird 16/05/2009 Goomburra Forest Reserve. Dalrymple Circuit. Kevin and Gwenda White Single bird crossing track from a gully into undergrowth. Saw bird including distinctive tail in a shaft of sunlight.
Black-necked Stork 16/05/2009 Chambers Flat Ivan & Sandra Reynolds 1 adult on small farm dam
Musk Lorikeet 09/05/2009 Thornlands Kevin Byrne Flock of ten birds feeding in high canopy of gum trees in home garden. Twenty birds came the following day to feed on the blossom.This is the first time I have seen this bird.
Black-chinned Honeyeater 07/05/2009 Adare Rd Gatton SEQ J.Hadley et al 8 birds with White-throat & Brown-headed Honeyeaters
Freckled Duck 07/05/2009 Beaudesert race course. John Allsop with the Gold Coast Bird Observers Single freckled Duck (male) amongst a group of Plumed Whistling Ducks
Star Finch 06/05/2009 Oxley Creek Common Kevin & Gwenda White One male bird feeding on grass heads with about 30 Double-barred Finches. Presumed caged bird escapee.
Musk Lorikeet 04/05/2009 Haven Rd Upper Brookfield SEQ Mike Ford & Doug Dow 4 birds at feeder possibly more in surrounding vegetation
Pacific Baza 04/05/2009 Grandchester. Robert Black Watched 5 birds hawking insects above Mt Mort Rd.
Australasian Bittern 03/05/2009 Nerang river Weedons Crossing causeway. Andrew (Haggis) Haggerty Mature bird on pebbly bank of Nerang river - mid afternoon.
Blue-billed Duck 03/05/2009 Lake Galetly UQ Gatton SEQ Rebecca Ryan 2 males 3 seen Monday and photos by G.Chapman
Little Eagle 03/05/2009 Lake Moondarra Mt Isa Neil Bar Over 10 eagles.
Blue-billed Duck 02/05/2009 Bundamba (Dalys) Lagoon SEQ M.Cameron et al A pair - the first in 5 yrs of surveys
Rose Robin 02/05/2009 Enoggerra Reservoir Brisbane Forest Park SEQ A Perry 1 bird flitting near dam edge near start of Araucaria Walking Trail
Cotton Pygmy-goose 30/04/2009 Banora Pt. Sewage works Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird swimming in lagoon.Has been there for one month
Grey Goshawk 30/04/2009 Minnippi Parklands Barry & Joanna Morgan A beautiful adult
Painted Button-quail 30/04/2009 Durikai State Forest M & V Gardner Two birds
Blue-billed Duck 28/04/2009 U.Q. Gatton. David Redhead Two male and a single female. Have been present for several weeks.
Black-necked Stork 26/04/2009 Chambers Flat Ivan & Sandra Reynolds 1 adult on small farm dam
Grey Goshawk 25/04/2009 Mt Glorious SEQ Lim Aun Tiah & Smathi Chong Seen in flight
Great Crested Grebe 23/04/2009 Fred Bucholz Dam Tamborine Village SEQ Barry Davies 1 adult and 2 large chicks
King Quail 22/04/2009 Beechmont Barry Davies Sitting in the middle of the road at 5.45am. My first sighting here in 25 years.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/04/2009 Beach front at Palm Beach Gold Coast Col.Collins Three birds feeding in Casuarinas Male and Female and juvenile.First time I have seen them at Palm Beach
Pacific Baza 18/04/2009 Mount Cotton N. McHugh 2 birds calling and flight displaying
Grey Falcon 17/04/2009 145km W of Wanaaring NSW Kay McLennan & Marion Roper 2 pair and 2 singles seen within 40 mins as travelling E
Grey Goshawk 17/04/2009 Mt Glorious Village. Bob Black & Desley Hooper One bird hunting over tree tops.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 16/04/2009 Banora Point STP L. Allsopp I. Watson & L. Brannian First sighting of this species in the Tweed Heads area
Kelp Gull 14/04/2009 Inskip Point D.J.Pashniak Subadult. I have a good clear photo of the bird and have checked it with Dawn Beck.
Grey Falcon 13/04/2009 NW of Thargomindah (15mins) SWQ Kay McLennan & Marion Roper Pair seen overhead
Rose Robin 12/04/2009 Oxley Creek Common Robert Dougherty Stuart Warren & Colin Reid About 200 meters from entrance - early arrival
Blue-billed Duck 11/04/2009 Kooralbyn Valley - Kooralbyn Lagoon Elizabeth and Malcolm Pegg 2 pairs
Great Crested Grebe 11/04/2009 Kooralbyn Valley - Kooralbyn Lagoon Elizabeth and Malcolm Pegg 3 pairs. One pair of grebes had a young grebe on back.
Rose Robin 11/04/2009 Sparkes Hill Stafford Brisbane E. Townsend Male
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/04/2009 Bellis Rd. Gold Coast Hinterland Col.Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers Three birds - one pair with a juvenile feeding in Casuarinas
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 08/04/2009 Duck Creek Road SEQ Barry Davies Two pairs and at least 1 juvenile.
Blue-billed Duck 06/04/2009 Kooralbyn S.E.Q. Tony Bailey and Todd Burrows One pair with seven ducklings. In the lagoon coming into Kooralbyn
Red-browed Treecreeper 29/03/2009 Brandons Road Bellthorpe State Forest I. Jones  
Australian Little Bittern 27/03/2009 Kooralbyn SEQ George Chapman Flushed a female (or juvenile) while photographing the Blue-billed Ducks in the lagoon next to the airstrip.
Black Falcon 26/03/2009 Carbrook Bob & Norma Hambling A pair roosting, then soaring over golf course
Little Eagle 26/03/2009 Skinners Park just South of Brisbane Col.Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying over
Red-footed Booby 26/03/2009 Flinders Reef SEQ David Edwards Photos taken
Sooty Oystercatcher 22/03/2009 Tallebudgera Ck Palm Beach Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying towards the mouth of Tallebudgera Ck.
Black Falcon 19/03/2009 Tamrookum Ck Rd. Tamrookum Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying over
Blue-billed Duck 19/03/2009 Kooralbyn S.E.Q. Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers Two pairs together swimming in a lagoon.The two males were displaying
Black-necked Stork 18/03/2009 Oxley Creek Common Rocklea Kevin & Gwenda White Bird seen flying into Pelican Island area at about 9.30am. Began feeding on grassy bank.
Painted Button-quail 14/03/2009 Burbank Sandra Harding One male - nice to see in Brisbane
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 12/03/2009 Kingscliff Northern N.S.W. Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers 12 birds feeding in Casuarinas. One female had a very pronounced yellow/golden collar as well as the usual yellow spots on her head.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/03/2009 Duck Creek Rd D Binns & A & S Keates 4 feeding in Casuarinas
Pacific Baza 07/03/2009 Hardings Paddock Purga Lesley Joyce & John Byers Four Pacific Bazas Sighted in a large Eucalypt. They moved around the area as we birded. Approx 8.00 am
Grey Falcon 06/03/2009 Bowra Station Cunnumulla R.Lamb & M.Dam Single bird seen first on 6/3 and again on 10/3 calling (cackling) as flew low overhead
Grey Goshawk 05/03/2009 Purlingbrook Falls Springbrook Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One Pair flying with a Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon 05/03/2009 Purlingbrook Falls Springbrook Col.Collins with The Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying with a pair of Grey Goshawks
Grey Plover 02/03/2009 Toorbul -SEQ E. Townsend One bird
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 01/03/2009 Sherwood Arboretum Hugh Possingham One in figs by Brisbane River
Grey Goshawk 01/03/2009 115 Natalie Road Buccan 4207 Andrew & Melyssa Macready Sighted a pair circling property and nearby trees along the Logan River at Buccan.
Great Crested Grebe 28/02/2009 Gold Creek Reservoir Hugh Possingham and Richard Fuller Breeding - one adult with three chicks
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 28/02/2009 Along old Mitchell-Surat Hway about 20km south of Mitchell. Eastern banks of Maranoa River Anthony Eales Four birds seen in dead gums on alluvial flats east side of Maranoa R. Also pretty sure they were there 26/02/09 but didn't get as good a look.
Pacific Baza 28/02/2009 Brisbane Koala Park Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd near Brightview St Burbank A & B Smallegange Brisbane Koala Park 4 Pacific Bazas 2 adults and two fully grown youngsters. Flew along track just keeping ahead of us. Taken photos of the birds
Square-tailed Kite 27/02/2009 Postmans Track - Lake Samsonvale. S.E Qld David Redhead  
Pacific Baza 26/02/2009 Warrego River about 20km south of Charleville. Anthony Eales Immature bird. Unusual this far west
Black-necked Stork 25/02/2009 Oxley Creek Common Kevin& Gwenda White One bird at wetland
Peregrine Falcon 24/02/2009 Kedron Brook Wetlands Anthony Eales Seen from 7:00am until 7:20 very active.
Grey Falcon 22/02/2009 12 Huyber Lane Eagle Heights Mount Tamborine Brian Bates I am sure we have just seen a Grey Falcon 14.40. I checked in our Peter Slater Field Guide pretty positive but according to the book I could be wrong.
Black-breasted Button-quail 20/02/2009 Noosa National Park on the saddle between Winch Cove/Granite Bay and northern end of Alexandria Bay Luke Bennett 80-90% confident of species identification. Male and female seen.
Radjah Shelduck 18/02/2009 Baffle Creek Boat Ramp. North of Bundaberg. P.Harris per June Harris 6 birds present. South of usual range
Kelp Gull 13/02/2009 Inskip Point J. Sneddon & other members of Birds Queensland The bird was standing in shallow water near the point where ferries depart for Fraser Island. Also seen the following day.
Eastern Curlew 10/02/2009 Toorbul Sand flats south of boat ramp Scott Pascoe On the sand feeding at Toorbul with silver gulls
Little Eagle 09/02/2009 Palm Beach Gold Coast Col.Collins One bird flying over.Very rarely seen on the Gold Coast
Grey Goshawk 08/02/2009 Western Track Mt. Glorious Alan Boardman and Ken Wells Calling in rainforest
Australian Little Bittern 06/02/2009 Metroplex from the eastern track where the Bitterns were seen earlier this year Anthony Eales Sighted one of the juveniles so at the very least one still doing well.
Freckled Duck 05/02/2009 Beaudesert SEQ Roy Sonnenberg Female on bank of lagoon opposite racecourse
Pacific Baza 05/02/2009 Cornubia Forest Park SEQ C. & C. Fitzell Nest with three juveniles close to fledging
Painted Button-quail 04/02/2009 Suburban Acacia Ridge Lee Halasz Seen for around 10 minutes in a suburban front yard. Great views from inside the house!
Asian Dowitcher 01/02/2009 Boonooroo Gavin Goodyear Carl Billingham & Tom Tarrant Single with Bar-tailed Godwits on falling-tide.
Black-necked Stork 01/02/2009 Oxley Common Anthony Eales On the first dam to the left of the walking track heading south. Out in the open good views.
Beach Stone-curlew 30/01/2009 On beach at Inskip Point close to vegetation as 4WDs passed to barge. E. & M. Pegg Birds seemed undisturbed by passing vehicles. Early morning.
Peregrine Falcon 30/01/2009 Bentley Park Paul Ford & Sandra McKenna Caught a Common Myna in flight then settled on a power pole to eat it. Unfortunately with a busy street, it became too much - most of the Myna was dropped and the falcon left the area.
Beach Stone-curlew 29/01/2009 Inskip Point close to high water level near road to bargeramp E. and M. Pegg Three birds on beach
Black-breasted Button-quail 29/01/2009 Close to Loop Road on Inskip Point E. & M. Pegg 2 birds seen each day in same area late afternoon and early morning
Black-breasted Button-quail 29/01/2009 In heavy vegetation on Inskip Pt close to Loop road E. and M. Pegg Four birds seen in 2 days
Lewin's Rail 29/01/2009 Sandgate Lagoon. S.E.Qld David Redhead Calling at North end of second lagoon, mid afternoon.
Beach Stone-curlew 24/01/2009 Inskip Point Ned and Judy Johnston Single bird on the beach where the barges leave for Fraser Island. Lots of vehicles - bird unperturbed
Black-breasted Button-quail 24/01/2009 Inskip Point Ned and Judy Johnston One pair in the bush feeding
Black-necked Stork 21/01/2009 Cunningham Hwy at Warrill View Stephen Dray One and occassionally two birds have been seen over the past few months from time to time but this is the first sighting of three.
Black-necked Stork 18/01/2009 Fullers OvalLindum Brisbane. David Redhead  
Australian Little Bittern 17/01/2009 Tyto Wetlands Ingham N.Q. Brian Willey One adult male flushed from the path not far in from the entrance.This was a great pleasure after seeing the Bitterns at Metroplex the previous Sunday.
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 16/01/2009 Oakey SEQ Ian Venables Seven birds at airport
Peregrine Falcon 15/01/2009 Kenmore SEQ Ian Venables Single bird flying over - did not appear to be hunting
Australian Little Bittern 10/01/2009 Metroplex Wetlands A. Crawford 3 juveniles and an adult female. Several birds reported in last few days. Juveniles were perched from dawn to at least 7.30 - from bridge on Borthwick Avenue, walk south along path on eastern edge of wetland for 100 m then view reeds on other side.
Lewin's Rail 10/01/2009 Gold's Scrub Samsonvale SEQ Marion Roper R.McNeill et al An adult at Kobble Creek
Spotless Crake 10/01/2009 Gold's Scrub Samsonvale SEQ Marion Roper R.McNeill et al An adult at Kobble Creek
White-eared Monarch 09/01/2009 Gold Creek Road - Brisbane George & Judith Chapman Two birds seen opposite letterbox 639. One of them flaunted itself at close range for several minutes. Photos taken.
Oriental Cuckoo 04/01/2009 Anstead Bushland Reserve A. Crawford 1 - 2 birds have been seen over the last 3 weeks. 1 today 250 m NE of river lookout shelter
Powerful Owl 01/01/2009 Kholo Botanic Gardens - Ipswich Margaret Cameron  
Painted Button-quail 31/12/2008 Tingalpa Creek Reserve George & Judith Chapman Tingalpa Creek Reserve
Australian Little Bittern 28/12/2008 Metroplex - Murrarie A. & S. Keates 1 male in reeds - southern side of road
Marbled Frogmouth 28/12/2008 Maleny Malcolm Wilson Seen 4 birds with 2 being possible young ones close to Mary Caincross Park I have photographs of one of the birds
Spotless Crake 28/12/2008 Metroplex - Murrarie A. & S. Keates 1 immature - northern side of road
Powerful Owl 27/12/2008 Gem Rd - Kenmore - Brisbane Julie & Stepjen Hagans Heard calling at 0245hrs for 10 minutes at least as the calling awoke us. Very close to our home likely in neighbours back garden.
Turquoise Parrot 27/12/2008 Gold Coast - Arundel - Tee Trees golf course construction site. M. Ambrey I have seen this bird foraging on the ground at the back of our house, where Tee Trees golf course is being built. This may impact on their habitat unless steps have been taken to help them.
Black-necked Stork 26/12/2008 Oxley Creek Common on Jabiru lagoon Hugh Possingham One adult feeding calmly for over an hour
Oriental Cuckoo 22/12/2008 Sparkes Hill - Stafford - Brisbane J. Giles and E. Townsend One bird
Peregrine Falcon 17/12/2008 Draper Samford Valley Julie Sarna In top of Hoop Pine overlooking Samford Valley
Black-necked Stork 12/12/2008 Beachmere Road SEQ E. Townsend One bird - female
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 11/12/2008 Gold Creek Road, Brookfield George Chapman Single bird spotted high in a tall gum tree near the Reservoir end of the road at 7.30am
Powerful Owl 03/12/2008 1st call the same Atkinson Park Kenmore approx, 2nd call a little further away Kingfisher Park, Kenmore Julie & Stephen Hagans 1st call heard at midnight for approx 10 minutes in same direction as the Powerful Owl on 1/12/08 Recorded this call on home video on back deck of our home at 12 Gem RD, Kenmore. 2nd call for approx 5 minutes in a little further away location in same direction possibly Kingfisher Park, Kenmore Please note we sighted a Powerful Owl 10 years ago in the Jacaranda tree in our front garden.
Blue-billed Duck 30/11/2008 Lake Galletly, UQ Gatton Hagai Loyewski & Tom Tarrant Male in front of hide
Red-backed Button-quail 24/11/2008 McKeys Hill, Crossdale, SEQ R.Brown, O.Jones, F.James, R.Wallace, D.Niland Three birds seen on high ridge and another one at low gully the next day.
Black-necked Stork 23/11/2008 Eudlo, SEQ Colin Dunn 1 bird in paddock with dam
Cotton Pygmy-goose 22/11/2008 Oxley Creek Common, Jabiru swamp Hugh Possingham A pair
Broad-billed Sandpiper* 20/11/2008 Cairns Esplanade, NQ Adam Arnold Two birds seen in front of muddies playground in afternoon small numbers turn up each year.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 19/11/2008 Adare Road, Gatton John Hadley 5 including a pair at a hollow in a dead tree
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/11/2008 5 silver Gull Ct Sunshine Beach (backs onto Noosa Nat Park) Jane Cooksley 3 birds, late afternoon. flew into paperbarks near natural pond.these are the first Glossy's for the year here.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 05/11/2008 Adare Rd, Gatton John Hadley Pair
Radjah Shelduck 04/11/2008 Sandycamp Road, Lytton.S.E.Q David Redhead One of the two birds seen by others on Sunday still present today.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 03/11/2008 Ambrose Rd, Ropeley near Gatton John Hadley 2 feeding in casuarinas
Square-tailed Kite 03/11/2008 Daisy Hill Forest Bob Hambling Three juveniles just fledged
Radjah Shelduck 02/11/2008 GJ Fuller Oval, Brisbane, UBD 142 N17 Ross Gallardy Pair at the back end of the pond
Black Falcon 30/10/2008 Forest Hill, SEQ Margaret Cameron & John Hadley 3 hunting over wheat crop which was being harvested
Cotton Pygmy-goose 27/10/2008 Centenary lakes, Caboolture.S.E.Q. David Redhead Male and Female
Lewin's Rail 27/10/2008 Minnippi Parklands, Carindale, Brisbane Colin Reid, Stuart Warren First reported by Stuart on (approx) 20.10.08 - seen again today
Australian Bustard 26/10/2008 Dirt road between Dysart and cleremont 4hrs inland central QLD Barry Nolan Large adult bird
Yellow Chat 26/10/2008 St lawrence wetlands John and Sue Allison 3 birds at new observation deck early morning
Pacific Baza 25/10/2008 Point Halloran Conservation Area, School Rd, Pt Halloran Kevin Byrne Bird was flying just above tree canopy. Photo taken.
Square-tailed Kite 25/10/2008 Tinchi Tamba, SEQ D.Niland, R.Brown, M.Clark, O.Jones An immature cruised over just above tree level. A very good twitch tick.
Beach Stone-curlew 24/10/2008 Lyrebird Place Wurtulla Dot Crane In sandbar of lake Currimundi
Painted Button-quail 24/10/2008 Lamaur St. Warner. Bne. Marilyn Hamilton Sadly, we found a dead Painted Button Quail who had hit our window, we don't know if he was nesting close by. We have taken some photos.
Powerful Owl 15/10/2008 Chapel Hill - SEQ Rod Brown Calling at night throughout October in forest on Mt Coottha
Lewin's Rail 14/10/2008 Sampsonvale cemetry David Redhead 2 birds heard, one seen well several times
Spotless Crake 14/10/2008 Sampsonvale cemetry David Redhead 2 birds showing well. Photographed by Geoff Walker yesterday
Great Crested Grebe 12/10/2008 Somerset Dam along Neurum Rd near Villeneuve. John and Clare Kooistra Dozens of grebes, many on nests, some displaying.
