Bird watching and birders

image - birders at Darra
Group of birders explore a bushland
reserve at Darra
Photo: Charles Ivin

An Interest for everyone

Birds Queensland caters for the interests of all members, city dweller, farmers, children, beginner bird watchers, experts on birds and their behavior professional ornithologist and researchers are all catered for. Some may be only interested in identifying the birds which visit their gardens. Others are more interested in what birds do, how they find food, what they eat and how their nest or in the changing patterns and distribution of birds through the seasons and over a number of years. (Although Australia has few truly migratory birds compared to the northern hemisphere, its birds are highly dispersive as a wet period follows a period of drought).

Many also are fascinated by the wading birds that annually migrate from the snows of Siberia to enjoy our summer. Others go on one of the regular boat trips because they are drawn to the pelagic seabirds which can only be seen far out to sea off the Queensland coast.

image - birders at Darra
Experienced members of BQ assist community groups and local councils with bird surveys such as this local count at the Cressey Street Wetland, Wavell Heights
Photo: Charles Ivin

Many members of Birds Queensland are active in various ornithological projects and, as a society, we make a significant contribution to national bird research. These projects include regular monitoring of bird populations, nest recording, banding, annual bird week promotions and the annual fund raising 'twitchathon'. The money raised by the twitchathon is used to support research.

Listers, Twitchers and Tickers

Some birders are known as listers, twitchers (American) or tickers (British). They try to see as many birds as possible of the nearly 10,000 different species in the world. Others try to see every bird in their country (about 750 species have been recorded in Australia but some are are vagrants which may never appear again), or in their home state, or in each particular year.

Go to our twitch's page for details of Twitches.

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