Expedition - Bladensburg National Park – June 2018

For several years, Birds Queensland has undertaken bird survey expeditions in the Diamantina National Park with visits also to Lochern and Idalia National Parks. This year, our bird survey expedition will be to Bladensburg National Park from 4-15 June 2018.

Bladensburg National Park is in the headwaters of the Diamantina River and encompasses parts of the Mitchell Grass Downs and Channel Country bioregions. It features flat-topped plateaus and sandstone ranges and includes grassland plains and river flats, river red gums, gidgee, mulga and rocky scarp.

The expedition will take a similar format to the expeditions to the other Channel Country national parks in recent years and will aim to survey the birds of Bladensburg National Park. Camping is available in the national park and there are various accommodation options in Winton. The national park is close enough to Winton for it to be practical to stay in town and still participate in the surveys.

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