Superb Parrot 12/10/2008 Ironbark Rd Little Mountain SUNSHINE COAST Wayne Townsend An unexpected young male found in my backyard. I have four photos.
Australian Bustard 05/10/2008 Jimbour Rd Malakoff via Dalby G. McRae & D. McRae Single female along roadside
Freckled Duck 05/10/2008 Atkinsons Dam Lockyer Valley SEQ M. Gilfedder & L. Halasz 5 birds mixed in with large flock of Hardhead
Black-necked Stork 04/10/2008 Cove Road (at large farm dam) 8km north of Woodford I. Jones  
Grey Goshawk 04/10/2008 Savages Rd Brookfield Carl Billingham Flying overhead at cul-de-sac at end of road
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 04/10/2008 Savages Rd Brookfield Carl Billingham At least 2 Major Mitchell Cackatoo's about half way along Savages Rd - escapees?
Grey Grasswren 03/10/2008 Bulloo River Overflow Tim Dolby A family of Grey Grasswren (3 birds) was observed on the edge of the Bulloo River drainage system in south-western Queensland.
Striated Grasswren 24/09/2008 Opalton K&G White Excellent close-up views. A total of 9 birds.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 23/09/2008 Sunrise beach Kerrie Crisp Pair feeding quietly on Casuarina 7am. Came back in the afternoon at 2pm and a pair were feeding again. Photo taken.
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 22/09/2008 Lochern NP. SW of Longreach K&G White 3 birds moving along a dry gully
Red-chested Button-quail 21/09/2008 Lytton Wader Roost - Pritchard Rd G. McRae & D. McRae Single male seen associating with a group of Brown Quail on the track between Manly car park and the bird hide.
Azure Kingfisher 19/09/2008 Eprapah Environmental Centre Kevin Byrne  
Great Crested Grebe 17/09/2008 Lake Coolmunda Les Dick and Gold Coast Group Approx. 120
Beach Stone-curlew 14/09/2008 Near Gununa township Phil Venables Single bird on salt flat. Commonly seen all over the island
Regent Honeyeater 14/09/2008 Camping ground Mt Barney Lodge Sandra Harding Ron Dowling David Milton 1 bird mixing with Noisy Friarbirds and Brush Wattle birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 14/09/2008 Gold Cliffs Mornington Is. S-w coastline Phil Venables Single bird on rocky shore
White-eared Monarch 14/09/2008 Townsville Common, NEQ Ed Pierce Reported on Eremaea
Grey Goshawk 12/09/2008 Townsville Common, NEQ Ed Pierce  
Black-necked Stork 11/09/2008 Atkinsons Dam. David Redhead Female
Freckled Duck 11/09/2008 Apex Lake Gatton David Redhead Single bird on island in front of hide
Little Kingfisher 11/09/2008 Rowes Bay Townsville beside Seagulls Resort Karen Doyle & Ivor Preston Reported on Eremaea
Peregrine Falcon 11/09/2008 Austinville Gold Coast Col. Collins with Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying over
Grey Goshawk 09/09/2008 Samsonvale cemetery. David Redhead  
Lewin's Rail 09/09/2008 Samsonvale cemetery. David Redhead One possibly two birds calling. Seen by others on 7th
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 07/09/2008 20 kms east of Charleville E. & M. Pegg 5 birds
Little Woodswallow 06/09/2008 Coolibah Track at Iningai Park Nature Reserve Longreach E. & M. Pegg With White-browed, Masked, Black-faced and White-breasted Woodswallows. Large numbers zooming about in the cool air and perched on bare branches.
Wandering Tattler 06/09/2008 Mouth of Sandalwood Place River Mornington Island Phil Venables Single bird on coraline shore at low tide. Identified by darker breeding plumage and call.
Black-chinned Honeyeater 03/09/2008 Geraghty Park Julatten Keith Fisher Reported on Eremaea
Black-necked Stork 02/09/2008 Rathdowney SEQ J. Giles and E. Townsend One male bird
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 02/09/2008 Jimboomba Ron Dowling  
Powerful Owl 02/09/2008 JC Slaughter Falls Mt Cootha Judith Hoyle Roosting above dry creek bed
Powerful Owl 31/08/2008 Ransome Amanda Johnston Adult
Albert's Lyrebird 30/08/2008 Mt Mitchell SEQ Kim Herbert 2 birds disturbed by walkers. Good sighting of one of the birds in flight.
Grey Goshawk 30/08/2008 Mt Mitchell SEQ Kim Herbert Rapid flight landed on tree in canopy just above us.
Peregrine Falcon 30/08/2008 Mt Mitchell SEQ Kim Herbert Circling above before fast downward dive.
Black-chinned Honeyeater 29/08/2008 Bohle River at Bruce Highway Ivor Preston Reported on Eremaea. Low down calling loudly and easy to see. In company with 12+ White-winged Trillers males in breeding plumage.
Black-necked Stork 28/08/2008 Currumbin Valley Rd. Currumbin Col.Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers One female standing in a paddock
Squatter Pigeon 25/08/2008 About 13.5 kilometres west of Bollon Peter Royall Two birds were sighted on the gravel shoulder of the Ballonne Highway
Peregrine Falcon 24/08/2008 Elanora Wetlands Elanora Col.Collins with Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird circling overhead
Pacific Baza 23/08/2008 Bayside parklands Ransome Amanda Johnston Adult
Square-tailed Kite 22/08/2008 Kenmore Hills Brisbane Chris Read Chased by Torresian Crows Magpies and Currawongs.
Red-backed Button-quail 17/08/2008 Bohle Wetlands revegetation site Chris Ezzy Reported on Eremaea. I flushed 2x Red-backed Button-quail from the grassland between the lagoon and the Bohle River, only about 10 metres from the lagoon. They dropped and disappeared into thick grassy cover a short distance away.
Little Eagle 16/08/2008 Tyto Wetlands Tony Ashton Reported on Eremaea. Took off from pandanus and drew two Torresian Crows in noisy low pursuit to the south.
Turquoise Parrot 15/08/2008 Ormiston Olivia Woosnam Single individual sighted.
Bourke's Parrot 14/08/2008 Bowra Station Cunnamulla Rhonda and Lindsay Hansch Several birds seen.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 13/08/2008 The Lake Forest Lake Boulevard. SEQ Kim Herbert 7 birds (male/female/Juv.) My first sighting on this Lake in 16 years.
Southern Cassowary 10/08/2008 Bramston Beach Dawn Magarry Sub-adult
Carpentarian Grasswren 06/08/2008 McNamara's Road west of Mt Isa Rhonda and Lindsay Hansch 2-3 birds sighted early morning
Square-tailed Kite 04/08/2008 Hunt Road Alton Downs Rockhampton Anthony Eales Circling low along the trees at the southern end of the road.
Rose Robin 03/08/2008 Oxley Creek Common Hugh Possingham Uncoloured bird
White-eared Monarch 02/08/2008 Skyring Creek Road Coles Creek (south of Gympie) B. Essex Observed active along creek.
Black Falcon 31/07/2008 Beaudesert Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying over
Black-necked Stork 31/07/2008 Beaudesert T. Robinson and Gold Coast Group Nesting
Blue-billed Duck 31/07/2008 Kooralbyn Resort Sth of Beaudesert Gold Coast Bird Observers Male and female with two ducklings
Wandering Tattler 31/07/2008 Poyungan Rocks Fraser Is. SEQ Mike West Obviously didn't migrate
Square-tailed Kite 29/07/2008 Chapel Hill SEQ Rod Brown Over Mt Coottha forest
Bourke's Parrot 23/07/2008 Bowra Station Cunnamulla Alan Morris & Mike Kuhl Reported on Eremaea.
Hall's Babbler 23/07/2008 Bowra Station Cunnamulla Alan Morris & Mike Kuhl Reported on Eremaea.
Peregrine Falcon 23/07/2008 Palm Beach Gold Coast Col. Collins One bird flying over
Rose Robin 20/07/2008 Pullenvale Forest park Marianne Willink Male bird. Beautifully coloured bright rose pink chest.
Peregrine Falcon 06/07/2008 Eprapah Environmental Centre Victoria Point Kevin Byrne Passed overhead three times before losing sight of it because of tree canopy
Rose Robin 06/07/2008 Greenwood Lakes Forestdale SEQ Kim Herbert Male & Female
Grey Grasswren 04/07/2008 Pyampa Station SWQ K. & G. White 24 birds seen in groups of up to 6 perched in lignum sunbathing in early morning after cold night
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 04/07/2008 Warrill View S. Dray Have been seen on several occassions recently in and around the township
Little Woodswallow 03/07/2008 Laudham Park, south of Ross River Dam I. Preston & W. Holmes Reported on Eremaea. At least 6 birds, late in the afternoon.
Powerful Owl 02/07/2008 Burbank SEQ S. Harding Heard calling at dusk
Musk Lorikeet 28/06/2008 Goomburra Forest Park SEQ I. & R. Hinrichsen A small group in flowering gums
Black-necked Stork 27/06/2008 Capalaba West Unrecorded 1 adult near dam open paddock photo taken
White-eared Monarch 21/06/2008 Gold Creek Resevoir Moggill Brisbane R. Dougherty & C. Reid Belatedly - one in trees above toilet block below dam wall
Black-chinned Honeyeater 20/06/2008 Powers Road Reserve Muirlea M. Cameron  
Black-necked Stork 19/06/2008 Lake Clarendon (near Gatton) M. Cameron & J. Hadley 1 Adult. First we've seen here for a while. They seem to be returning after the drought.
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 19/06/2008 Lake Clarendon (near Gatton) M. Cameron & J. Hadley  
Sooty Oystercatcher 16/06/2008 Canoe Pt. J. Ruddell  
Pacific Baza 15/06/2008 Boyne Is. J. Ruddell  
Black-breasted Button-quail 14/06/2008 The Enoggera dam in Brisbane Forest Park J. Hammond Three birds sighted and viewed for about 15 minutes. Two males and one female turning around in circles and scratching in the undergrowth. Area they were found in had recently been lightly burnt.The two males were also sighted by another birder Tony Eales on the day and I have since learnt that Mike West managed to find them today the 15th.
Great Crested Grebe 10/06/2008 Kinchant Dam Pioneer Valley Mackay E. & M. Pegg 10+ beautiful adults close to shore
Black-necked Stork 09/06/2008 Oxley Common O. Jones et al Single Bird. Could be seen in shallow water near Sherwood Rd
Black-necked Stork 07/06/2008 Jacana Birdhide Townsville Common E. & M. Pegg 3 storks clearly visible with brolgas
Powerful Owl 07/06/2008 Ransome Unrecorded 1 adult in tree looking down at me for 15mins on dusk
Sarus Crane 05/06/2008 Brannigan Cr. On highway between Normanton and Karumba NQ E. & M. Pegg 2 with 22 Brolgas at roadside dam
Australian Bustard 31/05/2008 Cania Gorge Road E. & M. Pegg In lucerne field - one female and one male
Ground Cuckoo-shrike 30/05/2008 Jellinbah ML between Bluff and Blackwater. A. Eales Two birds flushed when driving through partially cleared cattle paddocks.
Peregrine Falcon 30/05/2008 Jellinbah ML between Bluff and Blackwater. A. Eales Flushed from a dead tree. Good close views while flying.
Square-tailed Kite 25/05/2008 Pullenvale Forest Park Pullenvale SEQ A. Parmiter Circled low overhead several times
Black-necked Stork 24/05/2008 Oxley Creek Common A. Parmiter In Jabiru Swamp
Rose Robin 21/05/2008 Beechmont CA, Gold Coast A. Bell S. Maden T. Dillon (GCCC) 2 separate birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 16/05/2008 Tallebudgera Creek estuary - Gold Coast C. Collins Two birds roosting on a sandbank. Very rarely seen here.
Beach Stone-curlew 15/05/2008 Mangroves behind Buckley's Hole Bribie Is R. Lamb Single bird
Rose Robin 13/05/2008 Gold Creek Reservoir, Brookfield C. Read  
Beach Stone-curlew 11/05/2008 Noosa River on sandbank attached to island in middle of river. Island is opposite t-boat hire or Pelican Beach Park. N. Lechner Two individuals together
Rose Robin 11/05/2008 Lake Manchester D. Blewett & L. Hogan  
Black-necked Stork 10/05/2008 Jabiru lagoon, Oxley Creek Common H. Possingham One
Carpentarian Grasswren 08/05/2008 McNamaras Rd, Mt Isa C. Read Early morning. 1km off road.
Powerful Owl 06/05/2008 Toohey forest R. Hambling One bird visible, mate possibly nesting early this year
Plum-headed Finch 05/05/2008 Along creek near Kobble BBQ area (near Samsonvale Cemetery) T. & M. Tarrant Up to 6 including juveniles - suspected breeding
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 03/05/2008 Mt Glorious O. Jones et al 2 Adults & 2 Jvls in high tree-tops along Main Rd - Maiala
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 03/05/2008 Main Range National Park, Goomburra Section A. Eales Four birds - 1 female 3 males resting in a tall gum late afternoon. Observed flying over campsite 3rd 4th and 5th of May.
Musk Lorikeet 03/05/2008 Main Range National Park, Goomburra Section A. Eales Close views of about 6 birds in low wattles near walking track entrance.
Grey Goshawk 30/04/2008 Tyto Wetlands, Ingham A. Ashton Several sightings past fortnight. Also keen on creek line.
Rose Robin 27/04/2008 Ocean View Mt Mee SEQ J. Lukin-Amundsen  
Northern Rosella 26/04/2008 Adeles Grove and Lawn Hill gorge H. Hamley & P. Venables Eastern extent of range?
Tahiti Petrel 26/04/2008 Off Southport SEQ P. Ryan From pelagic trip
Oriental Cuckoo 25/04/2008 In Buckley's Hole park on mangrove stump in sand between water hole and Passage C. Bell Single bird on mangrove stump for approx 60 secs then flew overhead and across water hole. Banded chest clearly seen. Rare here.
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 24/04/2008 Miala, Mt Glorious O. Jones Six individuals
Blue Bonnet 22/04/2008 Goodger-Kunioon Road A. Eales Flock of 6 birds seen briefly in poor light in the morning and and again with good views flying over at 11am
Oriental Cuckoo 22/04/2008 Ocean View Mt Mee SEQ J. Lukin-Amundsen Hepatic - feeding and sunning on grass
Oriental Cuckoo 21/04/2008 Ocean View Mt Mee J. Lukin-Amundsen Hepatic-plumage
Black Falcon 20/04/2008 Western side of Lake Moondara, Mt Isa B. Forsyth & P. venables First seen in a long time
White-eared Monarch 20/04/2008 Golds Scrub Lane Samsonvale SEQ V. Kretschmann Single bird feeding in lower storey of woodland
Grey Goshawk 19/04/2008 State Forest Flaxton Mill Road Flaxton. J. Kooistra V. Lee R. Howard S. Rooke. Around 9.00am. Calling flying and perched:observed from walking track and later from road being harrassed by a pair of magpies.
Grey Goshawk 17/04/2008 Hinterland Park Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast C. Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird sitting in a gum tree and then flew off
Collared Sparrowhawk 15/04/2008 Bli Bli - in a park beside the Maroochy River P. Hiddins & S. Huesler Was being harassed by a couple or three Pied Butcherbirds.
Grey Goshawk 15/04/2008 Golds Scrub Road, Samsonvale, SEQ D. Redhead  
Grey Goshawk 15/04/2008 Wolfang Creek, Peak Downs Highway, Clermont A. Eales  
Sooty Oystercatcher 11/04/2008 Monkey Beach Gt Keppel Island J. Thompson A pair
Cotton Pygmy-goose 08/04/2008 Cove Road, Woodford.S.E.Qld D. Redhead 10 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 08/04/2008 Woowoonga National Park D. Schulz Two birds in a white cedar tree
Black_Peregrine and Brown Falcons 03/04/2008 Boyland Wongelpong area C.Collins with Gold Coast Bird Observers All flying in the same area
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 03/04/2008 Bellis Road Clagiraba C.Collins with Gold Coast Bird Observers Three birds feeding on Casuarinas
Powerful Owl 02/04/2008 Bowman Park, Bardon, SEQ West family A female heard calling from 2pm to 3.30pm
Square-tailed Kite 02/04/2008 Cecil Rd, Bardon, SEQ West family Hunting at treetop height- second sighting in a week
Beach Stone-curlew 01/04/2008 Bustard Bay nr 1770 D. Blewett & L. Hogan  
Beach Stone-curlew 30/03/2008 Mornington island P. Venables Two adults and one juvenile
Squatter Pigeon 29/03/2008 Port Alma Road D. Blewett & L. Hogan Single bird
Yellow Chat 29/03/2008 Port Alma Road D. Blewett & L. Hogan 2 birds
Blue-faced Parrot-Finch 24/03/2008 Mt Lewis, near Cairns B. Barnett & M. O'Connell One bird observed.
Grey Goshawk 24/03/2008 KFC Dalby T. Tarrant Unusual species in an agricultural town like Dalby?
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 23/03/2008 Juffs Crossing near Dayboro D. Blewett 1 Adult
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 23/03/2008 Jolly's Lookout P. Venables Two birds - also reported by neighbour to be in the area for the past fortnight
Blue-billed Duck 22/03/2008 Sunnyholt, Arcadia Valley, CQ G.Palmer & M.Roper et al Two pair in breeding colour
Black-chinned Honeyeater 18/03/2008 Chain of Lagoons, north of Taroom, central Qld J. Richard D. Fleming V. Siegrist S. Ford  
Oriental Cuckoo 17/03/2008 Kobble Creek (nr Dayboro) T. Tarrant Unsure whether a different bird from the one on the 13 March.
Oriental Cuckoo 17/03/2008 Red Cedar picnic ground, Northbrook Parkway, Mt Glorious P. Carter Adult female (grey). Photographed
Oriental Cuckoo 17/03/2008 Red Cedar picnic ground, Northbrook Parkway, Mt Glorious P. Carter Adult female rufous morph, accompanying the other Oriental Cuckoo
Oriental Cuckoo 13/03/2008 Kobble Creek (nr Dayboro) T. Tarrant First for our property
Beach Stone-curlew 12/03/2008 Birri Lodge, Mornington Island P. Venables Single bird on beach
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/03/2008 Burbank S. Harding & D. Milton Around for a week
Oriental Cuckoo 04/03/2008 Tingalpa Creek Reserve, Capalaba West M. Clark M. James One female close to track
Carpentarian Grasswren 02/03/2008 McNamara's Rd, west side of road 3km north of Cairn P. Venables, G. Snell, R. Forsyth 3 birds, late afternoon.
Grey Falcon 01/03/2008 30 km west of Mount Isa P. Venables, G. Snell, R. Forsyth 2 adults 1 juvenile. Observed over 2 hours. Seen again at same location on 02/03/08.
Peregrine Falcon 01/03/2008 Pelican Lagoon, Oxley Creek Common H. Possingham Caught a common starling - yes!
Satin Flycatcher 01/03/2008 suburbian Acacia Ridge (Brisbane) L. Halasz Loitered for half a day in and around old mango trees. Photographs verified by many.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 27/02/2008 Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea M. Gilfedder 2 females on pelican lagoon at 7:30am
Beach Stone-curlew 25/02/2008 South Stradbroke Is A. Bell, C. Byrne, T. Dillon (GCCC) 5 Birds seen (3+2)
Peregrine Falcon 14/02/2008 15th Floor, 295 Ann Street Brisbane J. Ridgway  
Peregrine Falcon 09/02/2008 Oxley Creek Common, SEQ A. Parmiter On dead tree in Pelican Lagoon, being harassed by magpie larks
Peregrine Falcon 01/02/2008 Strathpine M. O'Connell, B. Dreis and D. Gleeson Seen sitting on a Transmission tower next to a large nest that probably used to belong to a Sea Eagle.
