Sunbird List of Contents and Indices for all issues

The Sunbird

Sunbird Contents

(Compiled by Richard Noske)

Sunbird Contents lists all articles, book reviews and notices published in the journal's entire 49 volumes, covering the period 1970 to 2021. It should enable anyone to find articles concerning a particular species or species-grouping (e.g. waterbirds), or location or region (e.g. Marburg, Cape York), or by a particular author.

It is not an index to all the species mentioned in articles. For this, the reader should see below for other indices.

The first draft of this list arose from the compiler's interest in the topics covered in Sunbird, which led to an extensive review of the journal's scope and authorship (Noske 2015). The contents of each issue were summarised in an Excel spreadsheet, which was checked by Teresa Lynch, proofed by Jim Sneddon, and converted to PDF.

For each article, the following data are presented in eight columns across the page: name(s) of author(s), publication year, month, article title, volume, number (part), and the numbers of the first and last pages it occupies.

Noske, R.A. 2015. Forty-four years of the Sunbird – a tribute to scientists and amateur ornithologists alike. Sunbird 45(1): 1-14.

Sunbird Indices

The following Sunbird Indices are compiled from the indices of Volumes 1 - 47 of the The Sunbird research journal published by the Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated (QOSI) which operates under the name of Birds Queensland.

Note: The PDF form of indices were created up to volume 47 and have not been reissued beyond that. Instead, the entire series are now maintained as an online searchable database.

The Index by common bird name has changed as more issues were added. Up to volume 47, all references to every species mentioned in the journal are included. Note that many such entries are simply the name of the species only. From volume 48 and later only more significant birds are indexed, for example those that are the subject of an entire article or at least have a significant mention in an article.

Instructions to Sunbird authors are available elsewhere on this site.