Research grants

Each year Birds Queensland offers small grants for research relating to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Queensland, especially those under threat.

Research grants totalling $13,810 have been awarded to the following applicants for projects commencing in 2020:

  • Nigel Jackett (The University of Queensland): The conservation biology of the Northern Masked Owl.
  • Courtney Melton (The University of Queensland): Exploring the relationship between understory vegetation and woodland bird assembly and the deterrence of key predators.
  • Professor Mike Webster (Cornell University Ornithological Lab) in collatoration with Dr William Feeney (Griffith University): Is Lantana an 'ecological trap' for small Australian passerines.

Birds Queensland congratulates the successful applicants and we look forward to hearing the outcomes of their research projects.

Here are some of the past projects that were partly funded by Birds Queensland:

  • The ecology and conservation biogeography of the Buff-breasted Button Quail.
  • Recovering the critically endangered Far Eastern Curlew; what is its migration route? (The University of Queensland)
  • The sexing of thick-shelled and heavily pigmented eggs in ovo, as a population management tool.

Call for 2021 Birds Queensland Research Grants

Birds Queensland will offer a limited number of grants for research relating to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Queensland, especially those under threat. BQ Research Grants cover the costs of items such as laboratory materials, field equipment and travel, but do not normally cover salaries or attendance at conferences. They are for projects of one-year duration commencing in 2021, although consideration may be given to further funding of suitable on-going projects. Applications require the support of an incorporated body or of a university head of department and research services section, through which the research contract and grant payment will be administered.

Successful applicants and the supervising organisation will be asked to sign a Conditions of Award agreement which includes the following conditions:

  • The grant shall be fully expended within one year from the date of payment;
  • A summary of the research shall be provided for publication in the Birds Queensland newsletter and where possible a short talk shall be presented at a Birds Queensland general meeting;
  • A final financial statement shall be provided confirming that the grant has been fully expended.
  • Any unspent grant funds are to be refunded to Birds Queensland.

Birds Queensland Grants are competitive and assessed by the Society’s independent Research Committee of experts. Funds for research grants are raised by the membership to support bird conservation research. The Birds Queensland management committee determines annually the amount of funding for grants, and takes advice from the research committee in the awarding of grants.

A copy of the full conditions of award will be available on request.

Applications for the 2021 grants close on 31 August 2020. Application kits can be obtained by .

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