Swift Parrot 28/01/2008 Wights Mountain P. Storer 3 birds flying high across Samford Valley heading northwest towards Samford State Forest
Sooty Oystercatcher 26/01/2008 Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, SEQ P. Higgins At least two birds foraging on rocks.
Painted Honeyeater 21/01/2008 Moonie Caravan Park E. Barker  
Diamond Firetail 19/01/2008 Southern end of entrance to Sundown NP R. Thomis  
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 18/01/2008 Powers Road reserve, Muirlea M. Cameron & J.Hadley Juvenile
Australian Little Bittern 13/01/2008 Metroplex Brisbane. D. Redhead Female
Grey Plover 11/01/2008 Swan Bay, N Stradbroke Island A. Bell, S. Maden, J Searle & T. Dillon (GCCC) 10 Grey Plover with 8 Pacific Golden Plover - identified in flight.
Powerful Owl 11/01/2008 Burbank S. Harding & D. Milton Seen from back deck of house
White-plumed Honeyeater 10/01/2008 Jack Evans Boat Harbour - Point Danger T.Robinson & Gold Coast Group First for Gold Coast
Grey Plover 04/01/2008 Kakadu Beach wader roost Bribie Island E. Hohtola 1 bird feeding
Sooty Oystercatcher 03/01/2008 Redcliffe Point, SEQ A. Crawford 1 bird
Wandering Tattler 03/01/2008 Redcliffe Point, SEQ A. Crawford 1 bird on rocks with Sooty Oystercatcher & Turnstone. Close views, then flew with distinctive Whimbrel-like call
Great Crested Grebe 01/01/2008 Swanbank Lagoon M. Cameron 2 birds. First I've seen here for ages.
Grey Goshawk 01/01/2008 Juffs Crossing near Dayboro, SEQ J. Giles and E. Townsend One bird
Powerful Owl 29/12/2007 Gavin Way Cornubia (outer southern Bris suburb) C. & C. Fitzell We have been hearing a high pitched whistling call for several nights and located a Powerful Owl in creek a reserve close to our house (probably a Juvenile)
Wood Sandpiper 23/12/2007 GJ Fuller's Oval, Wynnum West A. Crawford 1 bird still present
Oriental Cuckoo 21/12/2007 Stirling Road Reserve, Rosewood M. Cameron & J.Hadley Adult male
Wood Sandpiper 20/12/2007 GJ Fuller's Oval, North Rd, Wynnum west D. Mantle (20.12.07) C. R & Rob D (21.12) 1 bird reported 20.12.07 (DM) 2 birds, same location 21.12.07 (CR & RD)
Grey Plover 18/12/2007 Kakadu Beach wader roost, Bribie Island C. Corden 1 bird seen roosting alone at high tide near northern bird hide
Black-necked Stork 17/12/2007 Ebineza Creek Cunningham Highway near Aratula K. & G. White Wading 100m east of highway
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 17/12/2007 Spicer's Gap, Pioneer picnic area K. & G. White 11 birds flew in silently and perched. Several active in feeding trees in the area
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 15/12/2007 Miller's Road (north of Gatton) M. Cameron & J.Hadley Adult bird
Radjah Shelduck 13/12/2007 Nindooinbah dam.Beaudesert C. Collins with the Gold Coast Bird observers Three birds still on the dam
Powerful Owl 09/12/2007 95 Pinjarra Road Pinjarra Hills M. Gilpin Single bird clutching dead Squirel Glider roosting in tree over creek. First sighting in area. Heard only 7-3-02
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 06/12/2007 Gold Creek Rd, Brisbane P. Kyne, C. Glen, S. Pardo  
White-eared Monarch 06/12/2007 Gold Creek Rd, Brisbane P. Kyne, C. Glen, S. Pardo Near first creek crossing from end of Gold Creek Rd.
Gibberbird 05/12/2007 Davenport Downs Station, west of Windorah, western Queensland B. Barnett One bird sheltering in shade of buildings.
Blue-billed Duck 02/12/2007 Carrara Wetlands, Gold Coast A. Crawford Male still present in SE corner of lake NW of junction of Nielsen's Road and Birmingham Road
Cotton Pygmy-goose 02/12/2007 Araucaria Track. Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman A pair seen regularly from 24-11-07 to 16-12-07 on Enoggera Dam
Black Falcon 29/11/2007 Beaudesert C. Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers Two birds soaring and gliding
Little Bronze-Cuckoo 29/11/2007 Nindooinbah dam Beaudesert C. Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers One pair feeding in gum trees
Radjah Shelduck 29/11/2007 Nindooinbah dam Beaudesert C. Collins with the Gold Coast Bird Observers One bird still present on dam on 29/11/2007
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 25/11/2007 Gold Creek Reservoir C. Read Flying around top of Eucalytus harrassed by boisterous Spangled Drongos
Great Crested Grebe 25/11/2007 Cnr of Daguilar Hwy and Mount Mee Rd. Neer Woodford M. O'Connell & B. Barnett One individual
Square-tailed Kite 21/11/2007 Bushley west of Rockhampton B. Dreis Pair roosting near Capricorn Highway
Red Goshawk 15/11/2007 Lotusbird Lodge region E. & M. Pegg Single bird flying overhead.
Star Finch 15/11/2007 North Lakefield National Park E. & M. Pegg 5 mature birds
Albert's Lyrebird 14/11/2007 Border Track, Lamington National Park W. Johnston Single male - photographed having dispute with Scrub Turkey over possession of worm like creature.
Golden-shouldered Parrot 14/11/2007 Artemis Station south of Musgrave Junction E. & M. Pegg 2 juveniles seen on the 14th. 3 mature pairs found at daylight at watering dam on 16th.
Gouldian Finch 13/11/2007 North Lakefield National Park E. & M. Pegg One juvenile at water with flock of black-throated finches. Last seen in this area 1996.
Square-tailed Kite 11/11/2007 Near Donnybrook turnoff on Pumicestone Rd (Caboolture to Toorbul) T. & M. Tarrant, D. Cook, G. Goodyear, K. Penland Single bird (photographed)
Blue-billed Duck 09/11/2007 Carrara Wetlands, Gold Coast A Bezant & T Dillon A single male. This species bred at this location last year.Seen this morning Nov 9
Square-tailed Kite 08/11/2007 State forest near Caboolture D. Luhrman Nesting pair of Square Tailed Kite. Have been id by Qld Museum
White-browed Crake 07/11/2007 Tyto Wetland, Ingham L. Knight Photographed walking in front of the bird hide
Painted Button-quail 05/11/2007 Ferny hills I. Jones Walking across Bygotts Road in the Brisbane Forest Park
Peregrine Falcon 04/11/2007 On pasture 300m south of Gatton college airstrip, Gatton E. Hohtola 2 perching & flying obviously a male & female based on the size difference
Grey Goshawk 02/11/2007 Boombana, D Aguilar National Park M. O'Connell B. Dreis T. Lavery In Ironbark, eventually moved on by another bird.
Pacific Baza 31/10/2007 White Patch Bribie Island E. & M. Pegg One adult bird circling low over clearing about midday.
Black-necked Stork 28/10/2007 Dam off Mt Lindsay Highway near Jimboomba J. Stephens  
Great Crested Grebe 28/10/2007 Araucaria Walk Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman More than 33 birds on Enoggera Dam half way around walk
Inland Dotterel 28/10/2007 Lake Moondarra S. Burke, B. Forsyth, P. Venables A pair at northern extent of their range
Turquoise Parrot 28/10/2007 Girraween National Park, Granite Belt M. Frost One male bird seen perched on low branch flew down to drink from Bald Rock Creek on the Junction Track about 200m from The Junction.
Australian Painted Snipe 27/10/2007 Cove Rd near Woodford M. Dam R. Lamb and others As reported on Birding Aus more than 3 birds and easy to see from road.
Australian Painted Snipe 25/10/2007 Cove Road, Woodford, SEQ A. Crawford Still present - five birds seen today. Showing well at the dam on the north side of Cove Road. Also Cotton Pygmy-geese there.
Grey Goshawk 25/10/2007 Mt Coot-tha Forest Chapel Hill R. Brown  
Square-tailed Kite 24/10/2007 Daisy Hill R. Hambling Nesting with 2 chicks
Australian Painted Snipe 22/10/2007 Cove Road Stanmore, near Woodford R. Sonnenberg Three birds, 2 males and 1 female
Black Falcon 19/10/2007 10km SW of Jandowae, SEQ R. Lamb Single bird
Pacific Baza 18/10/2007 Fauna Sanctuary, Mt Stanley Road, Nanango C. Fingland, J. Gloster, L. Pinwill 2x in trees then flying overhead
Collared Sparrowhawk 17/10/2007 McLean Rd, Maleny R. Lamb & M. Dam Nesting pair, nest in top of tall eucalypt.
Grey Plover 17/10/2007 Toorbul D. Redhead Single bird, Toorbul roost site, later Kakadu Beach.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 07/10/2007 Apex Lake, Gatton, SEQ E. Townsend Pair
Peregrine Falcon 07/10/2007 Pelican Lagoon, Oxley Creek Common H. Possingham One subadult
Peregrine Falcon 06/10/2007 Oxley Creek Common R. Stroud A pair at Pelican Lagoon.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 05/10/2007 Between Glenden and Moranbah B. Barnett 6 birds observed on farm dam
Mulga Parrot 04/10/2007 Skull Hole, Bladensburg Nt Pk via Winton H. Hamley & P. Venables A pair came into drink at around 10AM. Extralimital sighting? However they are on the list for Diamantina Lakes Nt Pk to the South-west.
Beach Stone-curlew 02/10/2007 Kakadu Beach, Bribie Island D. Redhead  
Albert's Lyrebird 30/09/2007 Best of All Lookout, Springbrook A. Hosking and D. Reynolds Male bird with tail displayed fossicking through the leaf litter very close to the path. Observed for several minutes before other people arrived.
Black Falcon 27/09/2007 Lockyer Waters, SEQ R. Sonnenberg A pair, and also on 29th
Freckled Duck 26/09/2007 Mulligan River Nature Reserve, Boulia FWQ S. Harding & D. Milton  
Powerful Owl 26/09/2007 Upp. Mudgereeba C.A. - Gold Coast AB, SM, BP, JS, TD (GCCC) A single bird roosting.
Yellow Chat 26/09/2007 Mulligan River Nature Reserve, Boulia FWQ S. Harding & D. Milton A pair with several Orange Chats
Inland Dotterel 24/09/2007 Mulligan River Nature Reserve, Boulia FWQ S. Harding & D. Milton 12 birds and also 3 birds on 26th
Lesser Sooty Owl 24/09/2007 Liverpool Creek South-west of Innisfail P. & B. Venables, B. McGregor Pair of birds seen adjacent to house at 5:00AM. Heard and observed as a permanent resident in this locality for past 20 years.
Red-chested Button-quail 24/09/2007 Mulligan River Nature Reserve, Boulia FWQ S. Harding & D. Milton  
Rose Robin 24/09/2007 Lamington National Park, O'Reily's end. M. O'Connell & B. Barnett Two seen (male, female) around drainage line . Were being harassed by a Grey Fantail
Cotton Pygmy-goose 23/09/2007 Norma Croker Park, Acacia Ridge L. Halasz 31 birds. The species continuously present since April.
Painted Honeyeater 23/09/2007 Jandowae/Inverai District, at sites 5 & 6 of the Wambo Shire Council Bird Trail Brochure D. & B. Seton, D. Stewart, S. Gillman, B. Parton Several Pairs sighted at locations within the described areas.
Black-necked Stork 22/09/2007 Oxley Creek Common R. Stroud Single juvenile bird near Jabiru Swamp
Carpentarian Grasswren 22/09/2007 30km West of Mt Isa just off Barklay Highway P. & B. Venables 3 birds and then 4 birds sited at two locations either side of highway. Same species sighted at the same locations 3 years prior by B Venables and G Harrington while conducting field work.
Spinifexbird 22/09/2007 30km West of Mt Isa just off Barklay Highway P. & B. Venables  
Collared Sparrowhawk 15/09/2007 Jaya, Maleny, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Perched in back yard
Beach Stone-curlew 13/09/2007 Kakadu Beach, Bribie Island R. and P. Hallett Two birds on the sand at low tide
Grey Goshawk 03/09/2007 Pullen Pullen Creek at Intersection of Mt Crosby/Moggill Roads J. Richard  
Grey Goshawk 01/09/2007 Sherwood Arboretum, SEQ H. Possingham Then again 8 Sept (Rebbecca Stroud pers comm)
Black-chinned Honeyeater 31/08/2007 Kholo Bridge Reserve Kholo J. Hadley & M. Cameron Birds heard calling from eucalypts on left bank of Brisbane River below Kholo Bridge
Black-chinned Honeyeater 31/08/2007 Kholo Bridge Reserve, Kholo J. Hadley & M. Cameron Eucalypts on left bank of Brisbane River below Kholo Bridge
Blue-faced Parrot-Finch 30/08/2007 Julatten, North Queensland E. & M. Pegg Small groups feeding by the track. Had been reported here for several days.
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 30/08/2007 Julatten, North Queensland E. & M. Pegg 2 birds
White-browed Crake 29/08/2007 Mareeba Wetlands, Mareeba, North Queensland E. & M. Pegg 2 birds on lotus lilly in large lagoon.
Southern Cassowary 28/08/2007 Cassowary House, Kuranda, North Queensland E. & M. Pegg 3 birds over 2 days. Male, female and 10 month old.
Square-tailed Kite 26/08/2007 Daisy Hill B & N Hambling Nesting
Pacific Baza 19/08/2007 Old Gympie Rd Landsborough S. Baker 1 bird flushing insects on low tree beside road
Rose Robin 19/08/2007 Araucaria Circuit Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman Winter Visitor
Bourke's Parrot 17/08/2007 Opalton - Winton road, approx. 30 kilometers north of Opalton B. & J. Willey Birds feeding alongside road in light rain. Two groups of 4 and 1 single bird. This appears to be further north than expected.
Beach Stone-curlew 15/08/2007 Edmund Kennedy National Park M. Cordery and D. Flett Pair on beach at creek entrance, 700m north of carpark
Pacific Baza 12/08/2007 Thornlands K. Byrne Bird has been visiting garden daily for the last week. It gets harassed by a large flock of noisy miners unfortunately.
Spotless Crake 12/08/2007 Sherwood Arboretum C. Clark Still one bird in same place along with about 10 Magpie Geese and 1 Royal Spoonbill
Square-tailed Kite 11/08/2007 Gavin Way Cornubia, SEQ C. & C. Fitzell Single bird over suburban block being mobbed by magpies
Black-breasted Buzzard 10/08/2007 Plantation Creek, near Ayr, NQ J. Stewart A pair high in adjacent dead trees. Previous unconfirmed sightings in the same region over the last few months.
Black Falcon 08/08/2007 Iona Rd, 20km west of Homehill J. Stewart On top of very high telephone/power posts. 2 birds separated by about a kilometre.
Grey Goshawk 05/08/2007 Araucaria circuit Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman Perched on branch and being mobbed by crows
Little Shrike-thrush 05/08/2007 Araucaria circuit Brisbane Forest Park A. Boardman Seen in the timbered section of the walk .Has been seen previously in the same area
Grey Goshawk 04/08/2007 Auchenflower I. & J. Brown The goshawk was being pursued by a large flock of crows and other birds. First sighting of a grey goshawk in our garden in 35 years! (We have a photo).
Red Wattlebird 04/08/2007 Anstead Bushland Reserve, SEQ R. Gardner Feeding for a few minutes in flowering Spotted Gum, before flying off north-east towards Hawkesbury Road.
Black Falcon 02/08/2007 Plunkett Road Tamborine, SEQ C.Collins with theGold Coast Bird Observers One bird flying over
Eastern Curlew 01/08/2007 Alva Beach NQ J. Stewart A single bird feeding on sand flats at low tide
Powerful Owl 01/08/2007 Toohey Forest, Brisbane, SEQ B & N Hambling Fledged single chick 01/08/07
Cotton Pygmy-goose 28/07/2007 Forestdale, Edward's Park H. Possingham Three
White-eared Monarch 27/07/2007 Jaya, McLean Rd, Maleny, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Single adult bird, feeding in tops of citrus trees
Little Eagle 25/07/2007 Bruce H'way, Mooloolah Rv, Meridan Plains, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Single bird, mobbed by magpies, magpie larks
Black-necked Stork 24/07/2007 Middle Crk, Eurimbula NP North of Agnes Waters R. & A. Stogdale One bird walking on beach
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 22/07/2007 North of the car park, at the western end of Spicer's Gap.Immediately east of the start of the Mt Matheson Trail. G. Palmer Two birds quietly feeding in casuarina's.
White-eared Monarch 22/07/2007 Kholo Botanic Gardens, Ipswich C. Read Flitting from branch to branch on top of trees in rainforest gully section next to main grass clearing.
Black-necked Stork 21/07/2007 Port of Brisbane visitor's centre C. Clark 1 juvenile, possibly the same bird as was previously on Minimippi. Other interesting birds - 13 Pink-eared Duck and 6 Mangrove Honeyeater.
Little Eagle 15/07/2007 Toohey Forest, Brisbane, SEQ A. Crawford Pale phase bird circling over the Toohey Ridge Track
Powerful Owl 15/07/2007 Toohey Forest, Brisbane, SEQ A. Crawford Roosting high in tree above dry creek - seen from track at same location as sighting on 15/06.
Red Wattlebird 15/07/2007 Ocean View / Mt Mee, SEQ J. Lukin -Amundsen Very uncommon in Brisbane area.
Square-tailed Kite 15/07/2007 Toorbul, SEQ E. Townsend One bird
Square-tailed Kite 14/07/2007 Kholo Bridge, Muirlea, SEQ P. Kyne Cruising over treetops along the road on the eastern side of Kholo Bridge.
Albert's Lyrebird 13/07/2007 Witches Falls circuit, Tamborine National Park E. & M. Pegg 2 birds - first female close to cemetry, then mature male on track 100m further on.
Australian Bustard 12/07/2007 Todd Road Green Lakes. approx 18 km NW Yeppoon W.Dunn & R. Mcfalane 7 birds, groups of 4, 2, 1 in flight
Cotton Pygmy-goose 12/07/2007 Willawong - pond east of Norma Croker Park J. Garden & T. Lavery 21 birds counted - mixture of male and female
Golden-shouldered Parrot 11/07/2007 Windmill Creek, 20km south of Musgrave, FNQ E. Bultreys A small flock of 6 observed near a feeding flock of Pale-headed Rosellas. They flew past me and landed, but unfortunately they were unsettled and flew again. Their double note call could be mistaken for a Pale-headed Rosella but is slightly higher and perhaps softer.
Rufous Scrub-bird 11/07/2007 Lamington National Park T. Dolby Single Rufous Scrub-bird seen in grassy area - as opposed to section of Nothofagus moorei (Antarctic Beech) - on Coomera Track in the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park.
Beach Stone-curlew 08/07/2007 Southern end of Kinka Beach Keppel Bay W. Riley & B. Dunn 1 bird amongst the mangroves
Rose Robin 06/07/2007 Kholo Gardens E. & M. Pegg  
Yellow Chat 06/07/2007 Port Alma Road west of salt works, approx 40km south of rockhampton McCosh & Dunn 4 birds 1 male
Beach Stone-curlew 03/07/2007 Northern end of Main beach Yeppoon W. Riley & B. Dunn 1 bird feeding near people on the beach
Black-chinned Honeyeater 03/07/2007 Kholo Bridge, Kholo M. Cameron Three birds
Black-chinned Honeyeater 03/07/2007 Powers Road Reserve, Kholo M. Cameron Two birds
Square-tailed Kite 03/07/2007 Cnr Greentrees Ave. and Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills C. Billingham "Flying at tree top height, not a great view as driving at time but stripes on underside of wings and white on forehead most distinctive. Similar location to my previous sighting in Feb 2003.
