COVID-19 Actions by Birds Queensland

The Management Committee is closely monitoring official advice on Corona virus from the public health government sources. We consider it appropriate to recommend prudent and practical precautions generally and also when involved in Birds Queensland activities. These are outlined below:

Coronavirus Precautions

  1. Wash hands regularly with appropriate sanitisers or soap and water. Carry a personal sanitiser pack and avoid touching your face or shaking hands. Maintain appropriate distance when at meetings or gatherings. We now provide hand sanitisers at The Bower and at our monthly meeting venue.
  2. Members who have travelled recently from any overseas location should consider self-isolation at home for two weeks afterwards and should not attend Birds Queensland activities.
  3. People with respiratory symptoms - fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat or any difficulty breathing - should avoid BQ activities until the nature of their illness is clear and they no longer have such symptoms.

Birds Queensland Activities

Following the escalation of the virus and recent advice regarding non-essential gatherings, it has been decided to cancel Birds Queensland activities – Camp Outs, Day Walks and the Monthly Meetings – from now until the end of June. The situation will be reviewed again before the end of June in the light of Government requirements and recommendations at the time.

Further information

For information, we provide the following links to some advisory documents about the Coronavirus:

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCov), Qld Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Australian Government

Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Note: This page will be updated should the situation change.

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