General information

From time to time Birds Queensland organises or participates in activities other than its regular outings, camps and meetings. These activities may include trips to remote areas of the state to collect data on the presence or absence of bird species, surveys, and banding.

Diamantina National Park, June 2021

As of February 2021 this expedition is fully subscribed — further participants are no longer being accepted.

The expedition will run from 20th June to 29th June 2021 inclusive and will be based at Diamantina National Park in western Queensland.

The national park straddles the Diamantina River and includes a variety of arid zone habitats including the channels of the river, Mitchell Grass plains, acacia woodlands, sand dunes and spinifex. Arid zone species that are common and may be of special interest include Flock Bronzewing, Gibberbird, Inland Dotterel, White-winged Fairy-wren and others.

It is not anticipated that demands on participants will be onerous and individuals will be able to operate at their own pace, subject to group requirements (e.g., the maintenance of cohesion of convoys). While some days may be long (to access more remote areas) most will not, although on most days we will carry lunch.

BQ has booked all sites at Gum Hole, a pleasant camping area in the national park from the 19th-30th June. The camping area is equipped with pit toilets. There are ablution facilities at the park headquarters, about 25 km from Gum Hole. Campers will be responsible for their own provisions. Water will be available at park headquarters.

Fuel will be trucked in for vehicles used on the survey as well as for providing fuel for participants for departure at the end of the survey.

Participants will pay camp fees for any period from 19th-30th to BQ. (BQ to settle account with National Parks). Fuel fees (yet to be determined) will also be paid to BQ.

All participants in the expedition will be required to complete the necessary BQ formalities, including providing the standard medical form.

If you have questions or wish to register your interest then please contact

  • Andrew Ley or phone: 02 6772 5358, or
  • Maggie Overend or phone: 0439 530 704.