Red Wattlebird 01/07/2007 Currumbin Ck. Estuary.Gold Coast B. Hall & C. Collins One bird feeding in a Banksia
Green Pygmy-goose 30/06/2007 Greenwood Park, Forestdale, Logan City, SEQ D. Taylor "A single female Green Pygmy Goose - a rare straggler to the Brisbane area. It was seen by a number of birders at about 12 noon on Saturday, 30th June, on the largest and second lake from the picnic area.
Beach Stone-curlew 27/06/2007 Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation P. Venables A pair. Seen on 28th and 29th as well.
Great-billed Heron 22/06/2007 Gillies H'way west of Godonvale, Sth of Cairns, NQ A. Gillanders A Great-billed Heron was seen this morning about 8 am flying upstream along the Little Mulgrave *Birding Aus*
House Swift 14/06/2007 Liverpool Cr. Bridge, South West of Innisfail, NQ G. W. Snell 3 House Swifts feeding with a flock of Grey-rumped Swiftlets.
Beach Stone-curlew 09/06/2007 Zoe Bay, Hinchinbrook Island P. Venables Single Bird
Red-chested Button-quail 05/06/2007 Lower Isaac River, CQ B. Black 2 birds flushed in Buffel Grass paddock
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 30/05/2007 Walligan, Hervey Bay, SEQ S. Norman with Hervey Bay birdwatchers 6 feeding in Casuarinas - a rare sighting
Beach Stone-curlew 21/05/2007 Coombabah Creek, Paradise Pnt, Gold Coast, SEQ L. Wallace A single bird
Wandering Tattler 19/05/2007 Shark bar, Heron Island, CQ S. Walkerden Solitary bird, seen by 2 people, dig. photographs taken, ID verified later with reference books. Bird at low tide wave line, feeding. As we approached, it flew with soft double call.. First observed 17th
Australian Painted Snipe 11/05/2007 St Lawrence, CQ B. Black & R. Jaensch 1 female, 2 males seen on marine plain to the south, in bright light at 4pm, Beautiful!
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 10/05/2007 Spring Gully, SEQ L. & M. Cooper A group of 8 birds, late afternoon
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/05/2007 JC Trotter Park, Burbank, SEQ J. Sneddon A pair feeding in a casuarina tree.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 06/05/2007 Norma Croker Park, Acacia Ridge, SEQ B. Inglis & P. Wallbridge The location of the 'water-hole' can be found at J3 on Map 219 of the Brisbane UBD Refidex street directory. Norma Crocker Park is actually in the adjoining suburb of Acia Ridge but access to the water-hole can be achieved by turning off Beatty Road just south of the Oxley Creek bridge.
Swift Parrot 06/05/2007 Flagstone Creek road nr. Helidon, 100 km West of Brisbane, SEQ P. Wallbridge 7 birds flying over
Powerful Owl 05/05/2007 Cleveland Sewage Treatment Works B. Dreis  
Black Kite 04/05/2007 Sherwood Arboretum, SEQ P. Kyne et al. Flying over in an easterly direction.
Diamond Dove 02/05/2007 Sherwood Arboretum, SEQ M. Gilfedder 1 bird drinking on N side of W end of Causeway
Beach Stone-curlew 01/05/2007 Point Vernon, Hervey Bay, SEQ S. Norman and K. Humphrey 2 roosting on rocks.
Lesser Crested Tern 01/05/2007 Manly Wader Roost, SEQ M. Gilfedder 1 bird on island
Beach Stone-curlew 30/04/2007 Currumbin Ck. estuary Gold Coast, SEQ C. Collins for B. Hall Walking on the beach
Musk Lorikeet 27/04/2007 Evan's Road Reserve, Walloon, Lockyer Valley, SEQ M. Cameron At least 30 with Scaly and Little Lorikeets
Black-tailed Gull 24/04/2007 Wynnum foreshore near Wynnum Manly Leagues Bowls Club, Wynnum North Esplanade, SEQ D. Tonkinson Probable adult of this species with Silver Gulls. Observed on falling late afternoon tide flying south approx. 20 meters offshore and 8-10 meters above the water. Distinctly larger than Silver Gull but of similar proportions especially the relatively slender yellowish bill, when eventually seen from above upper wing mid-grey with darker outer primaries and small white spot near tip. Tail when fanned showed strong and distinctly sub terminal black band on relatively stout white tail. Last seen continuing south in parallel with low-flying White-bellied Sea-Eagle. Any similar reports or confirmation greatly appreciated. Approx. 600m south of Mangrove Boardwalk
Musk Lorikeet 24/04/2007 Mt Gravatt East, SEQ C. Cunnington c. 30 very hungry birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 22/04/2007 J. C. Trotter Park, Burbank, SEQ J. Evans Pair feeding on She-oak
Cotton Pygmy-goose 15/04/2007 Norma Croker Park, Acacia Ridge, SEQ L. Halasz 7 birds seen around 8 am, still there at 5pm. Also Rose Robin, Azure Kingfisher, Nutmeg Mannikin, Pied Currawong and Brahminy Kite.
Red-backed Kingfisher 15/04/2007 Dayboro, SEQ T. Tarrant  
Grey Falcon 13/04/2007 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ M. & L. Dutton  
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren 11/04/2007 Girraween N.P., SEQ F. Guard & Bob Philpot 2 birds on pyramid track
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/04/2007 Mt Byron Creek, SEQ P. Harms About 8 birds - male and female - observed for a good half hour
Plains-wanderer 06/04/2007 Craven's Peak Reserve, 68 km SW of Boulia, SWQ K. & G. White 3 birds flushed from open tussock grassland
Cotton Pygmy-goose 01/04/2007 Black Duck Creek Ponds, Nurrumba Downs, SEQ P. Wallbridge & B. Inglis At least 9 birds. [UBD 89 J19]
Oriental Cuckoo 31/03/2007 Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, SEQ R. Stroud Single male. First record for Oxley Creek Common?
Radjah Shelduck 28/03/2007 Arkarra Lagoons, Hervey Bay, SEQ D. & D. Miles et al. 4 birds. First sightings here.
Lesser Crested Tern 25/03/2007 Manly, SEQ T. Murphy Single adult bird on mudflats north of boat harbour at low tide. Note: May be same bird which was seen from time to time last year.
Chestnut-rumped Thornbill 16/03/2007 Binna Burra, SEQ B. Davies About 30 birds. White eyes observed. (From BQ, Forum)
Ringed Plover 07/03/2007 Trebonne, nr Ingham, NQ J. Stewart One bird in swampy area near railway tracks to east of town
Elegant Parrot 01/03/2007 Oxenford, Gold Coast, SEQ L. Donato Large flock (about 10) of Elegant Neophemas (sic) seen in a tree in Oxenford (Cades County Estate). [Not Turquoise - TM]
Red-tailed Tropicbird 17/02/2007 Fingal Head, N Nsw. M. & C. Gilfedder 1 bird circling the headland and lighthouse. (This is about 1 km south of the QLD border)
Laughing Gull 11/02/2007 Cairns Esplanade, NQ R. Wheatley One immature - 20 minutes of video taken
Beach Stone-curlew 28/01/2007 Awinya Creek, Fraser Island, SEQ N. & J. Johnston Single bird feeding on beach
Common Sandpiper 28/01/2007 Tallebudgera Ck., Gold Coast, SEQ C. Collins Very rarely seen in Tallebudgera Ck. Walking along at the edge of Mangroves approx.one Km up from the mouth
Cotton Pygmy-goose 03/01/2007 Broadwater, via Nanango, SEQ J. England, F. & J. BIelewicz 1 adult with 2 chicks. See also by F & J Bielewicz; E & R Newman 10 Jan
Australian Painted Snipe 22/12/2006 Hasties Swamp, NEQ E. Bultreys Adult male & Female observed at close range as they stood alert by the waters edge.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 21/12/2006 Larapinta, SEQ D. Niland, K. White A pair on wetlands - first record here
Large-tailed Nightjar 03/12/2006 Booral Park, Hervey Bay, SEQ S. Norman with Hervey Bay birdwatchers One seen on ground in undergrowth (close to southern limit)
American Golden Plover 25/11/2006 The Esplanade, Cairns, NQ M. Roderick One apparent bird photographed with 20-25 Pacific Golden Plovers
Oriental Pratincole 22/11/2006 Townsville Common, NEQ J. Wren Bird Alert from Townsville BOCA. Original sighting reported by A. Appleman 21 Nov. Birds observed on flat exposed muddy ground near water other birds in nearby surrounds were Masked Lapwing, Black-fronted Plovers and a nesting Brolga. Observed birds settled, as well as in flight when forked tail and underwing plumage clearly sighted by all observers. When settled there was a slight hint of a bib and if observed with an Australian Pratincole closeby the leg lengths are very clearly defined by the stance of the latter bird.
Pectoral Sandpiper 22/11/2006 Buckley’s Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ T. Ford Found on 21st, still present 22nd. Beware of many Sharpie impostors.
Yellow Chat 19/11/2006 Saltworks on Bajool - Port Alma Road, s of Rockhampton, CQ W. Dunn, A. Vogler, & J. Moore, L. & T. Murphy 2 males, one young - one full breeding plumage, one drab. Seen close to road west of saltworks.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 06/11/2006 Minnippi Parklands, SEQ M. Frost Pair feeding in weeds on main lagoon. Have been around for almost a week.
Wandering Tattler 28/10/2006 Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, SEQ K. Cross Some birds recorded on rocks between King and Shelly beach.
Wandering Tattler 27/10/2006 Endeavour River, Cooktown, FNQ D. Houghton 1 bird only on rocks at river mouth
Painted Honeyeater 26/10/2006 Gowrie Junction, SEQ G. Glass & D. Beale First time in Toowoomba Bird Observers Inc area – closest earlier probably 25 km west of Oakey Q.
Square-tailed Kite 25/10/2006 Daisy Hill Koala Centre, SEQ P. Marsh (Birding-Aus) At nest with two almost fledged young - 30 meters up 4WD track from staff car park (still there 28th)
Cotton Pygmy-goose 21/10/2006 Greenwood lake, Oxley Creek, Forestvale, SEQ W. Wilesmith 3 pairs
Shining Flycatcher 21/10/2006 Eli Creek, Point Vernon. Hervey Bay, CQ S. Norman Female shining flycatcher in mangroves on upstream waters edge
Spotted Whistling-Duck 14/10/2006 Weipa, Cape York C. Doughty 60 birds at sewage farm across river from mine
Australian Painted Snipe 13/10/2006 Kedron Brook, Stafford, Brisbane, SEQ E. Townsend One bird, adult female
Baillon's Crake 08/10/2006 Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, SEQ A. Crawford 1 Adult at Pelican Lagoon at very end of track. Seen by H. Possingham 12/10 and on The Friends of Oxley Common bird walk 15/10.
Brown Songlark 04/10/2006 Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, SEQ C. Sanderson Male in breeding plumage, found perching on fence line halfway along side-road to Pelican Lagoon
Blue-billed Duck 03/10/2006 Nielson's Road, Carrarra, SEQ H. Beste A female with one chick on a lily lagoon along Nielson's Road. This is the consensus for the bird on the home page.
Sooty Oystercatcher 01/10/2006 Shag Rcok, north of Stradbroke Island, SEQ D. Edwards 2 birds on rocks
Long-toed Stint 29/09/2006 Toorbul Wader Roost, SEQ I. Jones Stint-sized but yellow-legged. Difficult to see how many birds in amongst larger waders at main high tide roost - at least 2 seen, possibly more were present
Great-billed Heron 22/09/2006 45-50km east of Cunnumula, SWQ I. McInnis One bird in shallow lagoon with Brolgas. Webmaster comments: I am aware that this location is 750km from the sea and for a coastal bird - observer swears it was stout heron (smaller than Jabiru) with correct color for GBH. Recent suggestion - young Brolga.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 17/09/2006 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ A. Boardman & T. Murphy One adult seen
Freckled Duck 17/09/2006 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ A. Boardman & T. Murphy Single bird in non-breeding plumage seen
Beach Stone-curlew 13/09/2006 Buckley’s Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ I. & C. Bell 2 birds sighted on beach- serious courting in progress
Kelp Gull 11/09/2006 Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island, about 5km south of Point Lookout S. Dooley One beach washed bird, obviously dead for quite a while as little more than the head was relatively intact. Most likely to be a third year bird.
Lesser Crested Tern 10/09/2006 Manley Boat Harbour, SEQ C. Sanderson (fm BirdingAus) Birds still there
Red-capped Robin 09/09/2006 Samsonvale Cemetery, SEQ G. Goodyear & H. van Zijl A rarity on the coast side of the ranges
Shining Flycatcher 02/09/2006 Gengers road, Moore Park, 16km north of Bundaberg, SEQ T. Quested et al. Other nice birds were several Rose-crowned Fruit-doves, a female Mistletoebird, gathering cobwebs for the nest, Spectacled Monarchs, Fairy Gerygones, Mangrove Gerygones, d Leaden Flycatchers and a flock of Sittellas.c
White-eared Monarch 02/09/2006 Araucaria Walk, Enoggera Reservoir, SEQ A. Boardman Also around pine trees
Black Kite 23/08/2006 Tarcoola Track, St Lucia, SEQ M Gilfedder  
Giant-Petrel sp. 18/08/2006 Hervey Bay, near Woody Point, Fraser Island, SEQ G. Etherington Seen from Hervey Bay Whale Watching boat, Mikat, Just a bit too distant to get the bill-tip colour/shade
Freckled Duck 08/08/2006 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ M. Dutton Only one bird seen
Papuan Harrier 08/08/2006 70 km short of Weipa, FNQ P. Ryan  
Marbled Frogmouth 07/08/2006 Morton Telegraph Station, Vape York, FNq P. Ryan Photographed
Buff-breasted Button-quail 01/08/2006 55km SE of Charters Towers, NQ D. Wilson Three pairs flushed in sparse grassland in eucalypt savannah
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo 30/07/2006 Atkinson's Dam, SEQ C. Lester & T. & T, Tarrant Between Atkinson's Dam and Lockyer Waters, near campground (with large blue boot outside!) May be closest signing to Brisbane in last 19 years
Yellow Chat 26/07/2006 12Mile Ck 47k s Rockhampton, CQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 24/07/2006 Mt Archer, 3k from base turn-off, CQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Lesser Crested Tern 24/07/2006 Manly Boat Harbour, SEQ T. N. & L. Murphy Single bird flew overhead. Seen by G. Etherington 29 July.
Shining Flycatcher 23/07/2006 Nundah Creek, Boondall Wetlands, SEQ R. Wallace A male Shining Flycatcher flew across from the shore to a mangrove island immediately in front of my (leading) canoe. This is a short distance up from the birdhide and in the vicinity where it had previously been sighted.
Emu 21/07/2006 Nerang, SEQ A. & N. Wakefield Bird by side of road on Nerang Springbrook road.
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo 21/07/2006 Childers Woodgate Raod, SEQ D. Robinson & G. Cole 9 feeding on ground beside road
Black-throated Finch 20/07/2006 Oak Valley Res s of Townsville, NQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Cotton Pygmy-goose 20/07/2006 Bundaber, SEQ D. Robinson & G. Cole 18 on Coral Cove golf links lagoons
Little Shearwater 20/07/2006 Woorim lookout, Bribie Island, SEQ T. Ford Single bird moving through the fragmented Fluttering Shearwaters, fairly close to shore.
Beach Stone-curlew 19/07/2006 Eli Creek, Point Vernon. Hervey Bay, CQ P. Royall & Bird Watchers of Hervey Bay. A single bird on the mud flats near the mouth of Eli Creek.
Lesser Crested Tern 19/07/2006 Buckley’s Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ T. Ford Three birds on sand spit. Between one and three since 5/5, viewable around high tide if dogs, fishermen and walkers absent.
Great-billed Heron 16/07/2006 Mossman River, FNQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Great-billed Heron 14/07/2006 Saltwater Ck East of Newell Beach, NQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Giant-Petrel sp. 12/07/2006 Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, SEQ T. Ford An immature bird doing its best to ignore the Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins
Gouldian Finch 11/07/2006 Kingfisher Camp, Bowthorn Station north of Lawn Hill N.P., NWQ A. Howe Black-headed & Red-headed males with flock of Long-tailed Finches approx. 1km upriver walk, feeding in low grasses late afternoon.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 09/07/2006 Ogg Road Murrumba Downs, SEQ G. Goodyear Eight birds present on dam. Easily viewed adjacent to Ogg Rd
Crimson Finch 09/07/2006 6.3k down 12Mile W'H track, Lakefield, FNQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Great-billed Heron 09/07/2006 10k n 12Mile W/H Rd Lakefield NP, FNQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Star Finch 08/07/2006 Nifold Plain, Twin Palms, Lakefield NP, FNQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Palm Cockatoo 07/07/2006 Wenlock River, FNQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Eastern Barn Owl 05/07/2006 Cooran, Noosa hinterland, SEQ A. Thelander  
Freckled Duck 02/07/2006 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ L. Knight Single Bird on Lake Freeman, just a hint of red on the cere seen . Roy Sonnenbird saw it 29/6 and suspects a female or juvenile. 2nd bird recorded 2 July
Northern Scrub-robin 01/07/2006 250m s Rainforest Camp Turnoff F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Red-backed Kingfisher 01/07/2006 Dayboro, SEQ J. Lukin -Amundsen Rare on coast: 1 probable female. It can be found on Lyndhurst Road (Avalon Downs sub-division) just of Fingerboard Rd (accessible from Petrie-Dayboro Rd or Dayboro-Mt Mee Rd) Usually on wooden fence-posts. Seen by numerous observiers since that date. Last reported 1 July
Pacific Gull 25/06/2006 Inskip Point, SEQ M. West Bird still there on Sunday
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater 25/06/2006 Booral, near Hervey Bay, SEQ P. Royall Possibly the first sighting in the Hervey Bay area. Single bird only.
Kermadec Petrel 24/06/2006 20km NE of Gold Coast Seaway, SEQ J. Norling One dark pahse bird
Australian Swiftlet 22/06/2006 Outside Royal Arch Cave, Chillagoe, NQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Pacific Gull 22/06/2006 Inskip Point, SEQ R. Sonnenberg Juvenile with Silver Gulls and Crested Terns on beach
Fairy Gerygone 21/06/2006 Point Cartwright, Caloundra Shire, SEQ R. Kernot 2 males, 1 female present since first observed 29th Jan. 2006. Possibly birds reported from Bribie Is.in 2005.
Sooty Oystercatcher 19/06/2006 Tallebudgera Ck, SEQ C. Collins Rarely seen at Tallebudgera Ck
Squatter Pigeon 19/06/2006 Approx 75k's South of Augathella on Mitchell Highway, SWQ M. & V. Gardener Single bird
Star Finch 19/06/2006 Karumba, NWQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Zitting Cisticola 19/06/2006 Karumba Point, NWQ F. Pierce & J. Mattiske  
Shining Flycatcher 16/06/2006 Boondal Wetlands, SEQ D. Fitzgibbon & R. Wallace Female seen 23 March near the birdhide on the lower reaches of Nundah Creek within the Boondall Wetlands by Rod Wallace. This was confirmed by the Senior Interpretive Officer, David Fitz-Gibbon at the Environment Centre within the week. First reported sighting for the Boondall Wetlands. David Fitz-Gibbon saw the male Shining Flycatcher in mangroves a short distance upstream from the birdhide while conducting a canoe trip.
