Meetings are held in the Warner Hall, Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm on the first Thursday of each month except January unless otherwise specified.

N.B. Due to Government COVID restrictions, numbers at meetings will be limited. Until further notice, anyone wishing to attend the meetings must book. by following this link to Eventbrite. Any enquiries can be made by

Attendees must wear face masks at the meeting

Should the situation change before the next meeting, notification will be by Mailchimp, on the website and by email to those who booked via Eventbrite.

How to get to Warner Hall:

  • By road / parking - Access the Warner Hall from the walk-way from Merthyr Road. There are signs directing members to the entrance. Only limited parking is available on site, but street parking is available in Merthyr Road and nearby streets including Bowen Tce and Watson Street. There aren't any Parking Control Areas but near the intersection of Merthyr Road with Brunswick Street, there are specified parking requirements.
  • Train / bus - Travel to Fortitude Valley station then walk 305m to Brunswick Street Stop 207 near McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley and take a Route 196 bus. There is a stop directly outside 52 Merthyr Road. After 6 p.m., buses come every 15 minutes. Please check the Translink journey planner for other options and timetables.
  • City Cat - There is a City Cat terminal at Sydney Street. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk to 52 Merthyr Road from the terminal.

Meetings for 2021

4 February

Short talk - Judith Anderson: The Birds of Fernberg.

Queensland’s Government House in Paddington is surrounded by 14 hectares of gardens and bushland. Since the estate was declared a sanctuary by Governor Goodwin over 90 years ago, more than 60 resident or visiting bird species have been recorded by successive governors and their staff. Judith will introduce us to the wonderful birds in this special place and the publication Birds of the Fernberg Estate that she compiled for the Office of the Governor.

Long talk - Russell McGregor: The Paradise Parrot: Some reflections on the centenary of its rediscovery.

This year — 2021 — is the one-hundredth anniversary of the rediscovery of the Paradise Parrot by Cyril Jerrard of Gayndah, so it is timely to reflect on the bird’s unfortunate fate.

For several decades before Jerrard’s sighting, the species was feared to be extinct. But the satisfaction of finding the bird in 1921 was short-lived. Its decline continued so precipitously that today the Paradise Parrot is the only mainland Australian bird species listed as extinct by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Russell will look back on the history of the Paradise Parrot and discuss why its rediscovery was followed by such meagre and ineffectual efforts to sustain it, that it became extinct. From this, we may find some lessons for today’s urgent efforts to avert future extinctions.

4 March

8 April

While the 1st of April is the first Thursday of the month it is also the day before Good Friday so the meeting will be 8th April

6 May

3 June

1 July

5 August

2 September

7 October

4 November

2 December - AGM

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