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Mungarra Reserve — 7th August 2024
Anstead Bushland Reserve — 10th August 2024
Our activities include conservation and research-oriented projects, educational activities, and activities which provide opportunities to meet with other people interested in birds and birding and to share experiences.
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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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Bird identification can be difficult, even for experienced birders, and many discussions occur during group walks and camps on this subject.
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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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“Of those bird species known to have been present or to have visited regularly in Australia when Europeans settled in 1788, 1.9% are Extinct and a further 11.5 % are considered Threatened. Some 6.0 % are Near Threatened.”
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Organizations like Birds Queensland assist with scientific research projects by raising money each year and allocating it as grants.
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Birds Queensland is a non-profit organisation that finances its own activities. Our logo is the brightly coloured and beautiful Sunbird which is normally found only between Normanton and Bundaberg.
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Bird of the Month

Rajah Shelduck (Radjah radjah) © Keith Fisher

Each month, Birds Queensland highlights a Bird of the Month. To learn more about our Queensland birds, make sure you return to this page each month to read about the featured species.

Note: All photos are copyright and cannot be used without the photographer’s permission. Please contact the Secretary via email for details.

© Cameron Davidson
July 2024
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Dacelo leachii
By Eleanor Scambler
© Ian and Jill Brown
June 2024
Little Egret
Egretta garzetta
By Jill Brown
© John McGill
May 2024
White-cheeked Honeyeater
Phylidonyris niger
By David Niland
© Richard Noske
April 2024
Red-capped Flowerpecker
Dicaeum geelvinkianum
By Andrew Humpherys
© Keith Fisher
March 2024
Radjah Shelduck
Radjah radjah
By Greg Anderson
© Jim Sneddon
February 2024
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Entomyzon cyanotis
By Jim Sneddon
© G. Donaldson
December 2023
Regent Bowerbird
Sericulus chrysocephalus
By Stephen Prowse
© Arthur Keates
November 2023
Bar-tailed Godwit
Limosa lapponica
By Arthur Keates
© Graham Donaldson
October 2023
Brown Songlark
Cinclorhamphus cruralis
By Penn Lloyd
© Vince Bugeja
September 2023
White-eared monarch
Carterornis leucotis
By Ofalia Ho
© Vince Bugeja
August 2023
Australian Swiftlet
Aerodramus terraereginae
By Peter Woodall
© Paul Jensen
July 2023
Grey Shrikethrush
Colluricincla harmonica
By Lynda Litz-Tyne
© Allison Roberts
June 2023
Lewin’s Honeyeater
Meliphaga lewinii
By Allison Roberts
© David Edwards
May 2023
Masked Lapwing
Vanellus miles
By David Edwards
April 2023
Black-fronted Dotterel
Elseyornis melanops
By Andrew Humpherys
© Ian and Jill Brown
March 2023
Australian Brushturkey
Alectura lathami
By Jill Brown
© Vincent Bugeja
February 2023
Eastern Shriketit
Falcunculus frontatus
By Rebecca Bennett
© Raja W. Stephenson
December 2022
New Caledonian Storm-Petrel – lost and found
Fregetta lineata
By Nikolas K. Haass
© Julie Sarna
November 2022
White-browed Scrubwren
Sericornis frontalis
By Julie Sarna
© Vince Bugeja
October 2022
White-browed Babbler
Pomatostomus superciliosus
By Julian Reid, ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society, Canberra
© Vince Bugeja
September 2022
Striped Honeyeater
Plectorhyncha lanceolata
By Greg Anderson
© David Niland
August 2022
Great Egret
Ardea alba
By David Niland
© Graham Donaldson
July 2022
Lewin’s Rail
Lewinia pectoralis
By Rod Gardner
© Jill and Ian Brown
June 2022
Noisy Miner
Manorina melanocephala
By Stephen Prowse
© Jon Norling
May 2022
White-throated Nightjar
Eurostopodus mystacalis
By Greg Anderson
© Paul Jensen
April 2022
Yellow-Legged Flyrobin
Kempiella griseoceps
By Elinor Scambler
© Jim Sneddon
March 2022
Plumed Whistling Duck
Dendrocygna eytoni
By Jim Sneddon
© Cameron Davidson
February 2022
Square-tailed Kite
Lophoictinia isura
By Stacey McLean
© Vince Bugeja
December 2021
Varied Sittella
Daphoenositta chrysoptera
By Richard Noske
© Peter Storer
November 2021
Struthidea cinerea
By Peter Storer
© Jill Brown
October 2021
Musk Duck
Biziura lobata
By Jill Brown
© Mel Stewart
September 2021
Australian Pipit
Anthus australis
By Lynda Litz-Tyne
© Robert Bush
August 2021
Golden-shouldered Parrot
Psephotus chrysopterygius
By Peter Crow
© Allison Roberts
July 2021
Bell Miner
Manorina melanophrys
By Allison Roberts
© Bronwyn Lloyd
June 2021
Laughing Kookaburra
Dacelo novaeguineae
By Penn Lloyd
© A Keates
May 2021
Grey-tailed Tattler
Tringa brevipes
By Arthur Keates
© Grahame Finnigan
April 2021
Gouldian Finch
Erythrura gouldiae
By Phillipa Cannon

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Sahul Sunbird (Cinnyris frenatus) © Vince Bugeja