Beach Stone-curlew 11/06/2006 Buckley’s Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ J. Byers & L. Joyce A lone bird in good condition of foreshore
Cotton Pygmy-goose 08/06/2006 Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate, SEQ S. Ryan Pair seen from the observer platform
Squatter Pigeon 04/06/2006 1 Kilometer west of S. Q. Lime on either side of Cement Mills Rd. Gore. 50 K's East of Inglewood on Warwick Rd, SEQ G. Palmer & R. Dowling Birds were very confiding giving excellent views.I had been put on to the birds by Tom Tarrant.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 03/06/2006 Neville Lawrie Reserve next to Daisy Hill forest, SEQ C. & C. Fitzell Near Quarry, saw 3 birds and later 1 male bird
Powerful Owl 03/06/2006 Alperton Rd, Burbank, SEQ B. Hambling  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 02/06/2006 Elouera Drive, Nanango, SEQ C. Fingland 3 x regularly here feeding in Casuarina trees.
Common Blackbird 29/05/2006 Stanthorpe, SEQ E. Townsend Backyard bird; 6 seen; apparently they have been here on and off for at least 2 years
Square-tailed Kite 29/05/2006 Gannawarra St, Currimundi, Sunshine Coast, SEQ B. Nottidge & D. Flemming One adult circled lazily above tree tops for about 15 minutes. Attacked by Magpie-Lark & Noisy Miners
Franklin's Gull 27/05/2006 Jumpinpin bar, Stradbroke Islands, SEQ R. Pirie (c/- J. Norling) Very rare: Single Franklin's Gull sighted near Jumpinpin bar in full breeding plumage.
Beach Stone-curlew 25/05/2006 Maroochy River, SEQ C. & C. Fitzell 3 birds seen on north shore of river from Cotton Tree shore
Zitting Cisticola 22/05/2006 Mingo Crossing, nr Gyndah, SEQ B. Venables Rare: A few seen. Confirmed. Range extension?
Powerful Owl 13/05/2006 Toohey Forest, Brisbane, SEQ B. Hambling A pair roosting in same tree, probably due to start nesting any day now.
Square-tailed Kite 30/04/2006 Kenmore, SEQ I. Venables 1 bird gliding over suburb
Southern Cassowary 24/04/2006 Cassowary House, Kuranda, NQ E. & M. Pegg Male with two juveniles and large female chased away by male
Spotted Nightjar 12/04/2006 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ T. Murphy & A. Boardman Rare in Brisbane. Presumably same bird seen by M. Keller and A. Mitchell 18/3. Smaller size, more active flight and more rounded wings notable when compared to White-throated Nightjar, which was also present.
Beach Stone-curlew 05/04/2006 Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island, SEQ Birdwatchers Hervey Bay 3 birds in close proximity to each other.
Spotted Whistling-Duck 03/04/2006 Awonga Point Sewage Ponds, Weipa, FNQ B. Bright Have been seen in July and December as well. Virtually no other birds present at all (6 Burdekin Ducks and about same P B Ducks).
White Tern 21/03/2006 Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, SEQ S. Attwood Rare: Flew over head and subsequently north of the point.
Albert's Lyrebird 19/03/2006 Cummingham's Gap, SEQ D. & L. Webb One bird
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 18/03/2006 Kuranda/Clohsey, NQ Rosy 2 adults with juveniles at Cedar Park Resort
Long-tailed Jaeger 18/03/2006 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ S. Harding Not common
Spotted Nightjar 18/03/2006 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ M. Keller, A. Mitchell Rare this far east of range. With White-throated Nightjars and different shape and wing spots observed.
Sooty Oystercatcher 05/03/2006 Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 2 birds
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 12/02/2006 Barron Falls Boardwalk, Kuranda, NQ A. Ward & D. Magarry  
Red-browed Treecreeper 03/02/2006 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ C. Bell Rare on Bribie and not reported from area before. Single male bird moving through gum tree, sighted several times before it disappeared.
Beach Stone-curlew 29/01/2006 Bellmunda Beach, North of Mackay, CG D. Edwards 1 bird
Beach Stone-curlew 28/01/2006 Dudeon Point, South of Mackay, CG P. & L. Cross 2 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 28/01/2006 Pioneer mouth, Mackay, CG D. Edwards 3 birds
Oriental Cuckoo 21/01/2006 Juff's Crossing, Dayboro, SEQ G. Goodyear They were hanging around the cattle grid after the causeway. (UBD 65 L18) [From birding Aus] Also present were Rose-crowned Fruit-doves, Emerald Doves, White-eared Monarchs and a host of other regulars.
Powerful Owl 20/01/2006 Red Hill, Brisbane, SEQ P. Noonan I'm not sure I believe my eyes, but what I think was a Powerful Owl landed on the railing of my 5th floor unit balcony in Red Hill. (I have never seen such a large owl before. Lighting was not good enough to see colour detail but I could see the bird quite clearly, approximately 4 Meters away, from my lounge chair.
Albert's Lyrebird 17/01/2006 Lamington N.P., SEQ M. Watt Two birds, male and female many kilometres apart in Lamington National Park, near O'Reilly's Guesthouse.
Yellow Chat 13/01/2006 47kms south of Rockhampton, CQ W. Dunn, J. McCabe National park ranger Rare: 2 Female birds seen clearly on grass tussocks within the 12 mile creek system, Fitzroy basin. (research area for Yellow chats)
Common Blackbird 29/12/2005 Stanthorpe, SEQ D. Niland One heard calling along Quart Pot Creek Park in centre of town.
Spotted Whistling-Duck 21/12/2005 Awonga Point Sewage Ponds, Weipa, FNQ B. Bright Counted 45 birds, but were a couple of others in far pond. Saw 16 in July.
House Swift 17/12/2005 Retreat Court, Bunya, SEQ I. Jones Brief view of 2 birds ahead of storms - flight unlike Needletail's, with frequent bursts of rapid wing-flaps. White rump and blunt tail similar to Needletail, so definitely not Fork-tailed Swift or White-backed Swallow. Uncertain of id - did any other observers see these birds ahead of storm?
Red Goshawk 12/12/2005 50km East of Weipa, FNQ K. & G. White 1 bird gliding over canopy beside road
Red Goshawk 09/12/2005 80 km East of Weipa, FNQ K. & G. White 2 birds perched beside road
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 06/12/2005 Cook's Hut Iron Range N.P., FNQ K. & G. White 2 birds feeding in low scrub on rad. Race Marshalli
Sooty Owl 03/12/2005 Bunya Mts, SEQ P. Hacker & M. Keller Probably male. Spotlighting in forest
Little Tern 29/11/2005 Sandy Pt, 14 km Nth of Yeppoon, CQ W. Dunn 300 plus, some with Common Terns at high tide
Square-tailed Kite 27/11/2005 Lake Samsonvale, SEQ J. Harris et al. 2 or 3 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 24/11/2005 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ C. Bell Singel bird on beach
Wandering Albatross 19/11/2005 20nm NE Southport, SEQ J. Norling 1 immature in advanced plumage
Powerful Owl 17/11/2005 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ C. Corden 1 adult bird seen in car park while spotlighting at 7pm
Southern Cassowary 14/11/2005 Emmalgen Ck, Cape Tribulation, NEQ P. A. Gade Walked along creek, very healthy
Powerful Owl 09/11/2005 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ C. Billingham  
Spotted Whistling-Duck 08/11/2005 Lockart River Farm dam, FNQ J. Pritchard 40 plus birds
Kelp Gull 04/11/2005 Ross River, Townsvill, NQ R. & R. Hughes One bird
Cotton Pygmy-goose 28/10/2005 Grey Street, Nanango, SEQ C. Fingland, J. Gloster, S. Henwood Pair feeding in swamp
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 25/10/2005 Kuranda/Clohsey, NQ Rosy Flock of aprox 35 eating on a Fig Tree at Cedar Park Resort
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 24/10/2005 Kingfisher park, Hulatten, NQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Seen a.m. two days (first heard calling 22/10)
Wandering Albatross 22/10/2005 20nm ESE Southport, SEQ J. Norling 1 imm + 1 adult seen several times during day
Albert's Lyrebird 21/10/2005 Botanical Gardens, Lamington N.P., SEQ E. Pegg Easily visible on large rock near entrance gate. Scratching and walking in area
Beach Stone-curlew 18/10/2005 Spitfire Creek East side of Moreton Island C. Boardman  
Sooty Owl 15/10/2005 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ M. Keller & M. Popes Spotlighting
Sooty Oystercatcher 15/10/2005 Magnetic Island, NEQ R. Lamb et al. Single bird
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/10/2005 Dralington, Beaudesert, SEQ J. Stephens Seen most evenings from the 1st
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 26/09/2005 Koreelah Nat Pk, N NSW D. Niland Total of nine birds in to creek at sunset
Red Goshawk 26/09/2005 Koreelah Nat Pk, N NSW D. Niland Rare: Circled high overhead for about 3-4 minutes
Long-toed Stint 25/09/2005 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, Mount Isa Rpted by B. Forsyth Three or so birds. Rare
Yellow Chat 25/09/2005 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, Mount Isa Rpted by B. Forsyth About a dozen birds. Rare
Rufous Scrub-bird 22/09/2005 Coomera Falls Track, Binna Burra, SEQ M. West 3 birds beside track near rocky lookout
Red-whiskered Bulbul 19/09/2005 Webster Street, South Mackay, CQ I. Burgess There have been a couple of these birds around our area in the last couple of weeks. I haven't seen them before. (It is a known bird for Mackay - TM).
Kelp Gull 06/09/2005 Cairns Foreshore, NQ J. Crowhurst One bird
Powerful Owl 05/09/2005 Mt Coottha, Chapel Hill, SEQ R. Brown Nocturnal calling throughout September
Regent Honeyeater 28/08/2005 40 Thompson Rd, Bellmere, SEQ L. Cross Rare: Seen in garden. Also seen last Sunday
Turquoise Parrot 27/08/2005 Camp Somerset, Esk, SEQ M. Roper et al. First record
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 23/08/2005 45km south of Quilpie, SWQ N. Marr Six birds feeding by roadside
Carpentarian Grasswren 11/08/2005 McNamara's Rd, 61km NW Mt Isa, NWQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Single bird
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 10/08/2005 Old Caloundra Road, Beerwah State Forest, SEQ D. Fleming Group of 3, possibly 1 male 2 females. Feeding on A. littoralis, approx. 2m from the ground.
Beach Stone-curlew 08/08/2005 Lizard island, FNQ R. & R. Thomson Pair seen frequently from the 1st
Sooty Oystercatcher 08/08/2005 Lizard island, FNQ R. & R. Thomson 1 bird seen frequently from the 1st
Cotton Pygmy-goose 07/08/2005 Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate, SEQ G. & R. Elliott, I. & S. Nalder 6 birds on lagoon
Cotton Pygmy-goose 07/08/2005 Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate, SEQ R. Sonnenberg One pair. (5 birds were seen 31 july)
Red-browed Treecreeper 01/08/2005 Mapleton S.F. Drive, SEQ D. & M. Niland  
Square-tailed Kite 27/07/2005 Bellmere Rd, Bellmere, SEQ L. Cross Corner of Stern Road - gliding over trees. Also seen 4 June. 2 birds Thompson rd.
Freckled Duck 26/07/2005 Hasties Swamp, NEQ E. Pegg 4 birds with thousands of Plumed Whistling-ducks
Powerful Owl 18/07/2005 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ C. Read Heard calling deep in dense gully in late afternoon - located 3 metres off the ground in tree (thanks to Tom Tarrant for directions
Beach Stone-curlew 17/07/2005 Stanage bay, CQ M. & J. Ibbotson This is the first sighting at Stanage Bay since November 2003
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 17/07/2005 Morven, SWQ E. Townsend One bird, in town
Freckled Duck 16/07/2005 Tailings Dam, Mt Carbine, FNQ D. Magarry First reported early June
Beach Stone-curlew 11/07/2005 Loyalty Beach, nr Bamaga, FNQ P. Venables Single bird seen or heard daily from 11/7 to 15/7
Freckled Duck 11/07/2005 Fred Bucholz Park, Tamborine, SEQ R. Sonnenburg 3 birds seen 9 July and again 11 July
Freckled Duck 10/07/2005 Fred Bucholz Park, Tamborine, SEQ D. King & T. King 3 ducks. The lagoon is full at the moment so there are good numbers of birds
Pacific Gull 09/07/2005 Scarborough/Redcliffe, SEQ G. Anderson Rare in QLD. 2 immatures seen at Queens Beach Nth near Griffith Rd. UBD 82 B116 (Still there on 10th - has been there some weeks apparently]
Beach Stone-curlew 06/07/2005 Goat Island, Maroochydore River, SEQ I. Venables 1 pair on western side - first seen on 4th
Freckled Duck 03/07/2005 Coolmunda Dam, Darling Downs, SEQ R. Sonnenberg Rare in area. Also seen 23rd June
Regent Honeyeater 02/07/2005 40 Thompson Rd, Bellmere, SEQ P. Cross Rare: Immature bird seen in garden a.m. (Note: Seen 2/7 by Trevor Ford close to spot. Reported some adult marks)
Freckled Duck 29/06/2005 Nulla Creek, Abbot Point, NEQ J. Wren 16 birds counted mingling with Plumed and Wandering Whistling Ducks. 8 birds there 4 July
Freckled Duck 26/06/2005 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ K. Shurcliff & D. Houghton 2 birds on Lake Freeman. Also seen by R. Sonnenberg 24 June.
Albert's Lyrebird 24/06/2005 Green Mountain Border Track, SEQ D. King There are large numbers of Lyrebirds at O'Rieley's at the moment. They are at their vocal best at the moment and can be seen foraging close to tracks - I saw 3 on a 6 k walk.
Powerful Owl 21/06/2005 Mt.Cootha, SEQ M. Keller & M Roper 1 bird
Beach Stone-curlew 19/06/2005 Moreton Island, SEQ A. Smith 1 bird on shoreline on Ocean side
Square-tailed Kite 18/06/2005 Maryborough near airport R. Sonnenberg Pair seen regularly over a few days
Freckled Duck 16/06/2005 Lake Dyer, Laidley, SEQ J. Hadley 4 birds
Albert's Lyrebird 14/06/2005 Springbrook, SEQ J. & R. Mahoney In full display mode on Best of All Lookout track. Seen also 15/6/05. Numerous other birds calling throughout surrounding forests.
Beach Stone-curlew 13/06/2005 Archer Point south of Cooktown, FNQ K. Shurcliff & D. Houghton 2 on beach south of access road
Freckled Duck 13/06/2005 Mt Carbine dam, FNQ K. Shurcliff & D. Houghton 4 seen
Sooty Oystercatcher 13/06/2005 Mathiesen's Bird Hide, Great Sandy Strait, Bingham, Hervey Bay, SEQ P. & R. Royall, J. Knight Solitary bird on rocky shoreline.
Turquoise Parrot 11/06/2005 Eastern end of Sundown NP S. Harding & D. Mitton Large flock approx 40 birds in Sundown Creek
Cotton Pygmy-goose 10/06/2005 Joe Sippel Weir, S. of Murgon, SEQ E. Pegg Two pairs
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 01/06/2005 10 km SE of Mitchell, NWQ G. Glass & D. Beal 2 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 30/05/2005 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venables 4 birds seen daily for last five days
Freckled Duck 28/05/2005 Delta Downs St, NE Normanton, NQ S. Harding & D. Milton 14 on Lily Lagoon NW Homestead
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 28/05/2005 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venables Four birds seen regularly in past two months
Purple-crowned Fairy-wren 24/05/2005 Lawn Hill NP, NWQ G. Glass & D. Beal Eclipse plumage - seen up to 24th
Square-tailed Kite 23/05/2005 The Gap, Brisbane, SEQ T. Murphy 2 birds soaring over Whitehead road - probably resident as seen last month
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 21/05/2005 JC Trotter Park, Cherbon St, Burbank, SEQ J. Evans (per Roy Sonnenburg) 4 feding in Allocasuarina trees
Grey Falcon 21/05/2005 Rosegreen Station, N of Cloncurry, NWQ G. Glass & D. Beal 2 birds
Turquoise Parrot 19/05/2005 Sheepstation Creek Consv. Park, SEQ D. Niland One or two birds flushed from grass beside track.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 15/05/2005 Lake Cooroibah Road, Cooroibah, SEQ J. Kooistra 2 males observed for 20 minutes in top of dead gum resting, preaning and "creaking"
Square-tailed Kite 15/05/2005 Rocky Creek Farm, Biggenden, SEQ M. Keller, M. & L. Dufton Soaring in group with Brown Falcon & Kestrel
Australian Painted Snipe 12/05/2005 Goorganga plain, northern edge. Access road just south of Proserpine. Freshwater swamp on north side of road. NQ B. Black 2birds flushed from 1m off road beside grassy pool with cloddy edge, at about midday.
Australian Painted Snipe 11/05/2005 Wunjunga Road, about 4.4k from Bruce highway, South of Ayr, NQ. B. Black 6 birds, mostly male and immature feeding in cyperus wetland, between dead cyperus bases in the open at 4.40pm
Black-throated Finch 11/05/2005 Cromarty siding road(40k south of Townsville) 200 metres from Bruce highway. B. Black Approximately 20 birds with large flock of about 200 chesnut breasted mannikins (mostly immature). Feeding on guinea grass beside the road.
Black-tailed Native-hen 09/05/2005 Toorbul, SEQ E. Townsend One bird (UBD J16)
Freckled Duck 08/05/2005 Fred Bucholz Park, Tamborine, SEQ D. Redhead 10 birds
Turquoise Parrot 02/05/2005 Sundown N.P., SEQ J. Holt Group of approx 30 at waterhole at 6.45 am
Beach Stone-curlew 30/04/2005 Cairns Airport, NQ P. Venables On saltpan between mangrove boardwalks
Black-throated Finch 29/04/2005 Mitchell River, North of Dunbar, NQ G & K White Approx. 15 birds drinking with, Double bar, Masked , Crimson & Red -browed finches
Freckled Duck 28/04/2005 Fred Bucholz Park, Tamborine, SEQ G. Palmer & R. Wallace Been there for some time now 7 birds seen 30/5 TM
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 25/04/2005 Boonoo Boonoo National Park, northern NSW D. Fleming Three adults observed feeding on side of main access road, approximately 2km east of the Cypress Pine camping area
Red-browed Treecreeper 24/04/2005 Condamine River Road, SEQ M. West Seen in company with White-throated Treecreeper
Square-tailed Kite 24/04/2005 The Gap, Brisbane, SEQ D. Redhead See twice during the day
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 21/04/2005 Clevland, SEQ P. Venables 7 birds in Scribbly Gum Forest
Turquoise Parrot 21/04/2005 Moggill State Forest, SEQ M. Gilfedder & J. Watson 1 bird flushed from side of Mill Rd
Freckled Duck 17/04/2005 Fred Bucholz Park, Tamborine, SEQ B. & R. Kemp et al The ducks were sitting quietly quite close to the shore
Powerful Owl 10/04/2005 Burbank, Toohey Forest, SEQ N. & B. Hambling & C. Pavey One pair at Burbank, one pair at Toohey Forest, none seen at Venman NP
Square-tailed Kite 07/04/2005 Gap Creek Reserve, SEQ C. Gosper Two overhead
Cotton Pygmy-goose 03/04/2005 Poona Dam, Nambour, SEQ J. & C. Kooistra & V. Lee 3 birds on lake around midday
Square-tailed Kite 03/04/2005 Kenmore, SEQ I. Venables One bird flying over
Beach Stone-curlew 02/04/2005 Moreton Island, SEQ M. West 3 birds at Spitfire Creek during WPSQ camp
Sooty Oystercatcher 02/04/2005 Moreton Island, SEQ M. West Pair at the Boulder during WPSQ camp
Powerful Owl 30/03/2005 Mt Coottha Forest, Chapel Hill, SEQ R. Brown Nighttime calling throughout month
Spotted Whistling-Duck 27/03/2005 Awonga Point Sewage Ponds, Weipa, FNQ M. Barnett Pair with 11 three to four week old ducklings
Painted Honeyeater 21/03/2005 24km NW of Jimbour, SWQ M. Wilson In thick Brigalow/Belah scrub
Painted Honeyeater 21/03/2005 Inverai-Kate Plains Road, Jandowae, SEQ D. & B. Seton 2 birds seen late afternoon, in heavy Brigalow clump, on the side of the road.( dry weather road only). Birds were not calling.
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 17/03/2005 Cairns Esplanade, NQ A. Boardman 2 birds in fruiting fig tree
Sooty Owl 17/03/2005 Maleny, SEQ R. Lamb Calling over few weeks, seen in early am.
Sooty Owl 12/03/2005 Barker's Creek circuit, Bunya Mountains NP, SEQ W. Board and J. Challen Single bird in hollow strangler fig. Several birds vocal in early hours of 13/03/05.
Red-rumped Swallow 06/03/2005 Newell Beach, N. QLD C. Billingham Single bird seen with two Barn Swallows and numerous Welcome Swallows on Powerlines near elevated water storage
Marbled Frogmouth 15/02/2005 Imbil, SEQ B. Calvert & I. McMillan A pair visited frequently in February
Common Blackbird 12/02/2005 Jindalee, SEQ T. Goode One female (?)
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 29/01/2005 Raven Street Reserve, West Chermside, SEQ R. Woodford No often seen here
Cotton Pygmy-goose 26/01/2005 Pormpuraaw, NQ P. Venables Pair
Little Tern 26/01/2005 Toorbul Wader Roost, SEQ K. & M. Pettit 14 birds
Great-billed Heron 23/01/2005 Cairns, NQ P. Venables In mangroves at northern end of Esplanade. Also at Cent' Lakes 25/10/04
Sooty Oystercatcher 06/01/2005 Whickham Point, Caloundra headland, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 5 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 05/01/2005 Gordon Brook Dom, nr Kingaroy, SEQ M. Frost 1 pair, 1 female + 5 chicks, 1 female + 3 chicks
Freckled Duck 01/01/2005 Sewage Pond Area, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth 6 birds on bank between ponds
Freckled Duck 31/12/2004 Old Station Dam, Breakaway Creek Housing Estate, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth & H. Morga One bird which had been sighted a week earlier
Beach Stone-curlew 26/12/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ E. Townsend One bird on the sandbar; put to flight by a man with two dogs
Crimson Finch 15/12/2004 Pormpuraaw, NQ P. Venables White-bellied form common
Star Finch 15/12/2004 Pormpuraaw, NQ P. Venables Commonly seen here since the 1980's
Little Tern 29/11/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ R. Lamb 20+20+ birds on sand spit behind (south) of Buckley's Hole
Australian Painted Snipe 23/11/2004 Karrasch's Lagoon, SEQ D. Niland, R. Wallace, H. Hadely Single bird in short grass near water's edge
Beach Stone-curlew 20/11/2004 The Spit, Southport, SEQ P. Kyne Pre-dawn. On beach just south of seawall. Flew across to South Stradbroke when disturbed.
Black-throated Finch 14/11/2004 Station 180km NE of Julia Creek, NWQ M. Gardner & B. Forsyth Over 300 birds at one small soak with some Zebra and Double-barred Finches
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/11/2004 Logan Reserve, SEQ I. Reynolds Two birds flew over to east at tree-top height
Beach Stone-curlew 07/11/2004 Inskip Point, SEQ P. Royall Single bird observed for at leats 5 minutes bathing in the salt water.
Beach Stone-curlew 31/10/2004 Little Sand Hills, Moreton Island National Park, SEQ W. Board & J. Challen Single bird flushed from Mangroves
Powerful Owl 24/10/2004 Toohey Forest, Brisbane, SEQ M. Bennet & P. Kyne Roosting beside track
Turquoise Parrot 23/10/2004 Girraween N.P., SEQ M. & J. Gilpin, R. & M. Henderson Fully coloured pair beside walking track
Australian Painted Snipe 19/10/2004 Garnet's Lagoons, Hervey Bay, SEQ P. Royall & J. Knight Nine birds were sighted late in the afternoon. One group of three and one group of six.
Australian Painted Snipe 05/10/2004 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ H. Morgan & B. Forsyth Two males and two females on west side.
Powerful Owl 04/10/2004 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ P. Skelly Female owl flew away then settled and lay along a branch with wings dropping (distraction because of hidden chick?). After 5 minutes sat normally.
Common Blackbird 03/10/2004 Bracken Ridge, SEQ K. Pettit Male blackbird fossicking for insects in garden mulch. Positive identification, no binoculars needed. Have never before seen one so far north
Crimson Finch 02/10/2004 Tyto Wetlands, Ingham, NQ M. & V. Gardner Up to approx 20 birds including juveniles and partly coloured immatures
Sooty Oystercatcher 02/10/2004 N. Stradbroke Island, SEQ D. Edwards 3 birds on Shag Rock
Superb Lyrebird 02/10/2004 Girraween N.P., SEQ M. & L. Dufton  
Crimson Finch 30/09/2004 Mackenzie River, CQ J. Boisen, O. Jones, L. Litz-tyne & I. Venables Well SW of normal range
Blue-winged Parrot 29/09/2004 Thargominda, SWQ K. White One bird on ground
Eungella Honeyeater 29/09/2004 Cherman Rd, Dalrymple Hts, SEQ J. Boisen, O. Jones, L. Litz-tyne & I. Venables  
Australian Painted Snipe 28/09/2004 Garnet's Lagoons, Hervey Bay, SEQ P. Royall, J. Knight, W. Kirkwood et al. Three birds were observed late afternoon in the shallows for a considerable amount of time. Have been sighted here earlier.
Ruff 28/09/2004 Garnet's Lagoons, Hervey Bay, SEQ P. Royall, J. Knight, W. Kirkwood et al. Rare: A single bird was observed for a considerable amount of time feeding in the shallows. Has possibly been sighted a few weeks earlier at the same location.
Beach Stone-curlew 25/09/2004 Tangalooma airstrip, Moreton Island, SEQ G. O'Meara, J. Hoyle Thick knees heard calling at night. A search the following day located a pair of both Beach and Bush stone curlews
Squatter Pigeon 22/09/2004 Byfield, Yeppoon, CQ J. Boisen, O. Jones, L. Litz-tyne & I. Venables  
Squatter Pigeon 21/09/2004 Raglan, CQ J. Boisen, O. Jones, L. Litz-tyne & I. Venables Several birds
Great-billed Heron 20/09/2004 Redden Creek, Machans Beach north of Cairns, NQ M. & G. Kuerschner 3 birds, 2 of them displaying
Regent Honeyeater 19/09/2004 Durikai S. F., SEQ M. & L. Dufton Rare: Seen after others in campout had left.
Regent Honeyeater 16/09/2004 Glenelg Station, Macintyre Brook, SEQ L & P. Cole et al. Along brook near sheep shed.
Superb Lyrebird 16/09/2004 Girraween Lodge, Stanthorpe, SEQ K. Browne One bird
Turquoise Parrot 12/09/2004 Burrow's Waterhole, Sundown N.P., SEQ W. Board and J. Challen Four birds, two male, two female, foraging in the grass to the west of the camping area.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/09/2004 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venables Back again after 9 days
Beach Stone-curlew 03/09/2004 Wonga Beach, Daintree River Estuary, FNQ A. Chappel Two birds came out of the bush onto the beach at the Northern end
Beach Stone-curlew 02/09/2004 Coongul Point, Fraser Island, SEQ T. Murphy Two birds seen from Whale watching boat
Powerful Owl 31/08/2004 Mt Crosby, SEQ S. Gillam Heard only - will go looking
Beach Stone-curlew 28/08/2004 Mission Beach South, NQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 2 birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 25/08/2004 Dilli Beach, Fraser Island, SEQ O. Jones & P. Eade One only with two Australian Pied Oystercatchers
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 24/08/2004 Wongaling Beach, NQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 2 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 07/08/2004 Sheridan Point, Cape York P. Hacker  
Squatter Pigeon 05/08/2004 Approx. 30km north of Belyando Crossing, CQ M. & V. Gardner Single bird by side of road on way to Belyando Crossing.
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 04/08/2004 Trinity Beach, Cairns, FNQ J. Doidge 1 pair birds excavating nesting hole in dead Delonix tree. No sign of nesting yet.Occasionally three more.
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 30/07/2004 Daintree River, FNQ P. Hacker  
Red Goshawk 24/07/2004 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth, B. & E. Williams  
Sooty Owl 24/07/2004 Bunya Mts N.P., SEQ W. Board Pair in hollow strangler fig halfway along track between Dandabah campsite and Paradise Parking Lot.
Squatter Pigeon 24/07/2004 Lake Mary Rd, between Yeppoon& Rockhampton, CQ P. & R. Royall, L. & A. Baldwin. 7 birds sitting on the gravel shoulder of the road.
Beach Stone-curlew 22/07/2004 Mission Beach, NQ P. Hacker  
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot 22/07/2004 Mission Beach, NQ P. Hacker  
Powerful Owl 21/07/2004 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ P. Skelly Male & Female now out of nest hollow. First signgting for female since May.Chick heard nearby. Pellets show feeding.
Turquoise Parrot 12/07/2004 Sundown N.P. (north), SEQ K. Mc? Flock of 14 feeding on grass seeds
Sooty Oystercatcher 02/07/2004 Eli Creek, Hervey Bay, SEQ M. West "With a ""relationship"" with a Pied"
Powerful Owl 29/06/2004 Ferny Grove, SEQ M. Roper Heard in garden
Star Finch 25/06/2004 Kurumba, NWQ M. & V. Gardner 12 birds including immatures
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/06/2004 Mudgeeraba, SEQ B. Green Up to 5 birds in yard since 2 April
Eastern Grass Owl 15/06/2004 Kedron Brook Wetlands, SEQ J. Lukin-Admunsen Probably sighting at dusk
Albert's Lyrebird 14/06/2004 Main Range N.P. - Cunninghams Gap, SEQ T. Bennet Single male foraging close to track on Plam Grove cricuit walk
Cotton Pygmy-goose 06/06/2004 Mareeba Wetlands, FNQ M. Gilpin Two birds on Lake near Visitor's Centre
Red Goshawk 05/06/2004 Abattior Swamp - between Julatten and Mt Molloy, FNQ M. Gilpin Rare: Single bird circling over scrub and cane field.
Letter-winged Kite 30/05/2004 Station Road, Bethania, SEQ J. Watson et al. Rare in Brisbane. Hunts in early (before 6.00) morning in paddocks east of Station Rd and north of railway crossing. 2 birds seen earlier. UBD 263 C6
Square-tailed Kite 28/05/2004 Kenmore, SEQ I. Venables Single bird
Freckled Duck 27/05/2004 Winton, Qld A. Cooke  
Grey Falcon 27/05/2004 Windorah, SWQ O. Jones & G. Haydon 1 bird
Letter-winged Kite 27/05/2004 Windorah, SWQ O. Jones & G. Haydon 5 birds
Australasian Bittern 22/05/2004 Samsonvale Cemetery, SEQ G. Goodyear Rare in QLD (From Birding-Asu)
Purple-crowned Fairy-wren 21/05/2004 Lawn Hill NP, NWQ A. Cooke, M. & L. Calvert Near ranger station
Square-tailed Kite 20/05/2004 South of Mt Coottha, SEQ R. Brown A pair of birds
Crimson Finch 19/05/2004 Gregory River, Gregory Downs, NWQ A. Cooke & M. Calvert  
Great-billed Heron 19/05/2004 Gregory River, Gregory Downs, NWQ A. Cooke & M. Calvert  
Turquoise Parrot 16/05/2004 State Forest, Spring Ck Rd, nr Duraki, SEQ D. Blewett, J. Giles 10 birds
Grey Falcon 14/05/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ C. & I. Bell V Rare on coast. Seen for short time in trees and fluing. Bright orange-yellow legs and beak. Speckled on back, thick body. Appearance was of Falcon, not Grey Goshawk shown in Pizzey.
Square-tailed Kite 10/05/2004 Kenmore South, SEQ R. Jaensch 1bird over treetops, urban area
Star Finch 09/05/2004 Karumba, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria B. Forsyth Abou 300 birds, 10% in adult plumage
Australian Painted Snipe 07/05/2004 Porcupine Gorge National Park, 50k north of Hughenden, Qld. P. & J. Legatt Male bird observed at close range on creek edge just 50 metres downstream of the Pyramid. Female may have been seen
Radjah Shelduck 07/05/2004 Karumba, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria B. Forsyth 4 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 06/05/2004 Tannum Sands South of Gladstone A. Boardman  
Turquoise Parrot 01/05/2004 Sundown N.P., SEQ M. & J. Gilpin R. & M. Henderson In groups of up to 10 and in full colour
Squatter Pigeon 26/04/2004 Durong-Mundubbera Road, 1 km south of Myola turnoff, just north of Allies Creek SF S. Kennedy One bird by the road.
Beach Stone-curlew 23/04/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ A. Ferguson Between Buckley's Hole and Red Beach
Common Redshank 22/04/2004 Mouth of Ross River, Townsville J. Wieneke Rare: You can ring Jo on 07-4771-47407 for details. From Birding-Aus
Spotted Whistling-Duck 16/04/2004 Awonga Point Sewage Ponds, Weipa, FNQ M. Barnett, S. Gould, R. Thorn 4 separate family groups at different ages. Group sizes 2ad+12, 2ad+12, 2ad+9, 2ad+2. Two groups seem to be only a week or so old. All ducklings still downy with strongly two toned markings. Other adult spotted whistling ducks also present.
Square-tailed Kite 16/04/2004 15 km N of Tiaro, SEQ R. Jaensch Single bird, over Bruce Highway, forest patches near cane fileds
Great-billed Heron 11/04/2004 Esplanade, Bribie Island, SEQ C. Bell Rare this far south. Flying. Neck stretched out in front, fairly long beak. As big as a swan. The underneath of the outstretched wings was pale sandy colour across the whole width for about half the expanse nearer the head, and darker brown right across the rear half
Eastern Grass Owl 09/04/2004 Kedron Brook Wetlands, SEQ. R. Sonnenberg  
Powerful Owl 09/04/2004 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ R. Sonnenberg Pair
Beach Stone-curlew 03/04/2004 Cooloola Way D. Blewett, J. Giles 2 birds in habitat other than beach, reef or mangrove flats
Squatter Pigeon 03/04/2004 Lloyd-Jones Weir Barcaldine I. Leyton 2 Drinking at waters edge. Vunerable Ssp scripta
Australian Painted Snipe 31/03/2004 Torilla Plain, CQ R. Black adult with three runners in swamp of Schoenoplectus litoralis on marine plain
Beach Stone-curlew 29/03/2004 Ocean Beach, Moreton Island, SEQ M. & L. West Pair
Little Curlew 28/03/2004 Lytonn Wader Roost T. Bennett + members of BOCA Seen along eastern mangroves
Marbled Frogmouth 27/03/2004 Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Conondale, SEQ W. Board and J. Challen Adult plumiferous seen at 20H15 in lower branches of Eucalypt adjacent to the Visitor's Area
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/03/2004 Duck Creek Rd, Kerry Valley, SEQ R. Sonnenberg  
Sooty Oystercatcher 17/03/2004 Clontarf & Woody Point, SEQ B. Inglis On the seaward-side rockwall of the boat ramp at Pelican Park
Little Curlew 06/03/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ I. Jones On sand bar on Pumicestone Passage side of reserve.
Grey Falcon 05/03/2004 Flinders Highway, approx 7kms East of Julia Creek, NW QLD M. Gardner & J. Hayward Rare: single bird on power lines
Radjah Shelduck 04/03/2004 Baffle Creek Caravan Park B. & N. Mackay 2 birds have been there for some months. Fond of of cat's Wiskas and bread. Have laid 3 eggs but not incubated.
Square-tailed Kite 28/02/2004 Mooloolah, SEQ R. Kernot & T. Siggs 1 adult in flight
Beach Stone-curlew 22/02/2004 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ E. Townsend 1 bird
Powerful Owl 22/02/2004 Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill, SEQ B. Lewis, P. Ingersole et al. Spotted at 8am but gone at 12.30 pm when we returned to show others
Ground Parrot 14/02/2004 Inskip Point, SEQ BQ campout Heard at dusk
Powerful Owl 03/02/2004 Mt Cootha, Chapel Hill Side, SEQ R. Brown One bird heard
Beach Stone-curlew 01/02/2004 Monrepos, Bundaberg D. Edwards 2 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 29/01/2004 Duck Creek Rd, Fraser Island R. Sonnenberg  
Powerful Owl 26/01/2004 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ P. Skenny Solitary female on rainy day
Beach Stone-curlew 21/01/2004 Gatakers Bay Reserve, Point Vernon, Hervey Bay. P. Royall Single bird sighted by members of Bird Watchers of Hervey Bay on weekly outing. Birds have also been sighted at this location on previous occasions.
Powerful Owl 11/01/2004 Hayes Crossing, Kenmore, SEQ I. Venables  
Little Curlew 10/01/2004 Lake Atkinson, SEQ G. Goodyear A pair - unusual
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/01/2004 Durikai S. F., SEQ M. Gardner & G. Anderssen A pair
Turquoise Parrot 06/01/2004 Durikai S. F., SEQ M. Gardner & G. Anderssen Many pairs and individuals throughout forest
Freckled Duck 01/01/2004 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, NWQ B. Forsyth Rare in Mt Isa area
Ruff 08/12/2003 Murrarie, SEQ R. Lamb Rare: One reeve about 200m north, on the waters edge, just near the bridge forming part of the Port of Brisbane Motorway.
Red-necked Phalarope 29/11/2003 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ M Gardner & B Forsyth Rare: Also reported on 23.11.03. Very busy wader often following greenshanks and sharp-tailed sandpipers for food.
Square-tailed Kite 29/11/2003 Retreat Court, Bunya I. Jones Chased by local Currawongs and a Brown Goshawk
Red-necked Phalarope 23/11/2003 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, Mount Isa G. Wardle & B. Forsyth Rare: This species has been sighted 3 times at Lake Moondarra
Little Stint 18/11/2003 Cairns, NQ C. Doughty One in breeding plumage on foreshore.
Grey Phalarope 04/11/2003 Lake Mictchell, between Marreeba and Mt Malloy, FNQ G. Holmes Could not be found the next day
Cotton Pygmy-goose 23/10/2003 Lake Dyer, Laidley, SEQ E. Townsend 6 birds
South Polar Skua 18/10/2003 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbirdge Rare: Intermediate phase
Wandering Albatross 18/10/2003 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbirdge Rare: 1 bird (Gibson's Albatross)
White-headed Petrel 18/10/2003 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbirdge 1 bird
Marbled Frogmouth 13/10/2003 Browns Road, Mt Glorious C. Corden & M. Bush One bird seen while spotlighting, where Greene's Falls track crosses Browns Road
Beach Stone-curlew 12/10/2003 Blacks Beach, Mackay, CQ. J. Wren, D. Williams & I. Sutton Two birds very agitated, tail bobbing and one bird giving high pitched call. Possible breeding. Observed during QWSG survey Mackay.
Square-tailed Kite 12/10/2003 Bellmere Road, Bellmere, SEQ L. Cross & K. Morris Low over trees alongside road
Square-tailed Kite 03/10/2003 Apex Lakes, Gatton, SEQ G. Glass & E. Townsend One bird
Powerful Owl 01/10/2003 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ R. Sonnenberg 2 immatures seen
Squatter Pigeon 27/09/2003 Durikai environs, SEQ A. Boardman & BQ team Seen on Everleigh property
Lesser Yellowlegs 22/09/2003 Fraser Island, UBD1: 25 19 55 S 153 12 56 E. G. Palmer Rare: Breeding plumage. Located 1.8ks north of Happy Valley on ocean beach. Flew within minutes of being found west over dunes.
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 14/09/2003 Bundaleer Rainforest Park and Gardens, UBD2: 136 Q19 H. Possingham I assume an escapee.
Common Blackbird 11/09/2003 Coonabarabran, NSW Judith Lukin/Amundsen Extension of range
Powerful Owl 30/08/2003 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ N. & B. Hambling Two adult birds roosting in a tree near the creek but no chicks seen. Presume they didn't breed this year. First known sighting of this pair since 18 May
Australian Swiftlet 28/08/2003 Mossman River E. & M. Pegg, & P. Cooper Numerous birds over the river.
Great-billed Heron 28/08/2003 Mossman River E. & M. Pegg, & P. Cooper Young bird, changing from brown to grey plumage.
Beach Stone-curlew 27/08/2003 Warraber (Sue Is) Torres Strait Qld. J. , L. , and C. Wren Four birds observed. One pair settled on rocky outcrop near barge ramp. Other pair settled on sandy area 500m away.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 22/08/2003 Nogoa River, Emerald Botanical Gardens P. & R. Royall Male and female sighted on the Nogoa River. Both birds clearly observed for some time, appeared to be feeding.
Red-whiskered Bulbul 20/08/2003 Nebo Road, Mackay E. & M. Pegg Others have commented they are regularly seen in Mackay.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 15/08/2003 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ Phil Venables/ Dominic Henderson most days 4 seen/ max 10 one day
Brown Skua 04/08/2003 Hervey Bay C. Corden & M. Bush One bird seen during a whale watching trip aboard MV Mikat
Gang-gang Cockatoo 31/07/2003 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ Gold-coast bird group 2+birds
Grey Falcon 19/07/2003 Diamantina N.P. K. E. & F. M. Wells, et al Pair harassing a pair of crows at their nest in a tree near an old earth tank.
Yellow Chat 18/07/2003 S.E. of Boulia K. E. & F. M. Wells, et al Sighted on open grass plain . Both sexes.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/07/2003 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venables Four birds seen every day to 30/7/03
Square-tailed Kite 09/07/2003 Cornubia SEQ. C. & C. Fitzell Single bird circling above golf course.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/07/2003 Duck Creek Road, Lamington Plateau, SEQ M. Tomlinson and E. Townsend Pair
Kelp Gull 06/07/2003 Town of 1770 J. Cummings & J. Harris This bird had been around since May
Kelp Gull 05/07/2003 Round Hill Head, SEQ S. Ferrier & Family Also observed here in Dec 2002
Freckled Duck 19/06/2003 Gracemere lagoon, Rockhampton B. Black, L. Campbell, et al. At least 10 birds. Rarely sighted in Central Qld.
Southern Cassowary 17/06/2003 Wallaman Falls, NQ. D. Edwards  
Kelp Gull 13/06/2003 Town of 1770 D I Redhead Adult in winter plumage.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 08/06/2003 Spicers Gap - Picnic area/Pioneer Graves, UBD2: 28 04 24 152 25 32. R. Burgoyne 2 males and 2 females feeding in Casuarina
Freckled Duck 05/06/2003 Clermont E. Barker 1 female bird, visited for a day.
Beach Stone-curlew 04/06/2003 Tully Heads I. McCrudden Sigle bird observed for about 5 minutes on the shoreline at about 5.30 pm.
Eastern Grass Owl 03/06/2003 Tyto Wetlands, Ingham, NQ M. Clark. 1 bird.
Freckled Duck 01/06/2003 Toonpan area of Ross River Dam, 32 kms W of Townsville M. & G. Kuerschner 4 birds.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 01/06/2003 Umpara Cres, Mudgeeraba H. King 3 birds and 2 on 20/6, 1 on 3/7 and 2 on 5/8
Freckled Duck 31/05/2003 Mullers Lagoon, Bowen. Qld., UBD1:200012S 1481439E T. Bischoff, J. Wren and C. Wren Bird settled on island with Hardhead and Magpie Geese that allowed good size comparison. Most striking feature was the tuft on the head and the very concave appearance of the bill and forehead. Generally a dull dappled grey with black legs and bill. Swam off to rear of island with Grey Teal.
Powerful Owl 31/05/2003 Chapel Hill, SEQ R. Brown Heard on a number of occassions.
Square-tailed Kite 27/05/2003 Bellmere, (8kms west of Caboolture), SEQ L. Cross Over gardens adjacent to our property.
Blue-winged Parrot 22/05/2003 Lake Bindegolly nr. Thargomindah, SWQ O. Jones 6 birds.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/05/2003 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ C Fitzell Male and female.
Kelp Gull 08/05/2003 Town of 1770 J & H Noyce Sub-adult, photo is available.
Beach Stone-curlew 07/05/2003 Eurimbula N.P. J & H Noyce 1 pair.
Sooty Shearwater 07/05/2003 Bustard Head. J & H Noyce 17 birds.
Australian Painted Snipe 30/04/2003 Torilla Plains (Broad Sound), Central Qld R. Jaensch, J. McCabe, W. Houston, A. Wahl Six birds (3 females) and a nest with eggs on a small grassy islet in freshwater marsh at edge of tree-less coastal plain.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 30/04/2003 Spencer Creek waterhole (Stanage Bay Road), Central Qld R. Jaensch, J. McCabe, W. Houston, A. Wahl A brood of small ducklings in waterhole modified by road causeway.
Radjah Shelduck 30/04/2003 Torilla Plains (Broad Sound), Central Qld R. Jaensch, J. McCabe, W. Houston, A. Wahl Quite a few pairs with broods of small ducklings, at waterholes, channels, ponds and marshes on coastal plain.
Square-tailed Kite 30/04/2003 Chapel Hill, SEQ R. Brown 1 or 2 birds seen on a number of occassions.
Square-tailed Kite 24/04/2003 4 km S of Howard, SEQ R. Jaensch Single bird hawking over mixed forest (lemon-scented gum, ironbark, bloodwood, stringybark, angophora).
Square-tailed Kite 22/04/2003 4 km S of Burrum Heads, SEQ R. Jaensch Single bird hawking over banksia tall shrubland near sedge swamp, in National Park.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 06/04/2003 South Boundary Rd, BFP B. Essex Single adult feeding in Forest Oak
Grey Falcon 05/04/2003 40k's North East Julia Creek on Punchbowl Road, NWQ. M Gardner & R Heggie. Single bird - fantastic views.
Spotted Whistling-Duck 30/03/2003 Weipa, FNQ M. Barnett A pair with 8 downy young and another 14 adults at Awoonga Point Sewerage Ponds, near Weipa.
Little Tern 21/03/2003 Suffolk Park Beach, NSW. K. Herbert & A. Minter 15+ birds on seashore. Breeding & Non-breeding, 1 with tags. Birds with Common/Crested Terns.
Sooty Oystercatcher 16/03/2003 Cocked Hat Rocks, Broken Heads, NSW. K. Herbert 2 birds.
Turquoise Parrot 13/03/2003 In grounds , SEQ Girraween Environmental Lodge, Pyramid Road, Girraween. E. & M. Pegg Single bird near bird track.
Southern Emu-wren 11/03/2003 Evans Head sewerage works, NSW. N&B Hambling, L&C Collins, S & M Meihold Along the entry road close to the sewerage plant, also along the track under the power line. Numerous birds seen over 3 days in company with other wrens
Square-tailed Kite 04/03/2003 Suburban Kenmore R. Jaensch 1 bird soaring over suburban area @ 1540 hrs, at varying heights, chased by Magpies. Constant upswept wings, relatively long tail with square end. Different jizz to Swamp Harrier. 3 other reports of this species by various observers in late Feb and early March, 2003.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 20/02/2003 Mudgeraba, SEQ H. King 4 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/02/2003 Gold Creek Reservoir, Brisbane Forest Park, SEQ D. Niland, R. Wallace, R. Brown, J. Miller At least 3 birds flushed from casuarinas(?) and regular calling for about 5 minutes.
Freckled Duck 15/02/2003 Brunswick Hds sewage Farm, Brunswick Hds, NSW C. Reid "3 together, great views. (Altho not strictly ""Qld"" birds, is easy access for birders on the coast to see a species not normally available!)"
Cotton Pygmy-goose 14/02/2003 Tingalpa Resevoir, MC Trotter Reserve, Brisbane, SEQ C. Reid 4 birds - 2 pairs - at 'Western' end of resevoir.
Freckled Duck 14/02/2003 Leslie Dam (West of Warwick) - near Washpool Camping Reserve M Gardner 6 birds - ref UBD1: 151, 55, 02 S, 28, 13, 46 E
Laughing Gull 08/02/2003 Bongaree Beach Between Shelly Creek and Jetty, Bribie Isl, SEQ A. Pagano & W. Dunn 1 bird moulting (black blotches on back of head, comming out of breeding plumage) always with Silver Gulls
Laughing Gull 08/02/2003 Bribie Island, SEQ W. Dunn & A. Pagano 1 bird, out of breeding plumage, with a group of Silver Gulls. On beach near Jetty, near Shirley Ck.
Square-tailed Kite 01/02/2003 Kenmore Hills, SEQ C. Billingham At intersection of Gap Creek Rd and Brookfield Rd. flying at tree top height, not a great view as driving at time but white on forehead most distinctive. Flew off in direction of Gap Creek. Time approx 1.00pm. First time I have sighted one around Brisbane.
Turquoise Parrot 30/01/2003 Sundown N.P., SEQ C. Fitzell About 20 feeding near campsite
Australian Painted Snipe 27/01/2003 Lake Samsonvale, SEQ M Tomlinson & E Townsend 5 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 25/01/2003 Ewen Maddock Dam, Landsborough, SEQ R. Lamb Single bird on eastern side of road(causway)
Franklin's Gull 22/01/2003 Lagoon next to dump, Rockhampton D. & A. Beck With a flock of Silver gulls
Freckled Duck 18/01/2003 Atkinson's Dam, SEQ Ruth Kemp et al 2 birds.
Little Tern 18/01/2003 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ K. Herbert & D. Walker 2 birds, non breeding, with Silver Gulls and Crested Terns. On the sand bar.
Turquoise Parrot 17/01/2003 Durikai S. F., SEQ R Sonnenburg  
Laughing Gull 09/01/2003 Sth of Bongaree Jetty, Bribie Isl. R. Mahoney & M. Jackson Rare vagrant - been there since New Years day, according to another observer. Bird observed from 25 - 10 metres for almost 30 minutes. Field characteristics in total agreement with descriptions in scientific literature. Bird is in full breeding plumage.
Laughing Gull 05/01/2003 Bonngaree Point, Bribie Island, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Adult bird, seen on beach behind Buckley's Hole, and south of jetty.
Freckled Duck 04/01/2003 Chatfield Ck. 39 km W of Richmond R. Forsyth 1 Bird
Laughing Gull 01/01/2003 On the beach directly behind Buckley's Hole, Bribie Island D Blewett, S & R Dunglison and R Thomis. At high tide, one bird in breeding plummage flew in to roost among Bar-tailed Godwits, Great Knot, Caspian, Gull-billed, Crested and Little Terns
Australian Painted Snipe 28/12/2002 Salt Water Park, Hope Island, SEQ A. D. Whitcomb 2 birds. seen from road where stream runs into reeds from lake
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 28/12/2002 Barron Falls Boardwalk, Kuranda D. Magarry  
Painted Honeyeater 28/12/2002 Near Oakey Golf Club D. Blewett, J. Giles Female feeding young mistletoe berries
Albert's Lyrebird 21/12/2002 O'Reillys A. D. Whitcomb  
Rufous Scrub-bird 21/12/2002 O'reillys near Bethongabel Lookout A. D. Whitcomb single male singing and seen next to main border track
Albert's Lyrebird 16/12/2002 Border Track, O'Reilly's, Lamington N.P., SEQ J. Welch 1 bird a female
Little Curlew 11/12/2002 Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, SEQ D. Redhead 2 birds
Albert's Lyrebird 02/12/2002 West Canungra Creek track - O'Reilly's P. Johnson 30 minute encounter with 1 female
Cotton Pygmy-goose 01/12/2002 Swanbank P.S. Cooling Ponds D. King 2 birds
Rufous Scrub-bird 30/11/2002 Bithongabel lookout - main border track from O'Reillys P. Johnson Brief but very close sighting of 1 male on track and then 15 minutes of song and chatterings
Eungella Honeyeater 29/11/2002 Dalrymple Rd., Eungella E. Underwood 1 bird, alerted by a very unusual call.
Radjah Shelduck 24/11/2002 Lake Mitchell, Atherton Tablelands P. & L. Cross 12+ birds
Freckled Duck 23/11/2002 Tailings Dam, Mt. Carbine, FNQ P. & L. Cross 1 bird
Grey Wagtail 23/11/2002 Tailings Dam, Mt. Carbine, FNQ P. & L. Cross  
Freckled Duck 18/11/2002 Mareeba Wetlands, FNQ E. Underwood Approx. 20 birds.
Albert's Lyrebird 16/11/2002 Border Track, O'Reilly's, Lamington N.P., SEQ A. Pagano 1 bird, rare.
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 16/11/2002 Kingfisher Park, Julatten, FNQ E. Underwood 1 bird in orchard.
Ruff 06/11/2002 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ M. Parsons 1 bird in company with Bar Tailed Godwits
Kelp Gull 04/11/2002 Flinders Parade, and Flinders Lane, Scarborough, Brisbane R. Sonnenburg Looking very healthy eating a large catfish
Beach Stone-curlew 03/11/2002 Inskip Point, SEQ M. Keller, H. Uza, M. West, L. West, A. Mitchell.  
Little Curlew 03/11/2002 Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, SEQ R. Thomson 1 bird
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 02/11/2002 Main range picnic area, Cunningham H'way. R. Sonnenberg  
Powerful Owl 02/11/2002 Auburn Rive National Park L Popple 1 bird, UBD1: 25°43'S 151°03'E
House Swift 01/11/2002 Port Douglas, NEQ D. Richards 100+ birds in a single flock.
Squatter Pigeon 27/10/2002 Roadside near Kandanga S. Ryan 1 bird
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 22/10/2002 Weyba Downs, near Noosa. A. & L. Patman One male & one female feeding quietly in casuarina, also seen 29th.
Australasian Bittern 16/10/2002 Ross Creek, Yeppoon T. Sjolund Just one bird
Kelp Gull 14/10/2002 Margate Beach, Redcliffe. UBD1 Map 2c g, 7. G. McRae 1 full coloured Adult has been in the area for the past week.
Long-toed Stint 07/10/2002 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, Mount Isa B. Forsyth Several birds. ID from photograph confirmed by Niven McCrie also seen 13th
Freckled Duck 05/10/2002 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, Mount Isa B. Forsyth At least 18 birds. No breeding males
Kelp Gull 05/10/2002 Woody Point, SEQ D. Jenkin 1 bird
Cotton Pygmy-goose 02/10/2002 Tingalpa Resevoir, SEQ C. Reid 1 female, 50 to 100 metres west of HV lines, western end of reservoir.
Freckled Duck 01/10/2002 Mt. Isa Sewage Ponds R. Forsyth 1 bird, Rare
Cotton Pygmy-goose 28/09/2002 W of Woodford, SEQ R. Sonnenberg R. On farm dam
Kelp Gull 28/09/2002 Woody Point, SEQ D. Jenkin Rare in QLD. Difficult to find but seen again on 5 Oct. Bird is injured put is apparently behaving normally. See birding Aus.
Little Curlew 28/09/2002 Queens Esplanade, Thornside, SEQ C. Corden 1 bird
Little Tern 28/09/2002 Manly Boat Harbour, SEQ D. Edwards, A. Keates E. Early record
Sooty Oystercatcher 28/09/2002 Woody Point, SEQ R. Sonnenberg R.
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 26/09/2002 Samford Valley, SEQ T. Hayashi Sighted in the afternoon, flying after a flock of 20+ Little Corellas, gliding on downswept wings.
Freckled Duck 25/09/2002 Currawinya N.P., SWQ R. Kernot et al approx. 12 at Lake Wyara and between 2000-2500 at Lake Numalla!
Cotton Pygmy-goose 22/09/2002 near Anakie, Central Qld. M. Wilson Several on swamps.
Freckled Duck 16/09/2002 Pentland, 110kms west Charters Towers M. Acton & M. Kuerschner 8 birds
Powerful Owl 16/09/2002 Belmont Hill, SEQ B & J Morgan, S. Keates V. Perched – during day
Grey Falcon 10/09/2002 Red Canyon, Fraser Island L. & B. Roubin 2 birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 08/09/2002 Horseshoe Bay, Bowen, NEQ R. Lamb 1 bird
Square-tailed Kite 08/09/2002 Approx 8 kms west Karara, SEQ+D1971 R. Kernot 1 adult
Beach Stone-curlew 07/09/2002 Taylor Pt, Moreton Isl, SEQ A. Pagano Vunerable: 2 birds, 2 more seen at other location on 8th.
Beach Stone-curlew 01/09/2002 Inskip Point, SEQ L Bowden, G Miller 2 birds feeding on Soldier Crabs on western shore
Powerful Owl 24/08/2002 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ A. Boardman Adult and two juveniles. Adult holding remains of Koala
Squatter Pigeon 21/08/2002 Emerald Creek Falls, Atherton Tablelands, FNQ R. Lamb, M. Dam V. 8 birds
Black-throated Finch 18/08/2002 Mareeba Wetlands FNQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Party of 10
Black-throated Finch 18/08/2002 Mareeba Wetlands, NEQ R. Lamb, M. Dam V. Over 10 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 18/08/2002 12 km SW Mareeba, NEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 3 birds
Powerful Owl 15/08/2002 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ D. & J. Penny 1 bird seen at uper parking lot just before 6.00 pm also seen 14 Oct by K. Mcgregor & P. Venables
Southern Cassowary 13/08/2002 Tam O'Shanter NP, NEQ R. Lamb, M. Dam E. 2 adults, 1 chick
Cotton Pygmy-goose 08/08/2002 Minnippi Parklands, SEQ C. Reid Male & female feeding separately on lake.
Square-tailed Kite 05/08/2002 Lake Broadwater, SW of Dalby M. Wilson 1 bird.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 03/08/2002 Reedy Creek, Lake Wivenhoe, SEQ R. Jaensch 5 birds near the bridge over the creek
Sooty Oystercatcher 28/07/2002 Tallebudgera, SEQ C. Collins 1 bird
Grey Falcon 25/07/2002 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ M. Gilpin 1 bird seen flying in open country near Bowra homestead.
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 25/07/2002 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ M. & J. Gilpin 60 + birds in one flock feeding and drinking beside gumhole creek.
