August 2024 Meeting — 1st August 2024
Mungarra Reserve — 7th August 2024
Anstead Bushland Reserve — 10th August 2024
Our activities include conservation and research-oriented projects, educational activities, and activities which provide opportunities to meet with other people interested in birds and birding and to share experiences.
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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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Bird identification can be difficult, even for experienced birders, and many discussions occur during group walks and camps on this subject.
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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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“Of those bird species known to have been present or to have visited regularly in Australia when Europeans settled in 1788, 1.9% are Extinct and a further 11.5 % are considered Threatened. Some 6.0 % are Near Threatened.”
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Organizations like Birds Queensland assist with scientific research projects by raising money each year and allocating it as grants.
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Birds Queensland is a non-profit organisation that finances its own activities. Our logo is the brightly coloured and beautiful Sunbird which is normally found only between Normanton and Bundaberg.
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Welcome to the Birds Queensland member’s area. These pages contain information that will only be available to BQ members.
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Welcome to
Birds Queensland

Sahul Sunbird (Cinnyris frenatus) © Vince Bugeja

Acknowledgement of Country

Birds Queensland acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet and conduct our activities. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. We will value and care for the country which we now enjoy through the custodianship and nurturing of Australia’s First Peoples over tens of millennia.

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Who are we?

Our aim is to promote the scientific study and conservation of birds by all means possible, with particular reference to the birds of Queensland.

Our members come from many backgrounds and have widely differing levels of knowledge about birds. They share an interest in and enjoyment of birds and birding in a wide variety of activities that are described in detail in the About Birds Queensland section of this website.

Membership applications are welcome from anyone who is interested in the study and conservation of the birds of Queensland.

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Upcoming Activities

Our outings and camps provide great social opportunities, as well as a chance to share some birding skills, knowledge and experiences, while the monthly meetings deliver papers on current research and other relevant topics, as well a chance to chat over supper.

© Andrew Rock
Kumbartcho Sanctuary
  • 2nd July 2024
  • 7:30 am
  • Kumbartcho Sanctuary
© Ged Tranter
August 2024 Meeting
  • 1st August 2024
  • 7:30 pm
  • Merthyr Road Uniting Church
© Denise Downham
Mungarra Reserve
  • 7th August 2024
  • 7:00 am
  • Mungarra Reserve

Special Interest Groups

In addition, the organisation assists in facilitating the formation of special interest groups such as the Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG), the Queensland Bird Research and Banding Group and the informal Photogroup. It also organises and promotes an annual Queensland Bird Count, and a Twitchathon.
Red-capped Plover (Charadrius ruficapillus) © Graham Donaldson

Queensland Wader
Study Group

Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG) is a special interest group within Birds Queensland, formed to further research on both migratory and resident waders (shorebirds) in Queensland, and to work for their conservation.

Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) © Caleb Gittins

Queensland Bird Research
and Banding Group

The Queensland Bird Research and Banding Group is a special interest group of Birds Queensland (Queensland Ornithological Society Inc). The objective of the group is to further our knowledge of Queensland’s birds through citizen science focusing on bird banding and other research techniques.

Learn About Birds website

Learn About Birds

The Learn About Birds group is a co-operative initiative between Birds Queensland and BirdLife Southern Queensland. They provide a website Our Local Birds which gives information on local S.E. Queensland birds as well as a teaching model and resources for teachers of Years 1-6.

Latest News

October 28th 2022

Toondah Harbour Development EIS – Submissions Needed

The Environmental Impact Statement for the Walker Group's proposed development at Toondah Harbour has been released and submissions from the public are now open.
September 8th 2022

Birds Striking Windows – what you can do

Birds Queensland has produced an information sheet with advice on helping reduce the chances of birds hitting windows as well as what to do if you find an injured bird.
April 14th 2022

COVID-19 Actions by Birds Queensland

The Management Committee is closely monitoring official advice on Coronavirus from the public health government sources. Some activities have recommenced but with restrictions. We consider it appropriate to recommend prudent and practical precautions generally and also when involved in Birds Queensland activities. These are outlined below: