Twitchathon Payment

The 2021 Queensland Twitchathon
Birds Queensland and Birdlife Southern Qld

This page has been created to facilitate easy payment for sponsorship of twitchathon teams


  1. enter your contact details
  2. select the name of the team you have sponsored
  3. when you have done those steps a "donate" button will appear. Clicking on that will take you to a PayPal page for payment.

Payment can be accepted using either:

  • your Paypal account details (if you have a PayPal account) - use the button labelled "Donate",
  • otherwise you can pay with your credit/debit card - use the button labelled "Donate with a Card".

1. Name for notification

Please enter your name followed by your email address.
This is required for you to receive a receipt suitable for tax-deduction purposes.

2. Team Name

Please select from the drop-down list the team that you have sponsored.
There is also an option in case you do not know the team name.