Powerful Owl 24/07/2002 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ M. & J. Elleer 2 Adults and 2 Juv
Painted Honeyeater 22/07/2002 'Thyangra' via Thargominda, SWQ M. & J. Gilpin 2 birds feeding in Yapunya Gums
Beach Stone-curlew 21/07/2002 Daydream Island, SEQ J. Norlins 1 bird feeding. Also seen on 22nd
Freckled Duck 21/07/2002 Lake Bindegolly nr. Thargomindah, SWQ M. & J. Gilpin 1 bird roosting with Hardheads
Red Goshawk 21/07/2002 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ J. Davis Rare: 1 bird. 100 metres south of the Leichhardt River causeway near the Moondarra Caravan Park
Antarctic Prion 20/07/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 13+ birds
Beach Stone-curlew 20/07/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Seen from boat
Broad-billed Prion 20/07/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 4+ birds
Crimson Finch 20/07/2002 Twin Bridges, west of Malborough M. & J. Elleer Flock of 20 birds
Herald Petrel 20/07/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 1 bird
Sooty Oystercatcher 20/07/2002 Daydream Island, SEQ J. Norlins Pair feeding and roosting. Also seen on 21st
Powerful Owl 16/07/2002 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ B. Hambling 2 chicks in nest, will probably fledge end July
Radjah Shelduck 15/07/2002 Dam near Kingaroy B. Heinger On dam
Square-tailed Kite 14/07/2002 Eagleby Wetlands, SEQ R. Dowling 1 bird
Yellow Chat 14/07/2002 Clem Walton Park, Corella Dam E. & M. Pegg A number of birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11/07/2002 Mudgeeraba, SEQ B. Green 8 birds in yard of her daughter, H. King. This is the most seen over the months they have been coming
Freckled Duck 10/07/2002 Sewage Pond Area, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth 1 bird. A very rare visitor to Mount Isa
Cotton Pygmy-goose 09/07/2002 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth 1 M & 1 F in Clear water Lagoon. Well out of normal territory
Cotton Pygmy-goose 09/07/2002 Logan Reserve Floodway, SEQ R. Dowling 3 birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 07/07/2002 Tooway Beach, SEQ M. West Seems resident near Cheery Venture
Black-throated Finch 06/07/2002 Slacks Creek Environmental Park. M. Anderson Slacks Creek Environmental Park. Along the creek at the observation platform. A group of 8 birds male and female amongst the reeds. This is the short tailed southern race.
Square-tailed Kite 05/07/2002 14 km N or Tiaro, SEQ R. Jaensch 1 bird
Sooty Oystercatcher 03/07/2002 Midge Point, CEQ C. Collins 1 bird
Eungella Honeyeater 02/07/2002 Eungella Plateau E. & M. Pegg In forestry area at end of Dalrymple Rd; then Cheldmans' Rd. 100m past forestry gate
Freckled Duck 02/07/2002 Lake Atkinson, SEQ D. Readhead 8 birds in small lake near the dam
Beach Stone-curlew 01/07/2002 Midge Point, CEQ C. Collins 6 birds also seen 1/7
Grey Falcon 29/06/2002 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ P. Hacker Vulnerable: 1 bird overhead
Square-tailed Kite 29/06/2002 Torbanlea, SEQ R. Jaensch 1 bird at intersection of Bruce Highway and Burrum Rd
Powerful Owl 28/06/2002 Venman Bushland N.P, Brisbane, SEQ C. Fitzell 2 birds; possibly male and female. Probable new nest site as previous nest branch has been damaged.
Square-tailed Kite 27/06/2002 Currimundi T. Siggs  
Cotton Pygmy-goose 23/06/2002 Boondooma Dam E. & M. Pegg 20 birds
Albert's Lyrebird 21/06/2002 Red Road, O'Reilly's R. Bloss et al. male and female
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/06/2002 Lower Portals Track - Mt. Barney NP M. & J. Gilpin A pair feeding in Casurina Trees
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 08/06/2002 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venables A pair, seen here 5 times in last 16 months.
Regent Honeyeater 07/06/2002 Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler B. & J. Morgan Flowering ironbark .7 km from entrance to dirt road on left (.2 to ironbark tree) Seen at 9 am.
Albert's Lyrebird 02/06/2002 Tamborine Nat. Park, SEQ I & R Hin ??? 2 birds
Little Tern 02/06/2002 Buckley's Hole, Bribie Is, SEQ R. Bloss et al. 3 birds
Cotton Pygmy-goose 30/05/2002 Lake Atkinson, SEQ M. & P. Clark, L. & M. Cooper One pair in a small dam opposite the lake
Square-tailed Kite 29/05/2002 Caloundra Christian College, SEQ T. Siggs Single bird being mobbed by crows
Square-tailed Kite 27/05/2002 Cornubia Forest Park, Cornubia C & C Fitzell Observed and video taken as it was being harassed by local magpies. Seen several days earlier in same vicinity.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 26/05/2002 Lake Atkinson, SEQ M. Dam, R. Lamb, B. & S. Cook Pair in Dam near northern entrance to Atkinson's Dam, 15 km NW Lowood
Freckled Duck 26/05/2002 Lake Atkinson, SEQ M. Dam, R. Lamb, B. & S. Cook 4 birds in Dam near northern entrance to Atkinson's Dam, 15 km NW Lowood
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 26/05/2002 Lockyer State Forest, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 3 birds overhead
Albert's Lyrebird 24/05/2002 Spring Creek Road via Killarney M. Gardner & G. Anderssen  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 24/05/2002 Spicer's Gap Road, Spicer's Gap Road Conservation Park, SEQ M. Gardner & G. Anderssen 4 Birds feeding in Allocasuarina torrulosa
Freckled Duck 23/05/2002 Lake Nuga Nuga NP, CQ D. & M. Niland One bird seen.
Square-tailed Kite 18/05/2002 Bellmere (8Kms west of Caboolture) P. Cross 3 Birds over garden
Powerful Owl 14/05/2002 J. C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coottha, SEQ I. Venables 1 female bird
Square-tailed Kite 12/05/2002 Bellmere, (8kms west of Caboolture), SEQ P. & L. Cross 2 birds
Square-tailed Kite 12/05/2002 Wild Horse Mtn, Beerburrum J. Richard  
Albert's Lyrebird 11/05/2002 Mt.Cordeaux A. Boardman Close to the beginning of the track at Cunninghams Gap
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 09/05/2002 Rockhampton M. Gilpin Eleven Birds Feeding In Casuarina On Top Of Mt Archer (600 Metres)
Square-tailed Kite 09/05/2002 Yeppoon, CQ M. Gilpin 1 bird circling on outskirts of town
Square-tailed Kite 07/05/2002 Bellmere, (8kms west of Caboolture), SEQ P. & L. Cross First sighting in area for quite some time
Red-browed Treecreeper 06/05/2002 Mt Nebo, Brisbane Forest Park, SEQ C. Ried Thylogale track, 1 bird near ‘break' in track caused by forestry road - on Jolly's Lookout side.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 05/05/2002 Glen Rock Enviromental Park, SEQ R. Kemp et al We watched a group of 5 for about 20 minutes. One pair were preening each other
Sooty Owl 30/04/2002 Bridge Creek, Maleny, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam Heard over past weeks, not yet seen.
Blue-winged Parrot 25/04/2002 Currawinya N.P., SWQ A. Bisgrove & R. Stogdale 3 birds seen on Lake Wyara track
Square-tailed Kite 25/04/2002 Kenmore, SEQ R. Jaensch Bird low at first, then spiralling upwards; twisted, weak-formed long tail, upswept wings, bullseyes.
Square-tailed Kite 25/04/2002 Lowood, SEQ T. & M. Tarrant Single adult low over Lowood
Eastern Bristlebird 22/04/2002 Mt Gipps, SEQ J. Stephens 1 bird seen and maybe more heard
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 22/04/2002 Darlington, Beaudesert, SEQ J. Stephens 9 birds during April, most days feeding
South Polar Skua 20/04/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Very rare: 2nd QLD record and a lifer for about half those on the boat (incl me). 2 birds.
Turquoise Parrot 20/04/2002 Durikai S. F., SEQ M. Gardner 6 seen including one juvenile (dull plumage and shorter tail than adults)
White Tern 20/04/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Uncommon: 2 birds
Little Tern 16/04/2002 Gataker Bay, Hervey Bay, SEQ J. Noyce et al 3 birds feeding
Square-tailed Kite 16/04/2002 Arkarra Lagoons, Hervey Bay, SEQ J. Noyce et al 1 Adult
Cotton Pygmy-goose 11/04/2002 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ B. & J. Gleeson A pair in a bay on the east side of the lake with the generally resident Green Pygmy-geese
Black-throated Finch 10/04/2002 Mt Carbine M. & M. Beck & L. Neilsen  
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher 08/04/2002 Cairns Skyrail, NQ M. & M. Beck  
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 07/04/2002 Duck Creek Road, Kerry Valley R. Sonnenberg Pair feeding in Casuarina Torulosa
Southern Cassowary 06/04/2002 Cassowary House, Kuranda, NQ M. & M. Beck 1 Male with 3 chicks
Banded Stilt 03/04/2002 Lake Clarendon, SEQ J. Hadley Rare. 1 immature bird with the Avocets and Stilts by the dam wall away from the parking lot. The white head and back is conspicuous. Not seen on 13th.
Cotton Pygmy-goose 02/04/2002 Poona Dam, Nambour, SEQ S. Rooke 5 birds
Laughing Gull 01/04/2002 Bonngaree Point, Bribie Island, SEQ T. Ford Rare: 1 birds. In the car park at Scoopy's and the Bongaree jetty. Seems to be gone now.
Square-tailed Kite 31/03/2002 8.8 km NW of Kajabbi, NWQ Bob Forsyth [19d 58m 17s / 139d 58m 51 s]
Square-tailed Kite 31/03/2002 Dangerbridge approx. 4km W of Elanda Point, SEQ R. Lamb & M. Dam 1 bird
Square-tailed Kite 31/03/2002 Kin Kin Creek, SEQ J. England et al  
Turquoise Parrot 29/03/2002 Sundown N.P., SEQ M. Gilpin, R. Bloss et al. Flocks of up to 30 and 12 birds
Grey Falcon 28/03/2002 10 km north of Warwick, SEQ J. Richard & A. Petzler 2 birds.Vulnerable in Qld; birds were over agricultural land.
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 26/03/2002 Mudgieeraba, SEQ H. King 6 birds - 2 other days
Little Tern 18/03/2002 Clontarf & Woody Point, SEQ A. Bisgrove & R. Stogdale Six birds roosting and feeding off shore
Black-winged Petrel 16/03/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 1 bird
White Tern 16/03/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 1 bird
White-headed Petrel 16/03/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare:1 bird
White-necked Petrel 16/03/2002 Pelagic off Southport, SEQ P. Wallbridge et al Rare: 5 birds
Freckled Duck 10/03/2002 100m N of Clear Water Lagoon gate B. Forsyth A single female Freckled Duck
Freckled Duck 10/03/2002 Wide Bay, Lake Moondarra, NWQ B. Forsyth Rare here. Bob's first sighting of a live FD at Mount Isa.
Southern Cassowary 10/03/2002 Paluma, NEQ M. & G. Kuerschner Known to be in the area but infrequently sighted
Turquoise Parrot 09/03/2002 Durikai S. F., SEQ K. & F. Wells & M. Gardner  
Powerful Owl 07/03/2002 Pinjarra Hills, SEQ M. Gilpin Single bird heard calling 1.00 am Thursday morning
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 04/03/2002 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ P. Venebles Pair
Australian Painted Snipe 03/03/2002 Salt Water Park, Hope Island, SEQ J. & J. Thornton Male, female + young (confirms the birds are still there! Tim)
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 28/02/2002 Numinbah Valley, SEQ C. Collins & Members of Gold Coast Bird Watcher's Group 8 birds
Squatter Pigeon 27/02/2002 Beside Raod between Broken River and Eungella Dam E. & M. Pegg Feeding during early morning
Square-tailed Kite 22/02/2002 Fig Tree Pocket, SEQ R. Jaensch At junction of Kenmore Road and Fig Tree Pocket Road One bird gliding over treetops (mainly spotted gum) on wooded hilltop, heading in southerly direction, hot north-east wind, 2:30 pm; white head, upswept and backswept wings, longish square/forked tail, dark upperparts; observer very familiar with this species
Sooty Oystercatcher 18/02/2002 Toorbul Wader Roost, SEQ R. Inglis 5 birds
Ground Parrot 16/02/2002 Cooloola NP, SEQ A. Bisgrove & R. Stogdale On track to pump station near log bridge
Little Curlew 16/02/2002 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth An infrequent visitor
Australian Painted Snipe 13/02/2002 Lake Dyer, Laidley, SEQ R. Sonnenberg Near Lake
Spotted Whistling-Duck 13/02/2002 Albatross Hotel, Weipa, NQLD P. Venebles  
Great-billed Heron 09/02/2002 Gympie (south side), SEQ J. Cummings Rare this far south / from the coast
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 05/02/2002 Mudgeeraba, SEQ H. King Present in garden from 26/1 to 6/2, with from 2 to 5 birds seen. The 5 only on 5/2
Beach Stone-curlew 03/02/2002 Swan Bay, N. Stradbroke Island, SEQ M. Gilpin et al 1 bird flushed at Jumpinpin
Powerful Owl 01/02/2002 Upper Brookfield, SEQ D. Dow Heard calling on two nights in past week
Australian Painted Snipe 27/01/2002 Salt Water Park, Hope Island, SEQ B. Roubin Rare: A number of birds including young. Continued to be seen up to at least 26/2
Turquoise Parrot 27/01/2002 Durikai S. F., SEQ N, Strode, W. Muller et al 1 Female
Banded Stilt 20/01/2002 Lake Moogerah, near Boonah, SEQ R. Jaensch, W. Dunn & A. Podlich Bird seen close enough to see the extensively webbed toes (unlike Black-winged).
Red-rumped Swallow 20/01/2002 Function of main highway & Daintree River Ferry Road, N. QLD J. & J. Thornton Observed @ 15.15 for at least 15 minutes on powerlines, excellent views
Cotton Pygmy-goose 13/01/2002 Lake Clarendon, SEQ R. Jaensch Female with 10 young that were about 20% of full size. In weedy backwater near dead trees. Lake very low, open water only
Freckled Duck 13/01/2002 Lake Clarendon, SEQ R. Jaensch 4 birds, among about 6000 ducks
Australian Painted Snipe 01/01/2002 Maroon Dam, SEQ FFNC members Bird was there until at least 22nd
Cotton Pygmy-goose 01/01/2002 Lake Atkinson, SEQ T. Murphy Rare: 4 birds there on 13/1/02
Australian Painted Snipe 29/12/2001 West Leichhardt River, 200 m nth of Moondarra Caravan Park, NWQ B. Forsyth 1 Female
Swinhoe's Snipe 22/12/2001 Sewage Pond Area, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth Rare: Horse Paddocks (adjacent to the Sewage Ponds) - 1 bird
Australian Painted Snipe 21/12/2001 Sewage Pond Area, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth Rare: Horse Paddocks (adjacent to the Sewage Ponds) - 1 bird
Sooty Owl 16/12/2001 Conondale Range, SEQ G. Roberts 1 calling
Eastern Grass Owl 15/12/2001 Cooloola, SEQ G. Roberts, C. Corben 1 at dusk
Australian Painted Snipe 14/12/2001 Kenilworth, SEQ G. Robert, C. Corben 1 female
Olive Whistler 17/11/2001 O'Reilly's Lamington, SEQ D. Francis et al 1 bird
Beach Stone-curlew 10/11/2001 Snapper Island, FNQ K. Iliff 1 bird
Banded Stilt 07/11/2001 Barraba, N. NSW J. & M Eller 1 bird - rare this far north east
Cotton Pygmy-goose 03/11/2001 Lake Dyer, Laidley, SEQ E. Townsend 4 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 02/11/2001 Hope Island, FNQ K. Iliff 2 birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 02/11/2001 Hope Island, FNQ K. Iliff 2 birds
Beach Stone-curlew 31/10/2001 Low Isles, FNQ K. Iliff Sightings over several days of up to 4 birds
Sooty Oystercatcher 31/10/2001 Low Isles, FNQ K. Iliff Sightings over several days: 2 birds
Australian Painted Snipe 27/10/2001 West Leichhardt River, 200 m nth of Moondarra Caravan Park, NWQ B. Forsyth with members of the NSW FOC 1 Male
Australian Painted Snipe 25/10/2001 Warf Rd, Eagleby, SEQ Gold Coast BO Rare:
Australian Painted Snipe 23/10/2001 Lake Broadwater, SEQ M. Wilson, K. Grieve Rare: Male & Female
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 19/10/2001 Eromanga, SWQ A. Walter Vulnerable: 8-10 birds
Grey Falcon 08/10/2001 Currawinya N.P., SWQ B. & R, Kemp Rare: 1 bird
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 07/10/2001 Currawinya N.P., SWQ B. & R, Kemp Vulnerable: 3 birds
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 01/10/2001 Culgoa Floodpain N.P., SWQ B. & R, Kemp et al Vulnerable: 5 birds
Albert's Lyrebird 29/09/2001 O'Reilly's, Lamington N/P, SEQ M. Rose Rare
Cotton Pygmy-goose 28/09/2001 Lake Moondarra, Mt Isa, NWQ B. Forsyth 2 Males. Believed to be first record for Mt Isa
Freckled Duck 17/09/2001 Lake Bindegolly, SWQ N. Strode et al Rare
Cotton Pygmy-goose 15/09/2001 Logan Reserve Floodway, SEQ R. Dowling Rare: 1 Male
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 15/09/2001 Logan reserve, SEQ R. Dowling Vulnerable: male & female
Grey Falcon 10/09/2001 Bowra Station, Cunnamulla, SWQ J. Moore, NStrode et al Rare
Black-throated Finch 02/09/2001 Mareeba Wetlands FNQ M. Gilpin 5 birds
Radjah Shelduck 01/09/2001 Lake Mitchell, FNQ M. Gilpin Rare : 5 birds
Ruff 01/09/2001 Manly Boat Harbour roost site, SEQ A. Keates D. Edwards immature feeding with 400+ Red Knots
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 20/08/2001 Carpet Springs & Currawinya, SWQ E. & M Pegg Vulnerable : 5 flocks of 2-5 birds during am from 20th to 24th
Cotton Pygmy-goose 19/08/2001 Poona Dam, Nambour, SEQ S. Heussler Rare : 6 birds
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 19/08/2001 Jollys Lookout, B.F.P., SEQ I. Venables Vulnerable
Powerful Owl 11/08/2001 Palms N/P nr. Cooyar & Yarraman, SEQ J. Scott Vulnerable : 1 adult
Radjah Shelduck 29/07/2001 Eli Creek, Hervey Bay, SEQ K. & G. White Rare: 2birds
Freckled Duck 25/07/2001 Lake Bindegolly nr. Thargomindah, SWQ M. Gilpin Rare: 20+ birds
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 25/07/2001 Lake Bindegolly, SWQ M. Gilpin Vulnerable: 12 birds (There on 25/7)
Red-browed Treecreeper 23/07/2001 Manorina Pk, Mt Nebo, SEQ R. & E. Bloss Rare: 3 birds
Freckled Duck 22/07/2001 Toolara, Tin Can Bay, SEQ D. Edwards Vulnerable: 2 birds
Painted Honeyeater 22/07/2001 10 Mile Bore, Carrawinya N.P., SWQ M. Gilpin Rare: 2 birds. 1 bird seen on 24th
Freckled Duck 21/07/2001 Cooloola NP, SEQ S. Harding et al. Vulnerable: 1 adult
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 21/07/2001 Currawinya N.P., SWQ M. Gilpin Vulnerable: 12 birds (There on 25/7)
Spotted Whistling-Duck 28/06/2001 Chili Bch. C. Weymouth, NEQ P. Venables Rare: A number of records for this site.
Radjah Shelduck 25/06/2001 Foreshore, Tin Can bay, SEQ K. & A. Neilsen Rare: 6 birds
Painted Honeyeater 17/05/2001 Currawinya N.P., SWQ R. Dowling, G. Palmer Rare: 2 birds

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