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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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Bird identification can be difficult, even for experienced birders, and many discussions occur during group walks and camps on this subject.
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We produce a range of brochures and other information on birds in Queensland, and on all aspects of birding in Queensland.
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“Of those bird species known to have been present or to have visited regularly in Australia when Europeans settled in 1788, 1.9% are Extinct and a further 11.5 % are considered Threatened. Some 6.0 % are Near Threatened.”
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Oxley Creek Common

Superb Fairywren (f) (Malurus cyaneus cyanochlamys) © Susan Chisholm

Despite its proximity to the city, this area boasts a good bird list due to its variety of habitats which include riparian scrub, open forest, grassland, mangroves, dense forest, ephemeral wetlands and a lake.

The track is mainly even ground and the ant-bed surfacing underfoot affords an undemanding ramble. Native tree plantings on both sides of the walking track over the past decade or so now provide an avenue and filtered shade for the first 1.5 km.

The main part of the track follows the creek line so on that side there is a wooded bank. Much clearing of weed species and replanting of indigenous trees, shrubs and ground covers undertaken as part of the “Urban riparian corridor restoration project by Friends of Oxley Creek Common andThe Oxley Creek Catchment Association has enhanced the quality of bird habitat. On the other side are grassy paddocks where a strip of land has been reclaimed for planting of experimental plots, now in various stages of development.

The track branching off to the left after about 1.5 km, leads down through open fields to ephemeral wetlands mainly on the right and Pelican Lagoon at the end on the left. The original path back at the junction affords less cover than the first part of the track and leads up to a Hoop Pine Forest. (just over 2 km from The Red Shed).

We will meet at The Red Shed picnic shelter at Oxley Creek Common, Sherwood Road, Rocklea at 7:00am where there are good facilities and toilets. Please bring sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer and morning tea.

UBD Map Ref: 179 B20

  • Date and Time
    Wednesday, 1st May 2024
    7:00 am
  • Location
    Oxley Creek Common
    Oxley Creek Common, Sherwood Road, Rocklea Qld 4106
    View on Google Maps
  • Leader
    • Lynda Litz-Tyne
      0428 991 478
  • Walking Grade
    Grade 2
    Formed track. May have gentle hills and some steps. No bushwalking experience required.

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Sahul Sunbird (Cinnyris frenatus) © Vince Bugeja