Places to see birds in Queensland

images- Bird places
Lots of likely places to find birds in Brisbane, all in one concise place! (PDF file, 2.3 MB)
images- Bird places
Places to find birds on the Gold Coast - from the shore to the valleys and the mountains! (PDF file, 1.6 MB)
images- Bird places
Places to find birds in Ipswich – including some western species. (PDF file, 1.2 MB)

General guidance

Birds can be seen almost anywhere in Queensland – cities and towns, rainforest, farmland, the arid interior, and coastlines.  Many areas offer superb opportunities for bird-watchers.  Birds Queensland has produced several publications which assist in finding birds by identifying specific areas which have an abundance of birds, across a range of habitats.

Our brochure, "Bird Places of Brisbane" (PDF file, 2.3 MB), produced in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council, is available from Birds Queensland, or can be downloaded here.

It gives details of 48 places in Brisbane, including addresses, UBD references, lists of the facilities available, ratings as birdwatching places, details of track conditions and accessibility, and notes on which birds could be seen.

A brochure "Bird Places of the Gold Coast" (PDF file, 1.6 MB) has been produced in conjunction with Birds Queensland, BirdLife Southern Queensland, Federation Walk, SEQ Catchments, National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Gold Coast City Council. A copy can be obtained from the above organisations, Birds Queensland, or can be downloaded here.

A new brochure "Bird Places of Ipswich" (PDF file, 1.2 MB) has also recently been uploaded to this website. It is a collaborative project between Birds Queensland, Birdlife Southern Queensland and Ipswich City Council. This brochure can be obtained from Birds Queensland, the collaborating organisations, or can be downloaded electronically here.

Birds Queensland also maintains a list of good bird-watching places in Queensland. It is in two parts, one covering south-east Queensland south to the border, west to Inglewood, and north to Landsborough. UBD references are provided to assist in the location of the sites, where possible.

The second part covers other sites in Queensland. Some of the sites have clickable links which may provide more detail. Please email Birds Queensland if you have additional information on any of the listed sites, or have other interesting sites you would like to see added.

In addition, BirdLife Southern Queensland has produced a Bird Places of the Redlands brochure. You can access and download a copy at

Specific bird trails

A number of local authorities and other organisations have developed Bird Trails for their areas, listing sites or routes which provide good birdwatching opportunities. Such information may be available from the following links, or from town information centres.

BirdLife Australia - Northern Queensland lists a series of bird-watching sites in North Queensland, and provides brochures on the birds of each site.

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