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Meetings are held in the Warner Hall, Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm, starting at 7:30pm, on the first Thursday of each month (except January) unless otherwise specified.

Covid-19 Status for meetings

Face masks are not mandated under current guidelines, but are still advised.

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How to get to Warner Hall:

  • By road / parking - Access the Warner Hall from the walk-way from Merthyr Road. There are signs directing members to the entrance. Only limited parking is available on site, but street parking is available in Merthyr Road and nearby streets including Bowen Tce and Watson Street. There aren't any Parking Control Areas but near the intersection of Merthyr Road with Brunswick Street, there are specified parking requirements.
  • Train / bus - Travel to Fortitude Valley station then walk 305m to Brunswick Street Stop 207 near McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley and take a Route 196 bus. There is a stop directly outside 52 Merthyr Road. After 6 p.m., buses come every 15 minutes. Please check the Translink journey planner for other options and timetables.
  • City Cat - There is a City Cat terminal at Sydney Street. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk to 52 Merthyr Road from the terminal.

Meetings for 2022

More details will be posted as they become available.

2 June

Short talk - Jim Sneddon: Birding at the tip of Cape York.

At the end of 2019, Jim joined a tour group in Cairns to travel to Bamaga at the extreme north of Cape York. The group went on small boats to nearby islands to find hard-to-get species. There is an amazing variety of vegetation types in the small area north of Bamaga, including the dense forest known as the Lockerbie Scrub. The area is also bird-rich. Some species also occur in New Guinea, while others are also found further south. Jim will talk about the birds seen and their various habitats.

Long talk - Julian Reid: Long-term Trends of Birds in the Cowra District, central Western Slopes, NSW..

Julian will talk about the background to the BirdLife Australia project, the Cowra Woodland Birds Program (CWBP). The project arose from growing concerns over the conservation prospects of birds in the woodlands of south-eastern Australia. He will briefly describe the range of activities undertaken by the project, focussing on the long-term dataset of systematic bird observations taken at numerous sites from the autumn of 2002 onwards. He will also discuss the results of statistical modelling of the population trends of 105 species and 18 community indices for the first 17 years, and the comparison with the results of similar long-running programs in south-eastern Australia.

To illustrate the divergent trends shown by various species in the Cowra district, Julian will highlight the most significant findings from a bird conservation perspective and comment on the limitations of unfunded citizen-science research

Details also available in the PDF flyer.

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